5 Barn Door Alternatives

Different homes have different interiors that might require other space-saving doors. If you would like to upgrade your doors and are looking for alternatives other than barn doors, then you're in the right place. The following doors are suitable for enclosures with limited spaces and also come in a variety of materials. We have searched around and found other fantastic alternatives to barn doors.

The following options are space-saving and viable with an elegant look. These doors are practical and come in several materials to suit your home decor:

  • Pocket doors
  • Shoji doors
  • French accordion doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Bifold doors

Continue reading to see how each of these doors functions. The functionality of these doors will help you pick which door and where to place it. Continue reading for our suggestions on where to install these doors to get the most from them.

A barn door inside a home, 5 Barn Door Alternatives

Practical Barn Door Alternatives

A practical door doesn't have to be unattractive. These elegant and fabulous doors can be substitutes for the bulky-looking barn doors in your home. Upgrade the look in your home with the following alternatives:

Pocket Doors

These are doors that slide into a built-in pocket out of sight. They don't have a swing angle that could take up much-needed space. Just like barn doors, they blend easily with the walls of the house. Pocket doors can be locked for safety and security.

They are used best as interior doors. In bedrooms where there isn't a swing space for a traditional door, pocket doors fit in perfectly. For tiny apartments where you might need to section off some areas, pocket doors are the way to go.

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Shoji Doors

These are Japanese-style doors that let in ample light. They are sliding doors that have rice paper panels. Shoji doors are two panels that glide smoothly on two grooves passing each other. When they are open, they stack on one another to one side.

Shoji doors are easy-to-install doors that are appropriate for partitioning rooms for privacy. The doors are ideal for sectioning sleeping areas or bedrooms, living rooms, dens, or study rooms. They have an elegant look that could fit most home decors.

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French Accordion Doors

Forget the vinyl accordion doors which look tacky. These French Accordion Doors are classy and have a clean finish look. They come in all colors and could have windows integrated into them. The windows allow in a lot of light. If you'd like some privacy, use lace curtains to block any unwanted stares.

Accordion doors can be used to partition different rooms such as kitchens or ensuite bathrooms where traditional doors take up a lot of space. These doors have panels available in nearly limitless widths, making it possible to use them as patio doors.

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Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are rather exotic and can be installed in wide corridor-like spaces. These doors open by being pivoted on an axis, making an aisle. When installed, they swing outwards or inwards.

Pivot doors are massive and are wooden or glass. You'll need ample space for these doors. They can be installed as front doors, partition doors, or patio doors. Spacious country homes in warm climates are the place for these beauties. Be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money on the installation.

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Bifold Doors

These doors have made a come back for grandma's pantry, the living room, or the bedroom. Like accordion doors, bifold doors fold completely to one side (this should be on the outside) giving you an enlarged room.

Depending on where you'll install them, you can purchase wooden, glass, or metal doors. Bifold doors can be used in closets, to partition studio or open-plan apartments, or as patio doors. They help enlarge any enclosure in just a few moves. The cost of bifold doors varies depending on the material and size.

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Are Barn Doors Out Of Style?

Exquisite dining room with double barn door entrance

Barn doors are still viable when in the appropriate room. In tiny spaces, barn doors don't always fit in. Barn doors are losing popularity in most homes as their rustic look is being replaced with a more elegant, chic look.

They are no longer being favored because they don't block noises and smells. With most homeowners downsizing, the massive doors are not practical. Although not completely out of style, these farm doors are favored less and less by homeowners and contractors.

Can Any Door Be Used As A Barn Door?

Yes! Any door can be used as a barn door. All you need to get is the appropriate hardware for barn doors. Different doors weigh differently, therefore the appropriate hardware is a must. A track and hangers are what is necessary to convert an ordinary door to a barn door. A wide range of styles of hardware is available in hardware stores.

Avoid using a hollow core door as a barn door. They are usually not heavy enough and won't slide smoothly or sit sturdily on the tracks. A wobbly barn door is not worth all the trouble. Don't economize on the hardware. Cheaper hardware could become rickety and very noisy over time.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Barn Door?

Barn sliding wooden door in loft room

The above-mentioned options can be used instead of barn doors. But before you purchase another door to replace your barn door, you must understand where the new door will be located. Upgrading your home means making sure that your new options are more suited than the previous ones.

Pocket doors, pivot doors, or bi-folding doors open in different directions. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the amount of space available for your new doors. French accordion doors or shoji doors are suitable as sliding doors.

Can A Regular Door Be Used As A Barn Door?

Yes, you can use a regular door. As long as the door doesn't have hinges and a predrilled keyhole, any regular door can be used as a barn door. There are specific barn doors for installation but you may not want that rustic look.

You can paint your regular door to get the barn door look but it won't be as heavy. The right hardware will help convert your regular door to a barn one.

Other Alternatives

There are a number of other alternatives which could be used when upgrading your home. The following are some ways to partition or section your living quarters.

  • Saloon swinging doors - These are hinged doors that are sometimes double or single.
  • Interior sliding doors - They resemble pocket doors but they nest on the wall instead of a pocket.
  • Hanging beads or rope curtains- This bohemian look is a pretty alternative that omits a door altogether.
  • Room dividers - These are free-standing shields that can be moved to create seclusion anywhere in the house.
  • Double fold-in doors - They have a swing like traditional doors but they come in pairs.
  • Textile hanging - Instead of installing a door, you could use textiles to divide any space with a doorway in your house.

In Closing

There are a number of doors that can be used instead of barn doors. Be sure to choose an alternative to your barn door with proper consideration of the location. If you want to partition rooms, pivot doors or French accordion doors could be an option. Bifold doors can be used in walk-in closets or patios.

Ensure that you take into serious consideration the cost of the doors and installation. Practicality and security are no less important. Remember the elegance and beauty of any door should suit your home decor.

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