How To Lock Double Pantry Doors

You'll need to secure your double pantry doors with good locks. There are many ways to lock the doors tightly. So, how can you safely lock double pantry doors that are found in most homes? We inquired from experts, and here's what they have to say.

No matter what you have stored in your pantry, you can use two types of locks. There are some locks meant for sliding and ordinary double doors. You can lock your double pantry doors using any of these two commonly used lock systems:

  • Mechanical locks
  • Electronic locks

Each of the two types mentioned above has specific locks suited for double pantry doors. Continue reading to see which types of locks, whether mechanical or electronic, are recommended for double pantry doors.

A door lock in a wooden door, How To Lock Double Pantry Doors

Double Pantry Door Lock Ideas

Pantries are vital places in any home. They differ in size immensely but serve the same purpose, which is storage. Whether it's a walk-in, wall, or cupboard pantry, they all need locks for security and/or safety.

To secure your pantry doors, you can opt for mechanical or electronic locks. Mechanical and electronic door locks seem to work in the same manner.

The difference between the two types of locks is that mechanical locks need a drilled pocket in the door to nest in, while electronic locks don't. These need electric current to stay locked.

Mechanical Locks

You'll find several mechanical locks that are well suited for pantries with double doors. Here are the most popular types you might come across.

Digital Code Password Pin Push Button Keyless Door Lock

It can be a high-end or cheaper version. This lock is easy to install and can be used in pantries that need a lot more security.

The keyless door lock can come in different shapes and sizes. Make sure to pick one that will fit your pantry doors.

Door pin keypad with numbers

Double Door Latch

As shown in the video below, this lock comes with a catch, an activator, a latch, and a key. It's very easy to install and is well suited for double doors. You might need to install two of them for long pantry doors. This lock offers average security for your pantry.


An inexpensive way to keep your pantry doors closed, latches are mainly used to stop double doors from swinging open and little children from pulling foodstuffs from the pantry shelves.

Latches have a long history and haven't changed much. They aren't meant to lock away valuable crockery and cutlery, expensive wines, or medicines. Latches come in different forms and shapes with a wide price range.

Old lock on the door

Magnet Catches

These are another inexpensive way of locking your double pantry doors. It's good to note that they just help keep the doors closed but don't offer high security.

Click here to see these magnetic catches on Amazon.

Electronic Locks

These locks need an electric current to work. Some electric locks might open or stay locked when there is power loss. They are mostly keyless because they use codes or password pins to lock and unlock.

Electronic locks are popular where high security is necessary such as pantries with expensive wines, medicine, or silverware. Some of the most come ones include:

Key-Free Touch Screen Door Lock

If you don't like keys and key chains, this lock is the best option. All you need is to install and enter a password or code for access.

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Electronic Deadbolt Locks

These are well suited for walk-in butler pantries with double doors and need a secure lock. The keypad is illuminated which makes it easy to see the keys in the dark.

Woman closes door lock deadbolt

Double Cabinet Door Lock Mechanism

A double door lock mechanism helps lock two cabinet doors at the same time. When you turn the key, both doors are locked simultaneously. The mechanism is tucked away neatly and only the keyhole is visible.

These locks are easy to mount and do not need complicated tools or prior woodwork knowledge. Any first-timer DIYer can be able to install this lock easily.

Watch this video below, and see how the lock is composed of 2 strikers and a rosette. One tongue will lock against a striker on one door, whilst the second one locks against the second striker on the other door.

How Do you Secure Double Pantry Doors? 

To secure your double pantry doors, you might need latches or hooks that are installed with the help of a drill or screwdriver and a few screws. These latches and hooks don't need keys apart from some.

Any latches and hooks should be installed at levels where children can't reach and pull or tug at. The most common latches or hooks that are found in the market include:

  • A magnetic latch
  • Catch ball
  • Cabin hooks with eye-catch
  • Twist knob keyed locking hasp
  • Sliding bolt latch
  • Baby safety latches
  • Sliding door locks

Step-By-Step Installation Of A Door Latch Or Hasp Lock

Before installing a latch on your pantry door, ensure that the door latch or hasp lock fits the type of door you have. Some latches or hasps might not suit swing doors, sliding doors, or bi-fold doors.

Catch balls fit all doors but aren't reliable. After a while, they don't fit well or get dislodged and your pantry doors will start to fly open unexpectedly.

Latches and hasps come with a keeper and a strike plate. Follow these steps below to install a latch or hasp on your pantry doors.

  1. First, align the latch/hasp on the pantry doors. At this point, check to see if you'll need one or two latches/hasps for the pantry doors.
  2. Then mark where the striker plate and keeper will be. Ensure that the hasp/latch won't be reachable to toddlers.
  3. Next, drill pilot holes where the screws are meant to go. Once you are sure the keeper and striker plate are well placed. Screw them tightly.
  4. Test whether the door latch or hasp locks well. If not, make any necessary adjustments.

Sliding Pantry Door Lock

Sliding doors need a lock with a mechanism solely meant for them. There are several types of locks and stoppers for sliding doors in the market.

Many homeowners prefer to install locks and stoppers that don't tamper or spoil the home decor or doors. They don't use screws but strong double-sided adhesive tape. These locks and stoppers should be easy to uninstall when no longer necessary.

A variety of these locks and latches that are manufactured can be mounted on wooden, glass, or metal doors. The most common ones include:

  • Burglar bars/ security bars
  • Child safety locks - They are plastic or metallic with adjustable cords.

The Bottomline 

To lock your double pantry doors, you can go for a mechanic or electronic lock. They both keep the contents of your pantry safe depending on the level of security and safety that you require.

Putting locks and latches helps to childproof pantries as well. Some locks and latches are permanent, while others are temporary. Pick whichever suits the type of door and decor that you have in your home.

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  1. A hasp may be quickly and easily installed to lock french doors and offer security to your closet. There are several hasp varieties; some include an incorporated lock, while others require a padlock to lock them.

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