What Color Hardware Goes With Black Doors?

Are you stumped about which color of hardware to choose for your black doors? We understand that you don't want to mess up on this job. After all, it's the small details that make or break the overall look of a door. That's why we turned to the experts and here's their advice.

Silver and gold finishes will complement black doors. They'll stand out within the door panel and make the door knobs easy enough to see. You can also go with white ceramic or crystal knobs to add more character to the door. Black on black will also work especially if you want to divert the attention to other parts of the room instead.

Keep reading to know more tips on how to mix and match the color of the door hardware on black doors. We'll tell you what colors go best with black doors and if you can use black hardware on them. We'll also answer if door hardware has to match with each other and the light fixtures around them.

A black door with silver hardware, glass panes and a wreath hanged on the front door, What Color Hardware Goes With Black Doors?

What colors go best with black doors?

Black is a classic color. It may not be the most popular choice when it comes to door colors but a black door increases the home's resale value by over $6,000! This definitely says a lot about how it enhances the character and look of your house.

But of course, it's not just the panel that makes the door. It's the overall combination of the design and hardware that gives it a distinct look and appeal, or not. A mismatched hardware can easily make it cringeworthy and lose its sophistication in an instant.

That's why it's important to know which colors go best with black doors so that you can bring out its true elegance and style. The good thing about the color black is that it goes well with just about any other color. Its neutral hue can easily make other colors pop out.

A black front door with silver hardware and glass panes with frost

It's best to have a door knob or handle that comes with a contrasting color with your black door. This will make the knob stand out and users will be able to grab onto it without being confused where it's at.

This means that you'll be better off choosing lighter colors for your door knob and avoid dull and dark colors as they can get lost in the entire panel. When this happens, the knob will be harder to notice and might cause confusion and irritation among your guests.

In particular, you can go for door hardware with the following colors.


This will give your door a cool and sleek look. If you want to go for a more contemporary design, you can't go wrong with silver finishes such as satin stainless steel, bright chrome, or brushed nickel.

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Gold exudes a warm feel. Contrary to the modern look of silver finishes, this hue will give your door a traditional style. Go with bronze or brass finishes to add more warmth to your door.

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White Ceramic

White will easily standout in a black door. Combine it with ceramic and you'll have the best of both worlds - a fusion of the traditional and contemporary looks commonly found in modern farmhouses.

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You can also choose a knob and handle that comes with a unique style to add character to your door. A crystal door knob makes it distinct and special.

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When choosing the finish of your hardware that'll go best with your black door, silver and gold finishes are great choices. You can also go with white ceramic or crystal. They are exceptional and will instantly add personality to your door.

Can you put black hardware on a black door?

We mentioned earlier the importance of having door hardware that comes with colors that make them stand out within the panel.

But of course, these suggestions are a matter of personal preference. Some designers and homeowners say that black on black is just as beautiful.

This works well when you want your hardware to disappear or fade into the background. In doing so, it doesn't take away the attention from other elements in the room. You strategically divert the focus to other areas of the house.

When you have a shiny, black lacquered door, you can pick matte black hardware. This combination will give your door a subtle but chic look.

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Does door hardware have to match?

The thing is, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to mixing and matching your door hardware and its finishes. It's just that we've been so used to seeing everything in uniform colors and sizes. But no one says that you should follow this way of designing.

A gorgeous entry way leading to the black painted front door decorated with plants on the side

As they say, your house, your rules. You're the one who will live in it so you might as well choose the colors that make you happy and express your personality.

However, a piece of good advice from home designers is for you to take your time in deciding on the details. Of course, quality is the top priority. Door hardware plays an important role in ensuring your security so you need to invest in good quality pieces.

The shape, design, and finish will follow. While there's no particular code to observe here, it would be wise to invest in hardware that would enhance the look of your home.

You should aim for a cohesive look, if not for the entire house, at least for each room. Think about how your door hardware relates to the rest of the room.

Door manufacturers have taken this into consideration that's why they offer door hardware that comes in "families." This will help you achieve coordination and cohesion in your house.

For example, you can choose the same door hardware finishes. The knob, deadbolt, and hinges on your front door all come with a silver finish. You can also choose hardware with similar linear designs so that the same features are repeated throughout the house.

These can be your guide when designing your home but remember, no one's forcing you to follow them. Door hardware doesn't necessarily have to match especially if you're the type of person who's very practical and is unbothered by how the colors relate to each other.

Do door hardware and light fixtures need to match?

Again, we stress that there's no specific rule in designing that says everything needs to match. This also applies to your door hardware and light fixtures. Many homeowners are favoring multi-finish designs nowadays.

But as we've also pointed out, it will be worthwhile to invest in pieces that match or complement each other. This has been proven to be a safe method and will give a sense of cohesiveness to a particular room in your house.

A black front door with a small glass pane on the side

For example, your light fixture in the kitchen has a black accent. You can have door hardware with a brushed nickel finish. It will complement the black color in your light fixture and at the same time, help you transition to the silver finish used for other fixtures in your kitchen.

In the end, it's the overall look that you're after. Think about how everything will come together - the contrasting and complementary finishes, that'll give your room its distinct character and make it imperfectly beautiful.

Final Thoughts

A black door with silver hardware, glass panes and a wreath hanged on the front door

Go ahead and mix and match the hardware colors for your black door. No one says that you can't. But take the time to think about how everything will work together to enhance the look and character of your house so that you can add to its value.

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