Shower Door Too Tall For Surround – What To Do? 

Is your shower door too tall for the shower walls and its surrounding? What can you do about it? Relax! We'll help you solve this problem, as we've researched the answers to your questions.

A shower door is an important part of the bathroom, and it's crucial that it fits just right on the walls or its surround. See below some options you can consider in no particular order: 

  • Adjust the door's height. 
  • Cut off the excess length.
  • Replace the door.
  • Switch to using curtains. 
  • Try going doorless. 

By the end of this article, you'll learn how to deal with a tall shower door. We'll provide you with some options to consider and some other things you need to know. Then, we'll talk about the importance of sizing the shower door. There's more to learn today! So let's continue reading! 

Spacious and bright modern bathroom interior with white walls, a shower cabin with glass wall, a toilet and faucet sink, Shower Door Too Tall For Surround - What To Do? 

Shower Door Too Tall for Surround - What to Do? 

Using a shower or bathroom is a routine of our daily lives. It's significant to enhance privacy and safety in the shower area by ensuring proper installation of the shower door. So, we're sharing with you some options on what to do when the shower door is too tall. See your options below. 

Incredible master bathroom with Carrara marble tile surround, modern glass walk in shower, espresso dual vanity cabinet an

Adjust the Door's Height

Young man repairing door of shower cabin in bathroom ang getting it sizes

It's also possible that the door isn't installed properly, making it appear taller than the walls. You can simply adjust and lower its level. However, it's applicable only for adjustable hinges. So, check the hinges if there are spots for manual adjustment. You can see the steps below: 

  1. Remove the hinge's cap to reveal the screws. 
  2. Using a screwdriver, turn the top or bottom screws to move the hinge. You should be careful not to drop the door. Ask for assistance from someone in the house. 
  3. Loosen the center of the hinge. 
  4. Adjust the pin to the desired height. 
  5. Now, tighten the screws to lock the hinge and door in place. 

Cut Off the Excess Length 

An employee in a glass factory cuts a large sheet of glass with the help of specialized tools

The next option that might work is to cut the excess length. In fact, it's not always possible to do it, but there are factors that allow you to reduce the door's length. For instance, it can be easy to cut plastic or wooden doors. But cutting a glass shower door can be difficult. 

Keep in mind that one wrong move can break the glass. You'll want to seek help from a contractor to assist you with hassle-free cutting. However, you can check the steps below on how to cut a glass shower door:

  1. Wear gloves for protection. 
  2. Using a tape measure, outline and mark the excess length of the door shower. 
  3. For safety reasons, you'll want to remove the glass shower door first before cutting. Simply find the hinges along the door's edges, then unscrew them. 
  4. Start by unscrewing the bottom and top hinges. Remove the middle hinge last to hold the door safely.
  5. Unmount the glass door and put it over a soft surface like a carpet. Allow assistance from someone to help you lift the door without breaking it 
  6. Apply a lubricant along the cutting line. This is to prevent the glass from getting dry. 
  7. Run the glass cutter along the cutting line. 
  8. Gently thump the glass with a rubber mallet. You can also hit the glass on two ends. 
  9. Pull the glass to detach the excess length. 
  10. Use sandpaper to make the edge smooth. 
  11. Ask for help again from someone to lift the glass into the door frame. 
  12. Screw the glass door back into the hinges. 

Replace the Door

Plumber or homeowner DIY repairing leaking removing shower door

It's actually a good option to replace the door with the correct, size so that you will not struggle to fit the door into the frame. Check below for the general steps on how to replace an existing door: 

  1. Measure the door's dimensions including height, width, and length. 
  2. Take note of the measurements to find the correct door size.
  3. Carefully unmount the existing door by unscrewing it from the jamb or frame. 
  4. Inspect the door frame. You'll want to fix any minor damage, such as cracks. 
  5. Apply some wood filler or cement mixture depending on how the door frame is made. If the shower door is frameless, simply remove the hinges. 
  6. Drill some holes against the wall. 
  7. Mount the hinges or the panel of the new door using screws, depending on what door you purchased. 
  8. Apply silicon caulk along the frame. 
  9. Slowly mount and align the new door into the frame. Let someone hold the door while you complete the task. 
  10. Screw the door into the hinges or onto the panel. 

Switch to Using Curtains

hanging dangling broken white shower curtain with hooks

Another option is to switch to using curtains. Since the shower area is always wet, you can consider using polyester curtains instead of fabric. However, curtains are less secure than traditional doors. 

See this shower curtain on Amazon.

Should you want to choose this option, you can refer to the steps below on how to install a clip curtain for your shower: 

  1. Remove the existing door based on how it's installed. 
  2. Put the curtain rod on the internal side of the door. 
  3. Screw the curtain rod against the wall. You can also adjust it to reach the two opposite walls, but only if the rod is adjustable. 
  4. Get the curtain. You'll want the one with circular clips for faster and easier installation. Also, allow its length to reach down near the floor. 
  5. Clip the curtain onto the rod. You can use two curtains on one rod, so that the curtains will have crinkles and not appear transparent. 

Try Going Doorless

Bathtub in corian, Faucet and shower in tiled bathroom with windows towards garden

This could be your last option. A doorless shower is just fine, provided there is a lip on the floor and a sloped floor for adequate drainage. You should also ensure that the bathroom area has a main lockable door. Otherwise, you don't want this option. 

Also, a doorless shower saves space. This allows you to make more comfortable movements in the shower area.

How High Should the Shower Door Be? 

Consider at least 72 inches for the shower door's height. This is to ensure proper alignment with the frame and to have good privacy.

What Is a Pivoting Shower Door? 

It's a type of glass shower partition that's fixed, some are even curved inward for ultimate splash protection. It comes halfway across the door frame, and you don't need to fill in the other half. However, a pivoting door attached to the fixed partition is also an option. But it makes the shower area narrow. 

On the other hand, one good quality of a pivoting door is the convenience of not sliding the door open and close. It's fixed into the wall and you don't need to move it. 

Should a Shower Door Be Glass?

detail of a modern glass shower cabin

Shower doors don't actually have to be glass, but most homeowners prefer the glass door as this helps reduce cleaning time. However, there are other door types you can consider. Refer to the list below:


An aluminum shower door has a high level of privacy, unlike a glass door that you can possibly see through. It's also safer than glass doors, as this doesn't shatter. However, aluminum doors can deform due to strong impact.


A plastic door doesn't shatter, yet it can be limited in matching the aesthetics of the bathroom area. For instance, a white plastic door may not match the shower room's theme and paint color. However, plastic doors are durable and can withstand impact.


Spacious and bright modern bathroom interior with white walls, a shower cabin with glass wall, a toilet and faucet sink

We're glad you reached this point in the article. In which we learned what to do when the shower door begins to speak for itself.We also discussed some other relevant things to know. Amaya aims for the correct door size to avoid inconveniences. 

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