What Is The Best Paint To Use On A Metal Garage Door?

A garage door will be the first thing you notice in your home. With the bare metal, it can make your home look dull. If you want to make the door stand out, you should choose suitable paint. we have consulted experts for the best paint to use on metal garage doors.

The best paint for a metal garage door is either high-quality acrylic latex or oil-based exterior paint. Painting a metal door should resist fading, peeling, or cracking that downgrades curb appeal. You can make the paint last long if you prepare the door for painting.

Other than choosing the type of paint, you also have to pick the right primer for the garage door. When painting, it will have a long-lasting effect as long as you follow the best practices. Keep on reading to learn how you can upgrade a metal garage door with the right paint.

Garage gate in a private house, What Is The Best Paint To Use On A Metal Garage Door?

Should Metal Garage Doors Be Painted?

The garage door is a big scene-stealer of your home. If you leave the door unpainted, it will look rugged and unpolished. Adding a protective layer of paint to the door helps you avoid damage. By painting, you can create a coordinated look with the rest of the house.

Most metal doors have a powder coat or baked enamel. Manufacturers add this layer to create a durable finish. This coating is enough to keep the door's condition for a long time. Yet, choosing vibrant paint is a great way to show your style.

Here are some benefits of painting a metal garage door:

  • Covering scratched and faded areas
  • Preventing rust and other types of corrosion
  • Keeping the door safe from sun exposure and harsh weather
  • Matching the trim colors of the house
  • Adding some color to add some appeal to the garage door

As shown from the list, painting a metal garage door is a great way to improve your home. A long-lasting finish starts with the choice of paint.

Types Of Paint For Metal Garage Door

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You must select high-quality paint that you can use for exterior doors. Below are the two types of paint you can use for metal garage doors:

1. Oil-based Exterior Paint

A recommended paint suitable for a metal garage door is oil-based exterior paint. Oil-based paints have alkyds or linseed oil. This paint effectively covers in one single coat while firmly adhering to the metal. There is also no way water can bind with paint, so rusting is not a problem.

Some oil-based paints also have UV barriers that protect the garage door paint from fading. You can also get a smooth and full coverage when applying the paint. Thus, you can reap the benefits of the durability of oil-based paints over time.

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2. Acrylic Latex Exterior Paint

Another paint option you can choose is a premium 100% acrylic latex exterior paint. The best latex paints have flash rust inhibitors. It is best to choose paint with at least 50% solar reflective value. You can also select a flat, satin, or glossy finish.

Even though water-based, acrylic latex is flexible when the temperature changes. Hence, there will be less cracking or peeling. This paint even combats moisture when the paint is fully dry. Cleaning the latex-painted door with water and soap will not damage the surface.

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For both paints, you should look at the label if it states it is for exterior purposes. Changing conditions outside the house affects the condition of the garage door. The paint should resist corrosion, fading, scratches, and high sun exposure as much as possible.

When choosing between the two types, you have to take note of these tips below:

  • To avoid peeling and chipping, do not use oil-based paint over latex paint.
  • It is best to use oil-based paint if the previous paint on the door is oil-based.
  • You can use latex over oil-based paint, but this will need more preparation and multiple coats of primer and paint.

Take note that you can only achieve positive results if you follow the proper way of painting a metal garage door.

Should I Prime My Metal Garage Door?

Adding a layer of primer depends on the current conditions of the metal garage door. For primed and new metal doors, you can directly apply the paint coatings. You can refer to the paint instructions for the suggested number of coats.

However, for new galvanized doors, you must add a primer before painting on them. The usual metal paint won't stick on galvanized metal. As a result, the paint will peel off. It is best not to paint this kind of door.

Although there are consequences, you can reduce flaking with the right preparation before priming. It involves some scraping, sanding, and cleaning the door.

For unprimed garage doors, you should have at least one layer of metal primer. Coat the whole door and its frame as well. Follow the instructions you can see on the primer can. You need to wait at least 8 hours to dry the primer completely.

It is best to choose a metal primer that helps you achieve a durable, long-lasting, and protected finish.

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How Do You Paint A Garage Door Without It Sticking?

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If you intend to paint the garage door without removing it from the jamb, you can be in a sticky situation. You might think that the paint is already dry, but you will see some paint smears on the frame.

The common reasons for sticky paint include the following:

  • Too much paint
  • Loose door hinges
  • Lack of sanding
  • High levels of humidity

If you want to keep the newly painted door free from errors, you should follow the tips below:

  • Choose the best time to paint the door. You can paint on a warm, sunny day with low humidity levels. If it is rainy, the paint will not dry but become sticky.
  • Allow the parts of the door to completely dry. You can start painting the door on the first day, then the jambs on the next day.
  • Smoothen bumps and lumps by sanding the door.
  • Remove any weatherstripping from the door before painting.
  • Use wax paper between the garage door and the jambs. Add the wax paper after drying the door after 1-2 hours or before closing the door at night.

Does Paint On A Garage Door Last?

Painting the garage door

Now that you have painted your door, the next question is how long it will last?

It is burdensome if you frequently repaint the door. Also, you will incur more expenses if the paint easily chips off. That is why it is important to follow the best practices when painting the garage door.

Besides choosing the right paint and primer, you will also need to maintain the door every 5 to 10 years. Painting on a new metal garage door with a baked enamel coating can last for decades.

It is also essential to know the signs of aging in garage doors. Most evidence of deterioration starts from the bottom. There can be water damage as soon as the ice melts around the edges of the garage door. The harsh sunlight also causes fading of the topcoat.

Aside from the sun and water, the wind is also contributing to damage to a garage door. A garage door is an exterior door. In that case, there can be dirt and debris that dents the protective coatings. If you are in the coastal areas, salt can corrode your garage door's paint.

In Closing

Painting a metal garage door will add more appeal to your home. You can choose between high-quality acrylic latex or oil-based exterior paints. Your choice depends on the conditions surrounding your garage door.

It is also effective to prime the metal garage door before painting. When painting, you should also avoid the door to stick on the jambs. The paint on the door can last for decades with interval maintenance within 5 to 10 years.

After considering all factors, you can achieve a captivating metal garage door with the right paint.

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