Schlage Keyless Door Lock Just Spins – What To Do?

Locks keep you safe, but if the mechanism fails, you have a problem to solve. What should you do if a Schlage keyless door lock spins and doesn't engage? Don't worry! We've inquired from experts, and they gave us the answers.

You cannot repair a faulty Schlage keyless door lock when it's mounted on the door. To find why the lock isn't engaging, you will need to:

  1. Remove the lock from the door.
  2. Take the lock apart.
  3. Replace the faulty detail.
  4. Test to find out if it holds its position.
  5. Install the keyless lock back on the door.

The design of the Schlage keyless door lock is simple. It makes it easy to repair the lock. Read on as we elaborate on the steps and detail what you should replace or correct.

Homeowner entering the passcode to his room, Schlage Keyless Door Lock Just Spins-What To Do?

Repairing A Schlage Keyless Door Lock

Before you start any repairs on your lock, pick the screwdriver you need and give yourself a few minutes. A standard screwdriver is ideal for the work.

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The procedure is simple and is as follows.

  1. Start by unmounting the Schlage keyless door lock from the door.
  2. Open the screws on the lock and take it apart. Unplug the battery too!
  3. On the inside, there's a bolt with a spring. When the servo is activated, tension is created, and the screw locks in place. It is indicated by how the plastic piece moves up and down.
  4. The spinning of the lock is due to a weak spring under the plastic part or the servo. Fluctuating temperatures and use cause the spring to expand and lose grip.
  5. Compress the spring in the servo to make it easier for the plastic to push on the screw-head hard enough to lock. The catch in the plastic will hold the compressed spring.
  6. Assemble the Schlage keyless lock and mount it back on the door.

Watch the video to understand the parts to be checked and repaired.

How To Install A Schlage Keyless Door Lock

The Schlage keyless door locks come in two versions: the deadbolt and the lever. These locks can fit in standard door lock holes, and only a screwdriver is needed to install them.

Worker installing a door lock to the front door

The installation of a Schlage keypad or keyless lock is similar too!

  1. The first step is to insert the latch into the door.
  2. Next, install the outside face of the lock you have.
  3. Then, install the inside base plate and attach the battery provided.
  4. Cover the interior base or mounting plate.
  5. Finally, secure the lock on the inside using the screws in the set.

Here's a short tutorial on how to quickly install a Schlage lock.

How To Progam A Schlage Keyless Door Lock

Now that you have installed the Schlage keyless lock you like, you will need to put in a new code. However, if the lock has been around for a while, you might want to delete old codes and put in new ones. The deadbolt and lever Schlage door locks are programmed in the same way.

  • First, locate a six-digit program code on the back of the outer part of the lock or in the user manual.
  • Enter the code that has been provided. An orange light will flash three times, followed by three beeps.
  • Next, press the Schlage button. To add a new code, press one, and to delete an existing code, press two. After pressing either of the two digits, you'll see three orange light flashes followed by three beeps. These codes are four digits.
  • Enter a new user code or the one that should be deleted. In cue, you'll see the flashes and hear the beeps. Once the code has been accepted, a green light will flash, followed by a long beep.

Here is a short video with the steps mentioned in the posts.

How To Change The Programming Code

For safety reasons, you may want to change the programming code that comes with the Schlage keyless door lock. The deadbolt and lever Schlage door locks are reprogrammed in the same manner. Change the code in a few easy steps.

  • Start by entering the current six-digit programming code provided by the manufacturers.
  • The orange light will flash three times, followed by three beeps.
  • Press the Schlage button to continue. Then press three, and the orange light will flash three times, followed by three beeps again.
  • Enter the new six-digit programming code. Wait for the customary orange lights and beeps, then re-enter the code. A green light will flash, followed by a long beep if the code has been accepted.

That's it! Write the new programming code for reference in case you forget it.

Remember, the first four digits of the programming code should differ from any of your four-digit codes.

Advantages Of A Schlage Keyless Door Lock

A faulty keyless might make you doubt whether they are good at all. But the benefits are more than the drawbacks. Not many like keys, and misplacing them is quite easy.

Little kid entering the passcode to the keyless door lock

When you have a keyless lock, you can avoid these situations.

  • Having doubts whether you locked the door or not.
  • Being locked out of your home.
  • Worrying endlessly about intruders in your home.
  • Looking for a great spot to hide the spare or trying to remember where you kept it.
  • Fumbling in the dark, looking for the keys in your bag.
  • Easier access for family members with mobility issues.

Schlage keyless door locks are a breeze to use in this jet age.

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What Is The Primary Code In A Schlage Keyless Lock?

A touchscreen digital door lock with a key bypass

A primary or program code in a Schlage keyless lock is also known as the master code. It is a six-digit code that comes with the lock. You can reset it to a different six-digit code.

The six-digit code is the only code that remains when you remove all user codes. Moreover, never share your Schlage keyless lock's master, primary, or program code as a safety precaution.

What Is A Vacation Code?

A vacation mode on Schlage locks disables all the other user codes in the lock. You can use this mode when you are away for long periods.

It restricts access to your home until you remove it. The vacation mode uses the primary or master key to keep the Schlage locked under wraps.

Tips For Using Keyless Locks

Keyless locks make you feel safer when at home or away. However, ensure you practice good habits to get the most from your keyless locks. Use these tips when you install keyless locks.

  • Ensure the user codes are changed regularly, preferably once a year.
  • Keyless locks use rechargeable batteries. The battery should always have a charge for it to function properly. Alternatively, you could have a backup power source.
  • Regularly delete unwanted guest codes.
  • Never share the primary or master code.
  • Use difficult-to-guess codes but not birthdays or anniversaries.


Homeowner entering the passcode to his room, Schlage Keyless Door Lock Just Spins-What To Do?

When your Schlage lock spins and doesn't engage, open and compress the spring in the servo before activating the lock. Once the right amount of tension on the spring has been created, the lock is repaired.

Schlage locks are made to last, but mother nature and constant use will wear down the lock. Keep an eye on the lock elements and do the necessary repairs.

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