How To Keep Patio Door Open In Wind

A patio door not only provides a stunning view of your patio or backyard but also enhances the allure inside because it permits plenty of light. Sadly, the main problem with these doors is that they are difficult to keep open in the wind. How can we solve this? We have researched on your behalf to provide you with the answers.

The good news is that there are various methods to keep your door open without compromising on its aesthetic appeal, which include:

  • Fix an outdoor door holder
  • Strategically place wind-breakers
  • Add overhead holder
  • Change the opening

Please stay with us as we delve into how to do each of these simple methods to keep your patio door open when you'd prefer. We'll also discuss hinge maintenance to keep your door swinging smoothly, and not slamming shut.

A narrow deck goes past patio doors in the backyard of this contemporary home, How To Keep Patio Door Open In Wind

Methods To Hold Patio Door Open

There are certain occasions when you enjoy leaving your patio doors open, but you worry a sudden gust of wind will shut them with a bang, sometimes causing damage.

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Leave your worries in the past as we tackle several ways of stopping your doors from closing as shown below:

Fix An Outdoor Door Holder

There are many types of door holders, but for your patio door, you need one that has an outdoor application. This particular kind keeps your door in place, preventing it from blowing both inwards and outwards. 

No drilling will be done on the wall or door, hence retaining the beauty of your home and the door. 

Instead, an 11mm hole is drilled into your patio, in which to anchor the unit, allowing it to spin freely. This mechanism holds the door in the required position even in wind. 

Strategically Place Wind-Breakers

You can provide a shade over your patio to stop the wind from closing your door, and additionally, you might also incorporate features around your patio to act as windbreakers.

Ways in which you can add wind barriers include:

Trees And Shrubs

This is the most natural method that can block wind, and add beauty to the landscape around your home.

It will be painstakingly slow to plant trees or shrubs around the patio, waiting for them to mature and then using them as a wind barrier. While this is a good idea, buying fully grown trees or shrubs and moving them to your home may be a better option. Still, you have to wait for them to anchor firmly in the soil.


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A trellis is yet another wonderful option to block wind in areas where it is mild. The advantage of this method is that it assimilates with the surrounding nature because climbing plants like the ivy grow on and around it. 

This is an excellent option if you do not have much time to maintain it as it does not require that much attention. 


Shades are great for not only keeping out the sun but also blocking the wind.

Have a look at this shade on Amazon. 

Screened Patio

A screened patio is great at protecting your patio from the wind as well as animals and insects. The screens allow in light, while the small openings can be opened when needed to let in the fresh air.

Add An Overhead Holder

An overhead door holder is a unit that is mounted at the top of the door and frame but can also be attached to the wall or floor. It works by holding the door at a particular position preventing it from closing. 

Click here to see this overhead door stop on Amazon.

Change The Opening

Your patio doors either swing open inwards or outwards. You may be required to change the direction of the door opening to prevent it from shutting. Since this will involve removing the door entirely, you may need to consult a professional to advise you further.

Why Does My Patio Door Close By Itself?

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Sometimes, the wind is not the only culprit that could be closing your patio door when you actually want it opened. Let us look at the reasons and the remedy for each:

Imbalanced Door Hinge

When a house settles, the door can get out of balance such that it will not remain open despite many attempts. This can cause screws in the hinge pins to move out of place.

Fix them back in place if they are still in good condition, or replace them if they are bent or broken. You can add friction to the door by removing the pins and hammering them in the middle to bend them slightly.

If the door still closes by itself, take out the pin again and hit it to bend it a little more. Do this until the door is able to remain open on its own.

Worn Out Hinge

Hinges hold the weight of the door and are responsible for opening and closing the door. If the problem is in the hinge, it may need to be re-adjusted or replaced.

Tighten any loose screws, and replace them if they are worn out or not able to secure the hinge firmly.

Doors Installed Correctly

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A door that is hung well should stay open when you want it to and remain closed if that is what you want. However, if there is no wind or draft and the door shuts on its own, then it has a problem. An incorrectly installed door can cause this to happen.

After finding out the hinges and pins are not the issue, then the frame may have been installed improperly. Such a frame can subsequently cause the hinges to slowly move out of place and will eventually need to be replaced.

Please note that you may need some assistance to remove a door from its frame because doors can be quite heavy and can cause injury. Request for professional help if you are not up to the task.

How Do I Slow Down My Patio Door?

As discussed above, the wind can cause your patio door to suddenly shut under a brisk breeze, sometimes causing extensive damage to the door.

The methods to hold the door in place will go a long way in preventing potential damages to your door. There are also other reasons like the hinges being worn out that need to be repaired.

Can A Heavy Patio Door Remain Open?

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Just as a hurricane can blow out a door, a strong wind can shut a heavy door. Such a door will need a door holder that can bear its weight adequately.

Some patio doors are made from the toughest steel or heavy-duty fiberglass, making them much stronger or a little heavier than the common patio door. These doors will need a heavy-duty holder.

Also, you can implement one or more of the methods mentioned above to keep your patio door open.

In Closing

There are several ways of keeping your patio door open even on windy days. However, the wind is not the only reason your door may be closing. Sometimes it is due to a malfunction that needs to be fixed such as a door hinge being worn out.

Wind can also blow heavy doors until they shut. The methods employed to keep lighter patio doors open can be employed on heavier doors.

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