How To Lock A Garage Door Using The Keypad

Garage doors can be very vulnerable when it comes to security. A proper lock for your garage door is an important investment. Are you are thinking of using a keypad to lock your garage, and wondering how it works? Here's what we found out from the experts after detailed research.

To lock your garage door using the keypad is very simple. On the keypad, there's an open and close button with an indicator light. Here's what you should do:

  1. To lock the garage door, press the button, and as the door closes, the indicator light will be blinking.
  2. To unlock the garage door, press the same button again. The indicator light will blink continuously as the door opens.

You can also use a keycode of choice on your keypad to lock your garage door. This is an alternative and safe way.

These two easy steps lock and unlock your garage door manually. Continue reading to see how opening and closing the garage door this way works together with the remote control.

A man using a remote to open the garage door, ow To Lock A Garage Door Using The Keypad

How Does A Garage Door Keypad Work?

Garage door keypads can be pressed manually to lock and unlock the garage door. Pressing the button on the keypad will lock and unlock the garage.

Garage door keypads also have button remote controls that can be used to unlock or lock the garage door remotely. The remote control is convenient to use without you getting out of your vehicle.

When a garage door keypad is disabled, the wireless keyless entry will continue to function. To use the keycode, enter your 4-digit code and the garage door will open.

A man opening the garage door using a remote key

Locking & Unlocking Mechanisms

Garage door keypads are straightforward devices to use. They mostly have a large white or grey button that is used to lock and unlock the garage. In most cases, the button has an indicator light. This indicator light lets you know that the door is opening or closing.

1. How To Lock

Press the button on the keypad to lock your garage door. The light on the garage door keypad should blink continuously as the garage door slides shut.

2. How To Unlock

Press the same button again for the reverse process. The indicator will continuously blink as well, as you can see in the video below. Some keypads have a sound signal which will accompany the locking and unlocking process.

How Do I Lock My Liftmaster Keypad?

Locking a Liftmaster keypad is very straightforward. Here's how to lock and unlock your Liftmaster keypad.

  1. To activate the lock mechanism on the keypad, go to the menu and use the arrow to find "lock."
  2. Press to lock and then go back to the menu.
  3. On the screen, it'll alert you that the lock is on, and the remote has been disabled.
  4. Press the remote and a light will flash on the garage door opener indicating that the remote won't work.
  5. To unlock or turn it off, simply press "off." The Liftmaster keypad is now unlocked.

When you lock the garage door keypad, you disable the use of the remote control. But the wireless keyless entry will continue to function.

The remote control will only function when the keypad is turned off. This is a convenient feature to use in case you misplace your garage remote control. This video clearly shows this process.

Are Garage Door Keypads Interchangeable?

No, garage door keypads are not interchangeable. They differ immensely. Different manufacturers use different frequencies for the garage door keypads. All parts of the garage door locking system aren't necessarily from the same manufacturer.

Before you purchase a replacement for your existing keypad, look at the frequency number of your transmitter. The keypad and transmitter work in unison and therefore need to match. If you're not sure, consult a professional.

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Is A Garage Door Keypad Safe?

Yes, garage door keypads are relatively safe. Keypads are an additional modern-day safety measure. They are also very convenient and accessible.

You could block entry into your garage for safety. Press and hold the lock button for 2-seconds. The push-button indicator will flash as long as the lock is on.

To turn it off, press and hold the lock button for 2 seconds. The indicator light will stop flashing.

As you might be well aware, not all security systems are 100 percent safe. Other precautionary and garage safety measures are never too much. Here are some dos and don'ts when using a garage door keypad:


  • Ensure that you protect your garage remote control. The keypad might not be accessible because it is mounted to your garage wall, but the remote is. Never leave your garage door remote control lying around carelessly, either in your car or on tables in cafes.
  • Your garage door passcode must be very well protected. This is the access code to your home via the garage. Never keep or write your garage door passcode for all to see.
  • Check your garage door sensors to ensure that they are always in good working order. The condition of your garage door sensors will determine how smooth the garage door works.
  • Lock your garage door! Never drive off before you ensure that your garage door is locked. Stay and see that the garage door completely shuts.
  • For maintenance of your garage door system, go to trusted professionals for any repairs whatsoever. Have monthly or bi-monthly inspections of your garage door and its locking system.


  • Never leave your garage door partially opened. Many homeowners leave their garage doors open for pets to go in and out. But this can be a leeway for burglars and home intruders to enter the house!
  • Don't stay under the garage door when locking it. Garage doors are heavy and can crush anything under them. Stay clear of the garage doorway, in case the keypad or remote malfunctions.
  • Don't toy with your garage door. Don't allow children to play with the garage door, they might get their fingers caught.

These safety measures should be followed at all times.

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How High Should A Garage Door Keypad Be?

The standard recommended height for the installation of garage door keypads is 5 feet above any floors or walking surfaces. At this height, children won't have access to the keypad control system.

A garage door keypad is usually mounted on the garage door jamb within the garage. Professionals will mount and install the keypad in accordance with door operational systems.

Installing a keypad is a professional's job but can be handled easily by DIYers. Here below is the step-by-step installation process you should expect to see in case you have yet to upgrade your garage door system.

How To Install A Garage Door Keypad

A man using his remote key to unlock the garage door

Before you purchase a garage door keypad, check for compatibility with the garage door opener. When you have acquired the correct garage door keypad, put in the batteries. Program the keypad in sync with the garage door opener before installation.

Proceed to do these steps:

  1. Measure 5 feet of the garage floor on the inside of the garage door jamb.
  2. Screw the keypad onto the door jamb using the appropriate screws.
  3. Test to see how it works.

That's it. Your garage door keypad has been installed successfully!

The Verdict

Locking a garage door using a keypad is easy and convenient for homeowners. Before installing a garage door keypad, ensure that it's compatible with your garage door opener.

Keypads are compact devices and need to be kept safely to avoid theft or loss. As a safety measure, keep your garage door passcode a secret. Adhere to safety measures and precautions to keep your home and garage safe.

Installation of garage door keypads, maintenance of the garage door mechanism should be done by professionals. Your safety and that of your family come first!

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