Should Door Handles Match Light Switches?

They say that the hardware you pick makes or breaks your overall interior design. For your convenience, we delved into the topic to see if your door handles and light switches should match or if there is some liberty to mix and match.

Choosing your hardware like door handles, light switches, or even sockets is a matter of personal taste. There's no rule that door handles should match light switches. You can either adhere to a particular theme and use the hardware as highlights, or you can be creative and go freestyle. In the end, if your satisfaction with the aesthetic is all that matters.

If you still have more questions, don't worry. In this post, we'll discuss the topic in greater detail. We'll talk about what door handles should match, whether doorknobs should match light fixtures, and more. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Man Turning Off Light Switch and stainless steel door handle. Should Door Handles Match Light Switches

Uniformed Theme Vs. Mix And Match Style

As with any creative expression, there is an option to go with standard designs or make your own. You are choosing which one fits you, as there are no hard and fast rules. 

Stick To A Theme

Before the introduction of simple white switches as an economical choice, interior hardware was produced to match a period, visually forming one cohesive theme.

Depending on the theme that you have selected, you can choose between brass or nickel. Adhering to one overall color exudes more authenticity.

Interiors that exude period finishes may stick to antique brass if a classic Georgian finish is desired. At the same time, the introduction of polished or brushed nickel gives off more of an Art deco vibe. 

So if you’re doing it DIY, you would need to check publications and other resources to guide you on the required finishes, as eventually, the design and color match would have to be evident. 

Mix And Match

On the one hand, you can select different pieces and put them together to express your taste.

There are several things to consider if you choose this route. The cost might be a determinant, especially if you decide last minute.

Or that the need to finish the interior supersede the importance of adhering to the chosen style. This stems from not having included these crucial details in the planning stage. 

But setting these aside, there is also a growing consciousness of modern houses having a laissez-faire principle towards design. It takes more creative effort to compose a unifying effect so as not to create any visual clutter. 

As in any design choice, plan for these critical details. The choices that you make are generally being subconsciously evaluated every time someone turns on a switch or plugs an appliance. 

What Should Door Handles Match?

More than anything, the door handles should match the overall design. This essential hardware can form the transition from one room to another or create the differentiation depending on the aspiration that you wish to project. 

Matching may come via the finish, shape, or size. So you can select the same color but with a different style. 

In some cases, not all doors may also be suitable for door handles. In some instances, it may be better to install a doorknob instead. 

Door Handles Vs. Door Knobs

They provide the same function but come in different forms.

A door knob looks more classical in its round form that you grip to open. It is easier to maintain and has more finishes and materials to choose from—porcelain, glass, or crystal cut. 

Antique metal door knob of 1928 urban home

If the ball shape doesn’t fit, there is also an oval or egg shape variant that gives an additional advantage of an enhanced grip. But either figure, you need to use your full freehand. 

A door handle is the more convenient version since you can open it even with your hands are full—you can just use your elbow to move the lever down. It also comes in sleek designs but exudes a more modern aesthetic. 

A door handle may not work well in period houses, whereas a door knob can easily fit in. 

Style door handle on natural wooden door, door handle element

One perspective to consider in deciding may be the person who will use the door furniture more often. A door handle may work better for an older person since it is easily operated even with arthritic or weak hands. 

Do Door Knobs Need To Match Light Fixtures?

Finger is turning on a grey light switch

Again more period designs tend to swing on matching door knobs with light fixtures. But modern techniques have been more forgiving as choosing colors that match provides more depth and flavor to the design. 

There is no hard and fast rule to follow as it is gauged by the overall look that the finished interior would like to achieve in the end. When you choose to mix your metal finishes, aim for a layered develop look that transitions subtly so that nothing comes off. 

Should Door Hardware Match Throughout The House?

Again, it all depends on the style you wish to convey and the overall concept your interior wishes to express. Your door furniture can connect each room in the house. It can signal an end to the design or open the new area as the transition piece.

A lot of door furniture has several styles in the same finish. This allows you the flexibility to choose without giving you the headache of deciding which one to install in which door. So a closet door may have a different knob versus the room door or other cabinet doors.

However, there is still room to mix and match. If you do, some pointers include:

  • Apply the same color finish. They may not have been produced as one line or family but getting the exact color gives coherence.
  • Secure approximate sizes. Again, it’s about uniformity. Not to say that they should be of the exact dimensions, but one should not be overly emphasized while the others seem to disappear in the design. Your hardware remains a critical feature to your interior besides performing the task of complementing the use of your door.
  • Employ the same lines. Features of your hardware should complement and not clash. You can mix and match those with rounded lines or pair up geometric designs. Whichever shape you choose, they should convey one homogenous view to the person looking at your interiors.

Should Your Front Door Hardware Match Interior Doors?

Your front door is your first statement for your house, whether you live in a period house or not. It does not only secure your precious home but provides the individual visiting your house with a taste of what is to come. Thus, the door hardware will be a statement in itself.

There are many ways to skin this question. But the main driving factor is the design that you have selected. No strict rules, but your creative expression will take the lead. 

You can still adopt the pointers mentioned earlier. Make sure to scale the hardware to the size of your front door. 

Another style variant uses a different color for external doors versus doors separating spaces within the house. So again, matching may not just be with the color but with the actual design of the selected hardware. 

But it also does not stop you from matching everything together. It’s how you put these things together that makes it all worthwhile. 

Young Girl just about to Turn Off Light Switch and Open the white door. Modern chrome handle in your home. Should Door Handles Match Light Switches

In Closing

Selecting your door furniture is a matter of concern on its own—it is the icing that blends everything despite being inconspicuous on its own. A door handle or a knob that stands out can be a focal point or an eyesore depending on the style or shape. 

Your creative gut is your guide in making these decisions. You can be more daring or be conservative. Whichever route, when you scan the whole place, it must all flow and express cohesion to make it beautiful and pleasing.

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