How To Turn Off Poolguard Door Alarm

If ever you have encountered a Poolguard door alarm that won't stop sounding even after the door closes, the continued beeping will prompt you to check the pool area in case your child has gone there. You might be wondering how to turn off the Poolguard door alarm without compromising the safety of your children. We researched for answers and here's what the experts have to say.

To turn off the Poolguard door alarm, the door should first be closed. The pass-through switch should then be pressed. This should silence the alarm. You could also try pressing and holding the pass-through switch of the outdoor wireless transmitter for 2–4 seconds. The Poolguard door alarm may sound for some minutes when the door is closed, but it'll reset itself.

Read further to clearly understand how to turn off the Poolguard alarm step by step. In this post, you'll find other ways of keeping your pool safe for the little ones.

Alarm for windows and doors. How To Turn Off Poolguard Door Alarm

Turning Off the Poolguard Door Alarm

As the name suggests, the alarm can be mounted on doors that lead to the swimming pool area. The pool area can be dangerous for children when they are unattended. Installing an alarm system is a way of ensuring that your children are safe. These alarms are usually very loud, and immediately alert you if the door leading to the pool area is open. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn the alarm off and on:

1. Put the code

In case your Poolguard door alarm is code regulated, as soon as it sounds off, you'll have to put the code in (usually manually) to stop it. You can physically check and see if there's a child in the pool area. Ensure that you have an easy-to-remember code.

2. Change Battery

If your alarm sounds off continuously, check the battery. Sometimes, this could be caused by a weak battery. Immediately replace the battery to avoid the alarm going off falsely. Don't be tempted to ignore the alarm if it keeps going off falsely. You could endanger the lives of your children.

3. Remote Control

Some Poolguard door alarms are remote-controlled. Simply press the OFF button to switch off the alarm after making sure no one is around the pool area. Scout the swimming pool area thoroughly first to be sure. Then turn off the alarm. Immediately arm the system again by pressing the ON button for continued monitoring of the pool.

You want to be careful not to let the little ones see how the alarm can be activated or deactivated. Otherwise, when they can access the pool bypassing the alarm, it is no longer viable as a security precaution.

4. Handyman

When all else fails to turn your pool alarm system off, call in a handyman. Don't be tempted to uninstall the alarm by yourself and leave the pool unguarded. A handyman has the know-how and your alarm will be up and running in no time. Don't compromise the safety of your children.

magnetic alarm sensor attached on a closed door

How Do Pool Door Alarms work?

Pool door alarms have two components: a sensor and a magnet. To install, place the sensor on the door frame but not where the door hinges are located. The door is where you'll place the magnet. As you open the door, the magnet will separate from the sensor and cause the alarm to go off.

The sensors allow adults to go in but, they get activated when kids open the door. The Poolguard alarm is placed on the doors at a height that adults will pass without triggering it. But children can trigger it because they are shorter.

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How Do I Turn Off My Pool Door Alarm?

Turning a pool door alarm is usually very easy. Press the OFF button, and your alarm is disarmed. For other options, follow the steps mentioned above to turn off the door alarm. The pool alarm should always be activated after an opening. Don't turn off your pool alarm for long periods especially if there are children in the homestead.

How Do I Remove My Poolguard Door Alarm?

Before unmounting the pool door guard alarm from the door, ensure that it's turned off. Press the OFF button and proceed to remove it. Using the right tools, unscrew the alarm from the door and door frame. Some alarms might just need to be pulled or pried out of the door frame. In case your alarm was mounted using an adhesive, simply remove the adhesive off the surface.

wireless battery magnetic alarm sensor for window and door on white wooden double door

How Do I Disable A Door Sensor?

Most alarms are battery operated which makes it easy to install and uninstall them. When you want to disable the door sensor, simply delete the zone from the system and remove the magnet and the sensor from the door. You will find instructions on the panel on how to clear the zone. If you have a hardwired sensor, disconnect the wires from the sensor and then remove them from the door.

Additional Pool Safety Precautions

There are several other ways you can make your pool safe for your little ones. Safety around the swimming pool can't be too much. The following are convenient ways to ensure that a pool area is a safe place for your children and even adults who may not know how to swim:

Pool Alarms

These are alarms that are submerged in the water or on the surface of the pool. They are wave-triggered, which means that they go off when someone enters the pool. Ensure that the alarm has a distinct sound that is loud and clear when you are away from the swimming pool. You could have remote speakers for the alarm to amplify it when it sounds off.

Pool Covers

Install good quality pool covers with the control mechanism out of reach of the little ones. Keep the pool covered when not in use or when no one is actively supervising the pool area. Make sure the pool covers have no gaps where kids could fall through into the pool.

Pool Fences

If your house does not open directly into the pool area, build a fence around the swimming pool. Ensure that the barrier doesn't have footholds or handholds that could help the little ones scale it. The fence should be high enough to discourage children from using other objects to go over it. A pool fence should not have pet doors to stop the children from crawling through these gaps.

Self Closing Doors

Doors on the pool fence should be self-closing or self-latching. The sole purpose of these doors is to keep children away from the pool area when not supervised. Maintain the doors and latches in working order at all times. Have a professional install the doors to avoid any glitches from a DIY project.

Parting Shot

Poolguard door alarms are a must-have for pool owners with children or in public swimming pools. These door alarms ensure that your children don't wander and go to the swimming pool without supervision. Turning a Poolguard alarm off is very easy. All you need is to press the OFF button. Some alarms might be regulated using a remote control, but most of them are operated manually. They are straightforward, making it easy for parents or guardians to operate them for the safety of their kids.

There are other ways to enhance safety for your loved ones around the pool while still having fun. The statistics of children drowning are high. Don't ignore any safety precautions that need considering around pools. Choose whatever alarm system that fits your swimming pool and ensure that it's well maintained.

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