How To Install Magnetic Lock On A Glass Door

Anyone in charge of a business or private place should think about getting security and access control that the magnetic lock can provide without the risk of being picked, just like a keyed door lock. But, what if you are using a glass panel door? There's no need to be concerned because we've already done the legwork and compiled the instructions for you to follow.

To install a magnetic lock, follow these helpful steps:

  1. Place the electromagnet on the frame of the door and the metal plate on the door panel.
  2. If needed, use an L bracket to support the electromagnet before installing into the doorframe.
  3. Parallel to the electromagnet, install the customized U-shaped metal plate on the glass panel.
  4. Use adhesive rather than drilling holes at the glass panel prior to installing the metal plate.
  5. Power on the electromagnet and wait for the metal plate to bond.
  6. Correct any misalignment if necessary.
  7. Lastly, check the fail-safe mechanism in case of emergency.

You might want to start installing one for yourself now that you know the steps. However, we have some more exciting suggestions and advice for you. Continue reading to learn more about the basics of magnetic locks and what to look after before installing one.

modern living room with glass door leading to open balcony. How To Install Magnetic Lock On A Glass Door

How Does A Magnetic Door Lock Work?

A magnetic door lock works using an electric current to produce a powerful magnetism to shut the door securely. 

This is made possible by two essential parts, an electromagnet, and a metal plate, which provides the locking mechanism to shut a door and provide unparallel privacy and security.

Magnetic door lock works like any other magnet that clings to metal surfaces. However, this method is too weak to keep a door securely shut.

So a Magnetic door lock utilizes electric current to produce powerful electromagnetism that can deliver a holding force of about 600 to over 1,000 pounds. This is a good option for commercial buildings and other establishments that need reliable door security for their businesses.

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Is it Possible to Install a Magnetic Door Lock On a Glass Door?

Yes, it is possible to install a magnetic lock on a glass door. 

The only difference when installing one in a glass door versus with a steel or wood is that you will be using a customized U-shaped metal plate that will be glued and installed at your glass door. Because drilling the metal plate against the glass door may damage the glass and weaken the structure.

Here’s how to install a magnetic lock on a glass door:

  1. First, remember that the metal plate should be installed on the door, and the electromagnet should be placed on the door frame. 
  2. Use an L bracket for the electromagnetic lock and a customized U-shaped metal plate.
  3. Locate an L bracket installation place on the door frame. Check to see if the door can still be closed.
  4. Using the fixing screw, secure the electromagnetic lock on the L bracket.
  5. Put the U-shaped metal plate into the glass door panel. Make sure it was aligned facing the electromagnet.
  6. Next, the guiding pins should be inserted into the metal plate. Use a rubber washer between the Z bracket and the metal plate to lessen friction.
  7. Bring the metal plate close to the electromagnetic lock's contact surface to determine the correct position.
  8. Power on the electromagnetic lock's and wait for the metal plate to bond. If necessary, adjust any misalignments.
  9. Lastly, check the fail-safe mechanism in case of emergency.

How Much Power Do Magnetic Door Locks Use?

Although magnetic door locks needed electricity to function, they consume little electricity. This, however, depends on the brand and specification of the door lock. 

Generally, a magnetic door lock consumes around 5 to 6 watts of power and runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. The power consumption costs will depend on how much your electric company charges you per kilowatt-hour.

How Do You Unlock a Door with a Magnetic Lock?

Magnetic door locks use high-end sensor devices. To unlock a magnetic door, you will need a keycard or a wireless switch. Don't worry about where to buy one because these devices are sold as kits when buying a magnetic lock.

The lock's operation is simple. To unlock a magnetic door, you’ll need to tap your keycard to the reader. 

The scanner will then send a signal to the controller, which will verify the information, determining whether the user has access.  If verified, the controller sends an impulse to the power supply, cutting off power for a brief period to unlock the door.

You can’t picklock a magnetic lock, so you better have your key access available at all times.

Are Magnetic Door Locks Safe?

Magnetic door locks are prevalent in establishments that need proper security. Because magnetic door locks don’t have moving mechanisms, they are not prone to lock picking, which is common on the keyed door lock.

You can only access a door with a magnetic lock installed if you have the authorized key access, which is a good security measure to ensure that no unauthorized person can come through.

Emergency-wise, all magnetic door locks functions on a fail-safe mechanism meaning, the two essential parts of the lock only attach when there is an electric current or power that is being supplied.

When the power is cut off, the locking mechanism is triggered and will lose its magnetism for a brief moment allowing the door to unlock. 

In an emergency, the magnetic door lock automatically unlocks itself as soon as the power is interrupted, allowing access and avoiding being entrapped.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Magnetic Door Lock?

Before purchasing a magnetic door lock, there are a few things you should consider. 

The first one is fire compliance. Fire regulations vary by city and building type, and you'll be recommended to place a motion sensor or request-to-exit button. You also might want to install a manual override key in your door. 

Even though this will be a fail-safe lock that allows you to evacuate even if the power goes out, there could be a glitch within the lock that inhibits it from opening at a critical moment. A secondary key might be handy in this situation. 

This is something you should discuss with your installer or operator.

The Bottomline

glass double door with exit sign above. How To Install Magnetic Lock On A Glass Door

Installing a magnetic door lock on a glass door is a little tricky. After all, drilling holes through the glass panel to install the metal plate isn't a good idea because it could shatter or damage the glass. You'll need a customized U-shaped metal plate to attach to the glass panel for this.

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