Do Patio Doors Come With Screens? Can You Add One Later?

Patio doors seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces by allowing easy access to the deck. Additionally, since they provide a large open view, they allow more natural light into your home. But you may be wondering whether these patio doors come with screens. We've done the research and share our findings here.

Most patio doors do not come with screens. However, you can select a screen that meets your requirements and add it to the door later. For instance, you can choose between transparent screens or screens that allow privacy, such as decorative or frosted screens. The screen chosen should be sturdy, low maintenance, and energy-efficient.

You may be interested in adding a retractable screen on a sliding glass door or are probably wondering how much a retractable screen door costs. Keep reading as we'll discuss the cost of a retractable screen, installing a screen on a french door and whether you can put a retractable screen on a sliding glass door. We will also discuss how much it costs to install a patio screen door.

Rustic living rom with an opened door leading to the patio, Do Patio Doors Come With Screens? Can You Add One Later?

Do Folding Patio Doors Have Screens?

Folding patio doors may not come with screens since there are minimal chances that the screens will remain unscathed during construction. Moreover, there are numerous screen solutions to choose from. Because these screens are relatively expensive, it is wise to carefully consider what kind of screen you select for your folding patio door.

You can complement your folding patio doors with screens to enhance your living experience. The screens keep the insects out while allowing you to experience outdoor living from the comfort of your house through enhanced views, freely flowing air and more light in the home.

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Why Install Screen For A Folding Patio Door?

An excellent folding patio door screen should:

  • Allow good airflow which is essential especially when you spend a great deal of time indoors. Poorly ventilated spaces can be detrimental to your health.
  • Be energy-efficient and save on electricity bills while reducing the carbon footprint in your home. The thermal reflection property of the door ensures that the temperature in your home is maintained at the desired level, thus reducing the use of fossil fuel-powered energy to regulate temperature.
  • Act as a filter by controlling impurities. The screen should keep your home free from dust, moisture and other pollutants.
  • Allow for easy entry and exit if you have children or pets. Additionally, the screen should be sturdy to ensure the safety of your children or pets.
  • Function without compromising the style of your home. The screen should blend immaculately with the surroundings and enhance the aesthetic of your design.
  • Be easy to install and uninstall. Since the screen is not installed all year round, it is important to settle for one that you can easily set up and remove when not in use without engaging a technical expert.
  • Be easy to clean and store away when not in use.

Can You Put A Retractable Screen On A Sliding Glass Door?

Retractable screens are ideal in that they are only visible when in use and slide back to their housing unit when not in use. Additionally, these screens are less susceptible to elements since they are only exposed when in use.

You can enjoy having a retractable screen by putting the screen on a sliding glass door. Some of the benefits include:

  • They allow the free flow of fresh air through your home while keeping the insects and bugs outside.
  • They minimize glare, thus easing pressure on your eyes when looking outside, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views from the comfort of your home.
  • Depending on the type of mesh chosen, some retractable screens can protect from harmful UV rays, which damage skin and discolor furnishings.

How Much Does A Retractable Screen Door Cost?

Depending on the size, operation, and added features, a retractable screen door may cost about $300-$1,400 per unit. These screen doors are slightly more expensive than standard ones as they can fit any door style without customization. They also offer a previously unattainable convenience in doorways, considering that they only come into view when in use.

The size of the retractable screen door is proportionate to its cost. The system incorporated in the screen door also has a significant impact on its price.

A system that pulls back smoothly and at a controlled tempo will be more expensive than one that slams back. The more features you incorporate into your door, such as an insect pile in the top and bottom rails, the more expensive it becomes.

How Do You Put A Screen In A French Door?

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French doors are aesthetically pleasing and are considered to add value to your home before selling. Additionally, they increase the amount of natural light in your home. Compared to traditional doors, they provide a much broader closure. They also improve insulation and improve energy efficiency.

While you do not want to forego the perks gained from having a french door, you may want to put a screen on this door.

What To Consider When Adding A Screen To A French Door

Deliberate on the following before putting a screen in your French door:

  • Ensure that the door handles you opt for do not protrude too far, as this will hinder the screen from closing properly
  • The direction of the French door's swing - It is not advisable to add a screen on the outside if the door swings outward. However, you can add a retractable screen on the inside. For more details on how to do so, visit this post: Can You Put A Screen Door On The Inside?
  • Consider installing retractable screens where both doors open and you intend to maintain a clear view.

Gather the supplies and tools required, then follow the steps below to install a screen in your french door. The screen door kit should include the screen, a track, handles, and fasteners.

Tools You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Pen

Step-By-Step Guide

Watch the video above for a visual guide or you might as well follow these simple steps to install your screen:

  1. Use the tape measure to get the appropriate length of the track. If your home has standard 2 × 4 walls with 4 9/16" frame, one track to 72 1/2" long while the other track should be 71 1/2" long. However, if your home has 2 × 6 walls with 6 9/16" frame, both tracks should be 71 1/2" long.
  2. Use the hacksaw to cut the tracks.
  3. Modify the 71 1/2" tracks by using the utility knife to score along the track's grooves.
  4. Carefully bend the top two legs back and forth until they can be removed, thus leaving you with an M-shaped track.
  5. Measure 4" from the end of each track and drill a hole. Stagger the holes such that there are holes on both the raised guide track and the track below. Ensure that you drill 6 evenly spaced holes along the length of each track.
  6. Mount the track. For door units with a 4 9/16" frame, mount the 72 1/2" track directly under the brick mold using six 1" screws through the holes you drilled. Mount the 71 1/2" track behind the first track. Flush it with the front edge of the head jamb.
  7. For door units with a 6 9/16" frame, mount the first track two inches from the front edge of the door jamb using six 1" screws through the holes you drilled. Mount the other track 1/4" in front of the first track.
  8. Trim the ends of the pile using the utility knife.
  9. Hang the screen. For double screens, ensure that the handle holes for the first screen face the side jamb and those of the other screen face opposite the side jamb. Also, ensure that both fuzzy strips point towards the main door.
  10. Fasten the handles of the screen in place.
  11. Adjust the screen as needed until it slides smoothly.

If you still need help with adjusting the sliding screen door, check out this post: How To Adjust Sliding Door Height

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Patio Screen Door?

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Many factors come into play when considering the realistic price of installing a patio screen door. Other than buying the door, you need to take into consideration additional costs such as:

  • Local labor rates
  • Local permit costs
  • Cost of the materials selected
  • Size of the project
  • Any customizations needed

You may spend $100 - $1550 to install a patio screen door depending on your location and type of screen door as most of these costs are dependent on your region.

In Closing

Rustic living rom with an opened door leading to the patio

Although most patio doors do not come with screens, you can always add one, depending on your needs and style. These screens make your home more habitable by keeping the bugs out while allowing you to enjoy proper ventilation.

Ensure that you regularly maintain your screens to enable them to serve you efficiently and for a long time.

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