Why Is My Oven Door Not Closing Properly?

If you're having a hard time closing your oven door, you might want to know if you can still fix it by yourself or it's time to buy a new one. We've asked the experts the reasons why your oven door won't close all the way, and here's what we found out.

If you can't close your oven door all the way, it could be that there's an object getting in the way, the hinges are misaligned or broken, the spring is worn out, or the rubber gasket has been damaged. Most of these issues are easy to fix so you can have your door working back in order in no time.

Hang on so we can explain to you further the possible reasons why your oven door won't close properly and what you can do to fix them. We'll also answer your question if you could replace just the door of the oven so that you won't have to buy a new one.

Oven door open looking at appetizing cooked turkey, Why Is My Oven Door Not Closing Properly?

Why Won't My Oven Door Close All The Way?

An oven door that won't shut properly presents a danger to its users. Since heat is able to escape from the oven, the unit can be really hot when you touch it and can lead to burns.

It is also an inefficient use of energy. With the door slightly open, the food that you're baking won't be heated all the way. This will affect the quality of your dish. Either way that you look at it, you've got to do something about that door.

The most common issues that you need to look into include:

  • Possible obstructions
  • Misaligned or broken hinges
  • Worn out springs
  • Damaged rubber gaskets

Don't worry too much because these issues are fairly easy to resolve if you know your way with tools or you have someone in the house who can help you. We'll teach you how to fix your oven door and have it back up and running in a breeze.

How Do You Fix An Oven Door That Will Not Close Properly?

Oven door open in kitchen looking at appetizing pork joint cooking

Your oven door needs fixing when you notice gaps along the sides of the door, it doesn't fit properly, or the oven light won't turn off. When this happens, inspect your oven carefully.

But first, make sure you turn it off and unplug the appliance for your safety. Wait for it to cool down completely before you handle it.

Check For Obstruction

Look for anything that's keeping your door from closing all the way. It could be the oven racks that aren't in their proper place or there could be food or grime that has accumulated on the sides that hinder the door from closing tightly.

If this is the case, it is fairly simple to resolve. Just put the oven racks back in their place. If there's dirt, clean it up to address the issue then see if you can shut the door properly afterward.

If the problem persists, you can check for the following issues and begin troubleshooting.

Worn Out Spring

Some oven doors have springs to make them easier to push and pull. These are prone to rust or wear and tear since they are used often.

Check the condition of the springs under your oven door or at the sides. If one or both of them are broken or rusty, you can remove the springs using pliers then replace them with new ones.

Damaged Rubber Gasket

The rubber gasket ensures that the door is properly sealed to the oven and contains the heat inside so that it won't escape. If it is damaged, hot air is released outside and there might not be enough heat to cook your dish thoroughly.

The rubber gasket is usually found on the door's inner panel or the front body of your oven. Make sure it is clean all the time so that nothing will get in the way to completely seal your oven. Wash it with some water and mild soap then wipe it dry.

When you see damages such as deformation or tears on the rubber gasket, you will need to replace it with a new one.

Start taking the rubber gasket off at one end all the way to the other. Buy a replacement seal with the same length and attach it properly along the length of its previous location.

How Do You Fix A Sprung Oven Door?

Overextending your oven door beyond its limit puts a strain on its hinges. If these components that keep the door fastened to the main body of the oven are damaged, the door will sag and you'll notice that it won't close properly anymore. You need to lift it up so it will fit the opening.

When this happens, you have a sprung oven door and you need to replace the hinges and screws with new ones. This is a fairly simple task if you love DIYs. Just buy new hinges that are the exact size of the ones you need to replace.

Put them securely in place with the use of a screwdriver. Just follow the hinge holes along with your oven and you'll be fine. You can test if the hinges are aligned by opening and closing the door a couple of times. If there's still some sagging, adjust the screws accordingly.

Once you've replaced the hinges properly, you should be able to close the door all the way and use your oven efficiently.

Can Oven Door Hinges Be Adjusted?

If you have an oven door that won't close all the way, you can check if the hinges are aligned properly. It could be that some bolts are loose that's why your door is sagging. Check also if the hinges are bent.

If they are misaligned, look for the bolts that connect the hinges to the door of the oven. You will need a screwdriver or nut driver for this. Tighten the bolts so that your hinges can be aligned properly. This will keep the door steady and you will see that you can now close your door all the way.

If the hinges are bent, try to bend them back to how they used to be. But if they cannot be remedied anymore, it's time to buy new door hinges to replace the old ones.

Can You Replace Just An Oven Door?

Oven door open looking at appetizing cooked turkey, Why Is My Oven Door Not Closing Properly?

For those with broken oven doors, take heart. You might not need to buy a new oven altogether. You can just replace the oven door to have your appliance working again.

Replacement oven doors are available from brand-specific manufacturers. There are also shops selling spare oven parts. All you need to do is check the make and model of your unit so that you can find the appropriate replacement that'll fit your oven perfectly.

It is said to be one of the most affordable oven components to replace. A new oven door can cost around $50 to $200. If you've got the skills, you can do the replacement by yourself since it is relatively simple. But if you prefer to have it replaced by a professional, add another $100 to $200 to your budget.

Overall, it would cost you between $150 and $400 to buy a new door and have it repaired by an expert. You can still save a lot because a new oven now averages $2,000.

To Wrap Up

Don't despair when your oven door is not closing properly. Take a look if there's something in the way or check the condition of the hinges, spring, or rubber gasket, and do the necessary adjustments or replacements so you can start baking those delicious goodies again.

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