How To Take The Door Off A Maytag Dishwasher

Maytag offers dependable and high-quality home appliances. If you have an old Maytag dishwasher, it might look dull and worn. It is best to keep your machine in tiptop shape so that you can use it for longer. We've asked the experts how you can take off a Maytag dishwasher door, and here's what they have to say.

To detach the door from your Maytag dishwasher, follow the steps below:

  1. Loosen the door hinges on the corners of the dishwasher door.
  2. Remove the control panel from the machine. Afterward, lift the inner door panel.
  3. Tilt the outer door until it stops at an angle. Then gently pull out the door.

If you repair or replace the door, you can remove it on your own. But you have to be careful when pulling the door so that it won't break. By following the correct procedure, you can save costs for removing the door. Read further to learn everything you need to know about a Maytag dishwasher door.

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Why Should You Replace A Maytag Dishwasher Door?

After some time, you will have to refurbish the door of your Maytag dishwasher as you may encounter problems if the dishwasher door is not in good condition. If the door is not fit to operate, you can't use the machine to its full potential.

A dishwasher door should seal shut so that it can start working. With the water used in dishwashing, it will be a mess if there are leaks. If you do regular maintenance or immediate replacement of the door, you can prevent more problems.

How To Remove A Maytag Dishwasher Door

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Before removing the door, you have to prepare the dishwasher. Unplug the dishwasher from the power outlet. Then turn off the water valve. Disconnect the fill line of the hot water valve and the drain hose. Make sure that the area is also safe and free from obstruction.

If you are all set, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the screws under the countertop connecting to the dishwasher.
  2. Open the door at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Loosen the bottom hinges on both sides of the door. Pull the door open to set it down in the middle.
  4. Unscrew the interior doors, then the control panel.
  5. If you see a green grounding wire attached to the door hinge, loosen it.
  6. Carefully remove the foam seal at the bottom of the door.
  7. Lift the door to detach it from the vertical tabs and the hinges from the pins.
  8. Tilt the door until it is almost closed until the door is free from the hinges.

Is There A Spring In A Dishwasher Door?

Yes, there are springs in your dishwasher door. You can find them on the lower panel beneath the door. There are two types of spring assemblies for a dishwasher.

  • The first spring assembly connects a hook on the dishwasher cabinet to a door hinge.
  • The other spring connects the cables and the dishwasher's pulley system to the door.

The springs are prone to wear and tear with frequent use of the dishwasher. You might notice the door is difficult to open, does not open evenly, or drops down all of a sudden. As a result, you can have leaks when using the dishwasher.

If these issues happen to the door, you should replace the springs.

How To Replace The Springs Of The Dishwasher Door

The first thing you should do is inspect the machine. You should check if the spring coils and cords of the link kit are still in good condition. If you see damage on one or both springs, you should take immediate action by following these instructions:

  1. Shut off the electricity and water lines of the dishwasher.
  2. Remove the brackets connecting to the cabinet at the top part of the machine.
  3. Unscrew the bottom cover plate to pull the dishwasher out from the cabinet. In this step, lower the legs of the dishwasher for easy removal.
  4. At the back of the machine, you will find the springs. When removing the spring from the door frame, pull it out 2 to 3 inches. Slide the link cord from the spring. Then pull the other end of the spring to release it.
  5. Attach the new spring by sliding the hole to the end of the link kit. Make the cord tight by slightly pulling the spring.
  6. Check if the cord is correctly sitting on the grooves of the pulley rollers.
  7. Pull the spring so that you can hang it on the hook.
  8. Put the dishwasher and the necessary connections back in place.

If you are to replace the door springs, you can buy a new one. Check the model number on the sticker that you can see inside the door frame. The new springs should follow the specifications of the dishwasher brand. You can buy the replacement online or in-store.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Dishwasher Door?

The cost of replacing a dishwasher door ranges from $150 to $400. The price varies depending on the door type. Most dishwasher doors are durable, and you will not spend again after some years. If you want to reduce your expenses, you can fix the door by yourself.

To do so, you should check the reasons why your dishwasher door malfunctions. One reason that you might need to replace the door is that you cannot close it.

Maytag Dishwasher Door Won't Close - What To Check?

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According to the Maytag website, here are some reasons why your dishwasher door won't shut properly:

  • Some items get stuck between the door seal and dishwasher tub.
  • There are large particles of food around the door seal.
  • Some objects protrude beyond the rack or silverware basket.
  • The door latch switch is defective or jammed.
  • You might have set the child safety feature of the latch.

If you have a faulty latch, you cannot fully operate the dishwasher. Other than the difficulty of closing the door, the latch can prevent you from starting the wash cycle. Hence, it will be best if you fix or replace it as soon as possible.

How Do I Fix/Replace The Door Latch On My Maytag Dishwasher?

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The first thing to tackle is locating the latch. You can find the latch behind the inner door panel. You might need to remove the entire control panel or open it to access the latch.

We have listed here the steps to restore the door latch of a Maytag dishwasher:

  1. Turn off all electrical and water connections.
  2. Release the inner door panel by removing its screws.
  3. Press the tabs to release the control shield. Then move the upper brace out.
  4. With a pair of pliers, remove the wires from the latch switch.
  5. Lift the door latch assembly by removing the mounting screw.
  6. Use a screwdriver to remove the door handle.
  7. With the new latch, snap in place the new switches and door handle.
  8. Replace the wires for the latch switch assembly.
  9. Reposition the upper brace and put back the control shield.
  10. Reinstall or replace the inner door panel.

You can always refer to the product user manual for more information.

Can I Replace A Maytag Dishwasher Door Gasket?

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A door gasket keeps the water from leaking out of the dishwasher. If you notice that the issue persists, you should replace the gasket promptly.

When looking for a replacement, it is best to find a genuine OEM part. The gasket's material is rubber, and the measurement will vary on the dishwasher model.

After purchasing the right gasket for the dishwasher, installation is easy. You will only need to pull out the old one with no tools required.

Then install the new gasket by following these directions:

  1. Clean any build-up with a rag.
  2. Place the gasket ridged-side down on the frame.
  3. Press the gasket securely into place. Avoid stretching the gasket too much.
  4. After installation, check if the door will close.

In Closing

It is easy to take off the door from a Maytag dishwasher. You can prevent the problems if you follow the correct procedure. Parts that you should know how to replace include defective door springs, latches, and gaskets, which will affect your dishwasher's efficiency.

Your dishwasher door might not close due to items stuck on the door seal or a faulty latch. If you get outside services to replace the door, it will be costly. But rest assured, you can benefit from a new Maytag dishwasher door for years to come.

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