What Color Doors Go With Gray Flooring?

In psychology, the color gray symbolizes balance and neutrality. Gray is a color in between white and black which can also connote depression and loss if not balanced well with other colors. When furnishing your home, different colors can come into play. So, what color of doors will blend in well with gray flooring? After doing extensive research, we got the answer to this question.

Ensure that you consider the location of your doors in the house to get terrific results with this door color list to choose from:

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Pale colors

Continue reading to see how each of the colors of doors mentioned above either complements or enhances gray flooring.

Interior of a modern and rustic inspired living room with gray flooring, gray walls, and brown rustic furnitures, What Color Doors Go With Gray Flooring?

What Color Door Goes Best With Gray Floors?

Each color has a meaning and a psychological feel about it. Your favorite dress color may not be suitable for your home. A dress or shirt can be changed often, but this luxury can't be extended to flooring, walls, and doors in your home.

When installing doors, make an informed decision on colors whilst taking into consideration your own taste. You can go for neutral colors such as white, black, or brown. Or you might want red and dusty shades of green and blues. Lighter shades of gray floors go very well with paler shades of blue or green.

Below are a few ideas on which colors to pick for your doors, whether interior or exterior.

Brown Doors

Brown is a composite color that gives a sense of strength, reliability, security, and warmth. From the solid earth color to desert brown, this color is ideal for homes. When you pair brown doors with gray flooring, your home will have a warm comforting feeling. Brown goes well on front and interior doors. In Feng-Shui, brown harmonizes the interior. You get a sense of stability and security in the home.


Gray Doors

You can match your gray floors with gray interior doors. For them to match beautifully, pick similar shades of gray for your flooring and doors. For a wow-effect, ensure that there is a sharp contrast with the walls. You can go for white walls. This will be really easy on the eyes.


White Doors

White doors always have a clean feel to them. They are simple with a smooth finish style, which makes them a go-to choice for most home decor styles. White doors on gray floors blend beautifully, especially as interior doors for bathrooms, kitchens, and children's bedrooms.

Moreover, they don't compete with other furnishings and home accents. The simplicity of whites doors on gray floors will always make your home feel simple yet welcoming.


Black Doors

Like red doors, black doors make a bold statement too! A black door can be a front door or an interior door. Black doors elevate space in the house and give your home a contemporary look. With gray flooring and white walls, black doors sit well.


Red Doors

In the early American tradition, a red front door meant 'welcome.' Red front doors are still very popular even today. This color of a door is believed to protect the occupants of the home. Apart from this, the red color when matched with gray flooring pops out. The door stands out and all your focus is on it.


Navy Doors

Although not as popular, navy blue doors are as bold as red and black doors. They stick out and will definitely make you notice the flooring. Gray floors are made for navy doors both indoors and outdoors. Most homeowners use navy color for front doors, but it can also be used in interior doors.

There are several shades of navy and gray. Therefore, pick the right combination. If in doubt, consult an interior designer. It may be costly, but remember that it is a small investment for good results in the long run.


Pale Yellow, Green, and Blue Doors

Pale shades of yellow, green, or blue go well with paler gray flooring. Having pale-colored doors for the interior adds a warm feeling to your home. Such door colors can be fitted in children's rooms and other bedrooms. This will definitely give the rooms some individuality and still complement the gray flooring.


Any color of door that you prefer should work with the type of door you have chosen. Different types of doors give different end results. Barn doors, French doors, single or double doors, all give a different feel to the home decor.

Do Oak Doors Go With Gray Flooring?

Yes, they do! Oak doors are a neutral color that blends with other colors seamlessly. Oak doors are expensive but perfect as internal and external doors. With gray flooring, oak doors emit a warm feeling. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Should Doors Match The Floor?

It isn't compulsory, but floors contribute to the general aesthetic of the house. Floors are visible from all angles of your home. Therefore, accents, furnishings, furniture, and wall colors should be in harmony. They don't necessarily have to match.

If you have wooden floors, pick a floor stain that can accommodate a number of hues, colors, and shades of doors, one that you can easily play with, without having to reinstall in a long while. This goes for other types of flooring too!

What Color Goes Best With Gray Floors?

When you want to paint or wallpaper your walls, choose cool colors to go with your gray floors. As we have seen, paler shades of blue, green, creams, or dusty browns, will complement gray floors.

Have a theme and pick colors that won't conflict with each other. Bold-colored furniture in black, white, or neutral colors will look fantastic on gray floors. Choose beige, cream, and light yellows for your floor rugs, carpets, curtains, and drapes. These colors add a warm feeling to an otherwise cold gray color.

Pale shades of blue and green for accents and furnishings can be used to give a more contemporary feel. A dash of silver will give your home some masculinity.

In Closing

Gray floors are easy to work with because they blend well with a number of colors. With gray floors, you can enhance your home with different color doors without going bankrupt. Bold red, black, and navy doors blend in well with gray floors. Neutral colors, such as brown add warmth to gray flooring.

Gray doors that match gray flooring, work beautifully. You may choose a white door that gives a clean feel. Pale green, blue, and yellow shouldn't be left out. These soft colors add warmth to the home decor. Gray flooring ranging from hardwood to vinyl needs a suitable color of the door to complement it.

Whether it is a front door or an interior door, ensure that you pick a color that will work with other things like furniture, furnishings, and accents in your home. So that you aren't overwhelmed, have a theme to work with when renovating your home.

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