3 Types Of Doorbells

Doorbells are practical additions to any home. They alert homeowners when guests or packages arrive. But what are the types of doorbells available for purchase and installation? We did the research to bring you the answer.

Buyers can choose between three basic types of doorbells, which include:

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Smart

Each type of doorbell generally has its own distinct features. Also, some models can be more expensive than others because of their additional functions. Keep reading as we discuss the different doorbells in greater detail.

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What Are The Three Types Of Doorbells?

The three types of doorbells are wired, wireless, and smart. In this section, we'll tackle each of these three types in greater detail.

1. Wired Doorbells

Old bell button

Wired doorbells are the most common models found on the market because of their simple electrical makeup. These doorbells work by sending electrical signals to their chime units when the button is pressed. They can be classified according to these designs below:

Low Power Requirements

Old wired doorbells often run on 6- or 8-volt systems, whereas newer variants usually work with 12 to 14 volts, particularly for bells and buzzers. But new units with chimes usually require 16 volts to function properly.

Moreover, since wired doorbells don’t require batteries, users don’t have to worry about the system running out of power. But these models may not work during power outages.

Straightforward Usage

Many wired doorbell units often make two sounds: one at the front door and the other at the back unit. Also, these products generally mark their front and back parts to help achieve a proper installation.

Wired models may need a cover to protect against rain. Despite the low-voltage output, the electrical system can still deliver electric shocks to the button if the system becomes wet.

Tons Of Doorbell Button Designs

Interested buyers can choose from a broad range of button designs for their wired doorbells. You can select from vintage looks to contemporary aesthetics. Even though there is a wide array of aesthetics to choose from, each wired doorbell on the market generally works the same way.

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2. Wireless Doorbells

A doorbell on the wall

As the name implies, wireless doorbells don’t use hardwired connections to send signals from their buttons or transmitters to their receivers. They have the following advantages:

Ease Of Installation

The lack of cables and wires running from the outdoor unit to the indoor module means installation for these wireless models is easier than their wired counterparts. For example, the AVANTEK D-3B wireless doorbell should only take a few minutes to set up.

Long-Lasting Power

Wireless doorbells often run on batteries which will run out of power over time. You can find wireless options that require disposable batteries to work. These variants would often last up to 2 years before their batteries need to be replaced.

On the other hand, some wireless doorbells have rechargeable batteries. But certain rechargeable batteries may not last as long as their disposable counterparts. Still, using wireless doorbells with rechargeable batteries can help one reduce their carbon footprint.

Extra Features

Unlike their conventional counterparts, many wireless doorbells offer extra functionality to users. Some options can act as intercoms while others may have video capabilities.

It’s important to mention that many wireless options on the market only operate over short-ranged frequencies, such as Bluetooth or a local Wi-Fi network. Therefore, a standard wireless doorbell won’t provide features that use the internet.

Certain wireless choices may also have security features like a keypad lock. If you want to know how to install a keypad lock on a sliding door, read through this post: Can You Put A Keypad Lock On A Sliding Door?

Types Of Wireless Doorbells

Some of the different wireless doorbell variations you can find on the market include:

  • Wireless video doorbells
  • Wireless motion-sensing video doorbells
  • Wireless video intercom doorbells
  • Wireless doorbells with flashing lights

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3. Smart Doorbells

The female hand presses a button doorbell with camera and intercom

Smart doorbells go beyond making the typical bell or chime sound that many conventional wired and wireless models make. These smart options often use internet connections to notify users if someone is at their door. Smart doorbells offer the following features:

Online Notifications

Many smart doorbells can connect to compatible mobile applications. In turn, these options allow homeowners to see who’s pressing the button from relatively anywhere (as long as the connected device has a stable internet connection).

Security Features

Expect to see several doorbells to carry safety features, such as Full HD 1080p video recording and motion-detecting alerts. Some options can also respond to voice commands received from registered users.

For example, saying "Show me the front door" to the indoor unit will let the smart system give a quick peek at that specific location.

Some homeowners may not like the loud alarm of some smart security doorbell systems. Learn how to turn off this feature by checking this post on How To Turn Off Door Chime On Alarm System – By Brand.

Online Video Storage Features

Take note that many smart doorbells may require users to pay extra fees to take advantage of video storage features. One example is Google’s Nest Aware, which adds more control options on top of the standard setup. But this service costs an extra $6 per month.

Keep in mind that smart doorbell users may not need to subscribe to these video storage services to use the product. But the online storage can be useful for users who want more storage options for their saved video clips.

Types Of Smart Doorbells

Buyers can choose between two types of smart doorbells: hardwired or wireless. Don’t confuse these smart versions with their traditional matches.

Take note that smart doorbells will usually use online connections to send and receive notifications while the conventional wired and wireless options only use local networks.

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Are Most Doorbells Wired?

It’s tough to say if most doorbells need hardwired installations since many wired and wireless options already exist on the market. However, many homes now come with existing wiring that is compatible with wired doorbell systems. But homeowners may still choose to install wireless models if they prefer.

Is It Better To Have A Wired Or Wireless Doorbell?

Simply put, it's a matter of preference to determine which type of doorbell fits your needs appropriately. Looking into the pros and cons of these two types of doorbells can help you with your purchasing decision.

Wired Doorbells

Here’s a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of wired doorbells:


  • Reasonably inexpensive choices
  • Will work as long as there’s electricity


  • May have complicated setups
  • Might be tough to remove and replace

Wireless Doorbells

Now let's look into the pros and cons of wireless doorbell types:


  • Easy to install
  • No wiring necessary
  • May work with different receivers
  • Enhance the security of homes


  • Doesn’t work if it runs out of battery power
  • Generally more expensive than hardwired options
  • Receiving unit may not produce a sound because of wireless interferences

What Is The Best Doorbell To Buy?

Doorbell specification requirements differ for each household. You should take note of the different important factors to find the best doorbell that fits your needs. Before you decide which is best, consider the following:

  • Doorbell type
  • Features
  • Installation
  • Price

What Is The Best Camera Doorbell?

Many users may agree that the best camera doorbell is the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell. This product produces excellent quality videos clips at 1,536 x 1,536 resolution. It also makes calls to connected smartphones to alert users of guests.

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What Is The Newest Ring Doorbell?

At the time of this writing, the newest Ring doorbell is the Video Doorbell 4. This new model is compatible with a wide range of devices, including those powered by Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Nest Hub.

But the Video Doorbell 4 doesn’t have end-to-end encryption, which means it’s less secure than other security-focused smart doorbells.

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Final Thoughts

The different doorbells fall under three basic types: wired, wireless, and smart. Each doorbell classification has its unique pros and cons. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks offered by each type can help interested buyers make the best decision.

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