Can You Put A Keyless Lock On A Storm Door?

Storm doors help protect the main doors and can be decorative too. Locks are additional protection but can keyless locks be installed on a storm door? We've asked experts, and they had a lot of information to share.

Storm doors have thin frames for a standard keyless lock. However, you can enlarge the frame surface and install the keyless lock you want. The smallest keyless lock will work the best.

Storm doors have standard-size frames, while keyless locks have standard sizes too. Read on as we explain how you can marry the two to get a keyless lock on a storm door despite their measurements.

Home entrance with white front door and glass storm door beside window, Can You Put A Keyless Lock On A Storm Door?

Installing A Keyless Lock On A Storm Door

A storm door protects the main door from harsh weather conditions and allows a cool breeze to blow in during the warmer weather. You don't have to put a lock on a storm door.

If you often leave the main door open, you could put a lock to keep pets and toddlers from wandering out. First, storm doors come with locks. Second, they are too thin for a keyless lock.

Entrance of a house with glass storm door over the white door with hanging flower decoration

The installation process of a keyless lock has one extra step for it to be successful. The keyless lock will come with a manual, but here is an outline of the main steps.

  1. Start by removing the existing doorknob and handle that comes with a storm door. Ensure the keyless lock will fit on the door without damaging the glass.
  2. Remove the strike plate and be careful not to break the door jamb.
  3. Add an extra piece of wood to increase the width of the storm door frame.
  4. Then install the keyless lock strike plate.
  5. Install the keyless lock. Ensure you don't break the mirror or glass on the storm door.
  6. Before securing the faceplate, make sure the latch faces the door jamb.
  7. Set the lock and fix the wiring, then install the baseplate.
  8. Adjust the lever, and the keyless lock is ready to go.

How To Lock A Keyless Lock On A Storm Door

To successfully lock your keyless lock on your storm door, you should first identify the kind of lock you have. Keyless locks are either mechanically or electronically manipulated. Therefore, you can open them by:

  • Using phone applications for WiFi controlled locks.
  • Punch in the pin code manually or via phone.
  • Fingerprint-controlled locks will open with the right set of fingerprints.

Are Keyless Locks Expensive?

a woman's finger entering password code on the smart digital touch screen keypad entry door lock in front of the room

Yes, they are. A keyless lock can cost $150 to $250. The cost of the lock depends on the applications used to control the lock. The installation will add to the total cost. Moreover, ensure you have the tight door measurements before purchasing the keyless lock.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Keyless Lock?

Although you will get a quotation based on the complexity of the installation of a keyless lock, you should have a rough idea of how much you'll be expected to pay. Based on a nationwide survey, the cost of installing a keyless lock ranges from $250 to $400 for smart locks.

Simple keyless locks can be installed for $150, but high-end locks for $1,500 or above. Keyless locks with WiFi can be installed for about $300. Search around for competitive quotes from reliable service providers.

Can Your Keyless Lock Be Hacked?

electronic door lock opening by security card

Keyless locks can be hacked though they are not an easy target. Keyless locks can be vulnerable due to homeowners' oversight or carelessness. Plain or easy passwords, many password users, or not practicing safety precautions could make your keyless lock an open target.

Some break-ins are because the door had been left unlocked. Use an extra layer of protection in conjunction with your keyless lock for safety.

Are Storm Doors Necessary?

Absolutely! Apart from the obvious fact that a storm door will protect the main door and keep the little ones from straying out of the house, there are other advantages.

A storm door with a secure lock will deter burglars from targeting your home. The last thing burglars want is fumbling with locks. You won't waste time searching for keys to unlock a storm door if you have a keyless lock installed during the cold weather.

In the hot months, you can have fresh air indoors while being secure. Storm doors let you save energy by keeping warm air in and increasing air circulation. A pretty storm door will make your home appealing too!

The Best Storm Doors For Keyless Locks

Typically, storm doors are equipped with locks from the manufacturers. However, they are thin, and not all keyless locks can fit.

Smart Lock Solution

The best doors that can accommodate the keyless lock shouldn't have preinstalled locks. However, some keyless looks can work with storm door preinstalled deadbolts.

Can You Use Keyless Locks On Screen Porch Doors?

No, you cannot. A screen door doesn't have the thickness of a normal door. Therefore, it cannot hold an ordinary lock or a keyless one. Screen doors keep insects and bugs out of the house when the main door is open.

They often have an attachment or latch to keep them from swinging back and forth. Poorly installed or old screen doors will do a poor job of keeping toddlers and pets indoors. Upgrade your front door look by installing a storm door with a keyless lock.

What To Consider When Buying A Keyless Lock?

Purchasing a keyless look can be a walk in the park if you know what to consider. Keyless locks have become very popular for various reasons. A keyless lock is a perfect solution to doubts and security worries.

Before rushing to the nearest hardware store and start upgrading, here are a few things to consider.

Type of keyless lock that suits your home. It could be a lock with either a keypad, biometric, electronic key, or WiFi-enabled.

The durability of the lock and its ability to handle all weather conditions.

Integrations to your keyless lock. Whether you can control the lock using a phone app, synchronizing with security cameras, and how many members have access to the code or key.

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Understand how the keyless lock will be powered. You could choose between a solar-powered or electrical lock.

The size of the door and the keyless lock should be compatible. Most keyless locks are 2-3/8 or 2-3/4 inches thick with the lock keypad and handle. They are suitable for 1-3/8 or 1-3/4 inch doors. Keyless locks are available for right and left-handed doors.

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How To Measure A Lock

Fingerprints or finger scan to open digital door lock, Apartment, condominium door control system using digital door locking

Measure correctly for a keyless lock to fit seamlessly in your door. To make exact measurements, use an existing lock as an example. Use these measurements when purchasing a keyless lock.

Start by measuring from the center of the deadbolt borehole to the center of the handle's borehole. The next measurements you should take should be from the center of the handle's borehole to the center of the location of the handle when mounted on the door.

In Closing

Home entrance with white front door and glass storm door beside window

Technology allows us to be secure in our homes at our convenience. You can install a keyless lock on a storm door with a few maneuvers.

Take exact measurements and choose the ideal keyless lock for your storm door. A keyless lock can provide security but remember to follow the necessary precautions.

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