How Long Does It Take To Install A Screen Door?

Screen doors are valuable and practical additions to any home. They can add security and let the fresh air in while still keeping bugs away. If you are looking to install a screen door in your home, you might be wondering how long it will take for you to hang and secure one in place. We have asked the professionals, and here's what they have to say.

Installing a screen door is simple and takes only about 4 hours to accomplish each of the four steps required to hang it in its place. There are pre-hung and pre-assembled screen doors that can cut the installation time to 45 minutes. If you already have a screen door frame prepared or left over from a previous screen door, the process can take only 20 to 30 minutes.

Since installing a screen door is easy, you might be inclined to get one for your home. However, you will have to learn more before you do. Which direction does a screen door swing? How much would it be if you paid for installation? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about installing a screen door.

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How Much Time Will It Take You To Hang A Screen Door?

Installing a screen door is easy and straightforward. As the process only requires measurement, drilling of holes, hanging the door itself, installation, and adding accessories, you can accomplish everything in 4 hours or less.

Some stores and home improvement chains offer pre-hung and pre-assembled storm doors and screen doors with hinges already attached for easy installation. These products reduce the installation time significantly from 4 hours to around 45 minutes.

However, if the frame already exists and is ready for installation, the whole process can take only 20 to 30 minutes.

Is It Easy To Install A Screen Door?

Installing a screen door is easy. The installation process is only composed of four simple steps that you can accomplish in one afternoon: measurement, fitting, hinge installment, and installation of the door handle and accessories.

Measuring is simple as you would only need to take the height and width of your door frame to see the size of the screen door you should purchase. Once you have a screen door, you can measure the distances between the hinges and drill properly distanced pilot holes onto the door frame.

Afterward, you would need to fit the screen door and screw in the door’s hinges. In the final step, all you have to do is install the handles, locks, and accessories such as hydraulic automatic screen door closers.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Screen Door?

The cost of installing a screen door depends on the complexity of the job and the number of doors to install. On average, professional installers will charge anywhere from $50 to $75 per hour.

If you have an existing screen door that you need to be replaced, you may need to pay anywhere from $250 to $350. This cost includes the removal ($25 to $50), installation, disposal ($25 to $50), and any frame repairs ($150 to $350).

More complex installations can be more costly. Installing a French screen door or double sliding screen doors can cost up to $300. The price is higher than average because the professional might need to repair sill damages and fix shimming to make the doors meet right.

What Direction Should A Screen Door Open?

The direction you should open your screen door depends on how you want it to open. But usually, screen doors open the opposite way that the main entry door opens to prevent them from bumping into each other.

You have free reign over how you want to open your screen door. Nevertheless, there are other factors that you may need to consider when deciding whether you should open your door inward or outward.

One of these factors is the layout of your home and how your door is placed. If your main exterior doorway is close to a wall or obstruction, then you should install your screen door in a way that it opens towards the wall.

In doing so, you can freely and conveniently open your screen door without having to walk around it. Another factor to consider in deciding whether to have your door open in or out is safety.

It would be best to take a step outside your doorway path and check around for possible causes of blockage. It would be best to install your screen door in such a way that it will not get easily blocked in the case of an emergency.

It would be best to remember that no matter the direction you choose to have your screen door open, you should install its handle on the side opposite its hinge.

For more information on how screen doors should open, check out this post: Do Screen Doors Open In Or Out?

How Do You Secure A Screen Door?

There are multiple ways to make your screen door and your home more secure. The first of these methods is to use an alarm.

A loud alarm can deter burglars and stop a thief in his tracks. You can also use silent alarms installed on the door jamb and the door to alert authorities whenever your door is opened while you are away.

You can also add more locks to your screen door. A deadbolt lock can significantly improve the security capabilities of your external screen door. Instead of a deadbolt, you can also use smart locks and electric locks that require authorization from fobs, cards, and codes before opening.

If you want to learn more about deadbolts, look into this helpful article: How Much Does A Deadbolt Cost?

Aside from adding alarms and locks, you can add reinforcements to the door itself. You can reinforce the strike plate to prevent ramming and prying the door open, add bigger hinge screws or use hinge covers, and add a metal plate behind the deadbolt to keep the door from breaking around the locks.

Storm Door Vs. Security Screen Door

If you want a door that would protect you from all weathers while still allowing the breeze to enter, you should consider getting a storm door instead.

Storm doors are heavier counterparts of screen doors that allow sufficient ventilation during good weather while protecting your door from rain, snow, and ice during adverse climates.

If these solutions feel lacking to you, you should consider getting a security screen door instead of a regular screen door. A security screen door is similar to a screen door but is made of stronger, galvanized metals to add durability.

A security screen door also has sturdy grilles, higher quality door hinges, and a security mesh made of thicker strands that are riveted or clamped into place. In comparison, a regular screen door’s mesh is thinner and held in place by rubber clamps, which makes it susceptible to cutting and destruction.

In Closing

Screen doors are relatively easy to install. The four-step installation process can take up to four hours for amateurs and perhaps even less for professionals. If you purchase a pre-assembled screen door or you have a frame prepared for installation, the door hanging process can be accomplished in less than an hour.

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