Can You Reset A Brinks Combination Lock [And How To]

Brinks is a security brand known for making products like combination locks. If you have one of the company’s locks and you run into some issues with it, resetting it can be an ideal option. But can you reset a Brinks combination lock? If so, how can you do it? We looked into the different Brinks combination locks to find out the resetting process for you.

You can change the combination of a Brinks combination lock. Plus, every combination lock from the brand has the same resetting procedure. Therefore, it wouldn’t matter if you have an old combination lock or a new model from the company. After opening the lock, here’s how you can reset its combination:

  1. Open the lock and make sure the line is facing the front of the unit.
  2. Pull the shackle and swing it 180-degrees.
  3. Press the shackle down and change the registered passcode.
  4. Release the shackle and test the new code if it works.

Take note that you should only attempt to reset any combination lock (regardless of brand) under lawful and safe situations. One instance may include securing important items behind closed doors. Moreover, keep reading as we tackle more information about Brinks locks like how to open them without the code.

padlock with cobination code, Can You Reset A Brinks Combination Lock [And How To]

How Do You Force A Combination Lock Open?

Before proceeding, keep in mind that many combination locks use similar instructions to force them open. This operation can be particularly useful if you forgot the combination.

  1. Slightly pull the shackle, which is the metal U-shaped part of the lock. Doing so will apply a decent amount of tension to the lock.
  2. Move each dial to check which one has the most resistance. Make sure to maintain tension in the shackle while you're doing this step.
  3. Rotate the dial with the most resistance until you feel a break in the tension. Then, move to the rest of the dials and repeat the procedure.

Once you arrive at the last dial, and if you have the correct placements for the other digits, the lock should force open.

Additionally, the lock might still be securing an object like a door when you’re trying to force it open. If so, you can pull down on the lock instead of using your finger to apply some tension to the shackle. Once the shackle is free, you can now proceed to write down the combination used to open the lock or set a new passcode.

You can also watch the video below to see the steps mentioned above in action:

How Do You Change The Combination On A 3 Digit Brinks Lock?

The process to reset a Brinks lock code is going to be the same across all of the company’s combination locks. Now, assuming that you already have the lock open, continue reading to know how to change its code:

Steps to Code on a Brinks Combination Lock

  1. Align the numbers in the dials but make sure that the line is facing the front.
  2. Apply a pulling pressure to the shackle.
  3. While you’re maintaining tension on the shackle, swing it 180-degrees and hold it down.
  4. Change the number on the dials with your preferred digits.
  5. Release the pressure from the shackle and return it to its original position.
  6. Test the new combination if it’s working.

If the lock fails to open after inputting the correct digits, you may need to force it open. Ponder upon calling a locksmith or replacing the lock if it frequently fails.

It might also be your first time to open the combination lock. If so, read this post to learn about how to find the factory default combination for this type of lock: "Do Combination Locks Come With A Code?"

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How Do You Open A Brinks Lock Without The Combination?

Gold padlock with code to secure storage

You can open a Brinks combination lock without knowing the combination with only a hairpin or bobby pin. The steps for this task are:

  1. Insert the hairpin or bobby pin into a small depression where the shackle meets the lock’s exterior casing.
  2. Maintain slight pressure on the pin while moving the numbers in the dial. Make sure to start from the topmost dial and work your way down.
  3. The pin should go down a level with each correct number.
  4. Once the pin is at the bottom level, take it out and take note of the numbers at the back positions of the dials.
  5. Use those digits to open the combination lock.

Watch the video below for a visual representation of these steps:

How Do I Change The Code On My Brinks Lock?

Check the type of Brinks lock you possess to know the procedure for changing the code. It’s because the company makes different types of locks, such as digital deadbolts and traditional combination locks.

Coding A Brinks Digital Deadbolt

If you want to change the code to the Brink’s digital deadbolt, unlock it first using the combination you set previously. Then, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Press zero (0) four times.
  2. Press the Brinks button, which is often at the top of the unit.
  3. Push the number 4 button while the Brinks button is flashing. The Brinks button should flash again after pressing that number.
  4. Push the Brinks button one more time and enter a new 4- to 10-digit code.
  5. Wait for the Brinks button to flash after inputting the new code. Then, press it to confirm the new passcode.

You’ll know if the code change is successful if the lock beeps twice and the Brinks button will flash green. The brand also made a video showcasing the steps above, which you can watch below:

Brinks Combo 123 Reset Instructions

The first phase of resetting a Brinks combo 123 lock is to unlock it. Here’s how to achieve that objective:

  1. Pull the shackle to apply tension to it.
  2. Start moving the dials while making sure the digits fall over the blue line. Also, it doesn’t matter which dial you begin turning.
  3. You’ll know if a particular dial is in the right number if it feels fairly loose.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the rest of the dials.

If successful, the shackle should spring open. Then, you can proceed to reset this Brinks combination lock by following the steps mentioned in a previous section of this post.

You can also watch the video below to see how to unlock a Brinks 123 combination lock without knowing the code:

How Do You Open A Brinks Disk Combination Lock?

You can open a Brinks disk combination lock like the brand’s model 665-80051 with a pair of pliers. You only need to twist the knob mechanism with the pliers while applying a reasonable amount of force.

Take note that this lock has a design that prevents unwanted pulling from the shackle, allowing users to take advantage of force to open it without the combination. However, it’s also a design flaw, making the lock fairly easy to open for thieves.

Watch the video below to see how to open this lock with only a pair of pliers:

Using pliers can be a good way to open stuck combination locks during an emergency. Read the following post to learn more about what to do if a combination lock fails to open: "Combination Lock Stuck—What To Do?"

Final Words

Change a Brinks combination lock with a few reasonably easy-to-follow steps. The steps to reset the registered digits from the company’s combination locks are also the same across all of its models. But if these locks fail after changing the numbers, you may need to call a locksmith or purchase a new unit.

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