Can You Replace A Panel On A Garage Door? [And How To]

Old or damaged garage door panels might need replacing to prevent security breaches in homes. But is it possible to replace a panel on a garage door? If so, what are the steps to do so? We did the research to bring you the answer.

Yes, you can replace a panel on a garage door. It can be a DIY job, but you might need to ask for help from others, especially when hoisting the doorway to raise it during certain steps. Here’s a quick overview of the steps to replace a panel on a garage door:

  1. Measure the panel.
  2. Find the garage door brand name.
  3. Remove the old or worn out panel.
  4. Install the new panel.

If you still have some questions about the process, don't worry. In this post, we'll discuss the topic in greater detail. Continue reading to find out more details on these steps. That way, you can properly install the new garage door panel. Let's get into it!

Can You Replace A Panel On A Garage Door [And How To]

Can I Replace A Garage Door Panel Myself?

You can replace garage door panels by yourself. However, some panels can be quite heavy, so you might need help from others. Also, if you’re unsure about your capabilities in replacing garage door panels, you should contact professionals to do the job instead.

If you're wondering if garage doors have soft sides, which might make the panel replacement operation easier than intended, look into this post to find the answer: Do Garage Doors Have A Soft Side?

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How Do You Replace A Broken Garage Door Panel?

Garage door panel replacements can be a necessity as these components become worn out over time or by exterior forces (e.g., a car slamming into the doorway). To Swap out these old or broken panels, follow these steps:

Garage Door Panel Installation. Man Using Drill to Attach Door Plastic and Metal Profile Panel to Wall.

Step 1: Measure The Garage Door Panel

Garage door panels commonly come in three different sizes: 18-, 21-, and 24-inch options. Measure the length and width of the panels to replace from end to end. Take note of these measurements as you're searching for replacement units.

Furthermore, some garage doors have unique designs with distinctly shaped panels. And so, you may need to call the garage door manufacturer or supplier for help in determining the correct size and shape of the panels.

Step 2: Locate The Brand Name

Garage doors often have the brand or manufacturer’s sticker at the top or bottom panel. If you’re having trouble finding the label, it should be near the rollers or tracks.

This sticker should include essential information, such as the garage door’s color, serial number, overall measurement, panel style, and brand name. It may also contain the manufacturer or retailer’s contact details if you need more information about the specifics of your garage door.

Step 3: Remove The Garage Door Panel

After you purchase the correct replacement panel, start removing the garage door panel by disconnecting or unplugging the opener from the connected power source.

You'll most likely need help hoisting the door to the top of its track. Next, connect the other end to the hinge of the panel that needs replacing.

Then, place something sturdy to hold the door about 4 inches above the ground. You can use relatively anything from a brick to a 2 x 4-inch piece of wood, as long as the item can support the garage door’s weight.

Unfasten the hinge bolts attached to both the panel that needs replacing and the one above it. Raise the upper section so it faces away from the panel to substitute. After it’s clear, lift it free and set it aside.

Step 4: Install The New Garage Door Panel

Place the new panel in the garage door tracks. Lower it to the panel beneath it carefully. Use vice grips and secure the panel on both of its sides. Reattach the hinge bolts and lower the garage door’s upper section so it secures the new panel.

You can also check out the video below to help you in replacing a single garage door panel:

Can You Replace Garage Door Panels With Windows?

Replacing garage door panels with windows is possible, but the openings need to have the same shape and size as the panels to fit accurately.

Assuming that you found the right windows for your garage door, here are the steps for the project:

  1. Raise the garage door upright. Unplug or disconnect the door from the mains if it has an electric motor.
  2. Place a ladder or another heavy, stable object under the garage door. Unhook the tension spring on both sides.
  3. Lower the door. Be careful with this step since the door will be heavy without the tension springs pulling it up. Get some help if you aren't able to lower the door carefully.
  4. Remove the hinges from the door panel that connects the neighboring panels. Remove the bolts on the trackwheel as well.
  5. If you haven't already, get someone to help you. Each person will grasp the end of the garage door panel that needs replacing.
  6. Tilt the held panel back slightly. The resulting position should look like the panel’s top edge is clear of its lower edge.
  7. Once clear, pull the panel upwards carefully. It should slide off the garage door smoothly.
  8. Lift the new garage door window pane. Make sure to hold the panel from its lower edge as it’s parallel to and marginally behind the above panel.
  9. Slide the new window panel downwards carefully and evenly. It should land in between the upper and lower garage door panels.
  10. Place the window’s hinges in the right positions. Take note that the hinges should match the holes that come with the pre-drilled bolt holes.
  11. Slide the hinge bolts into the windows with the help of a socket set.
  12. Return the wheels to the tracks and reposition the roller mounts.
  13. Insert and tighten the bolts that hold the rollers.
  14. Lift the door and return or replace the springs. Turn on the motor if the door has one.

Take note that adding clear windows to garage doors may reduce the home’s overall security. If you want to add windows to your garage without sacrificing safety, opt for faux windows instead.

This replacement process deals with garage door tracks. If you want more information about these parts, check out this post: Do Garage Doors Come With Tracks?

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Where To Buy Garage Door Replacement Panels?

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Searching for the right place to buy garage door replacement panels will depend on certain factors. These factors include:

  • Garage door panel size
  • Garage door model and serial number
  • Panel to replace
  • Panel color

Have these details ready when asking garage door dealers for replacement panels. If not, you may ask the supplier for an on-site visit to identify the specifics of your garage door. Take note that this extra service may entail additional costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Panel On A Garage Door?

The average cost to replace garage door panels ranges from $150 to $1,000. The expenses can increase by $200 to $500 for professional services.

In some cases, an entire garage door replacement can be a better option than replacing a badly worn panel. If so, installing a new garage door can cost about $750 to $1,500.

Double modern closed garage door. Can You Replace A Panel On A Garage Door [And How To]

Final Thoughts

Replacing a panel on a garage door is possible with the correct substitute. Make sure that the replacement panel is the same as the old or worn-out unit. Otherwise, it's not going to fit properly in the setup.

Furthermore, you should ask for help from someone else to facilitate the process if needed. Finally, consult professional help if you think this job is too tough for you to handle. Good luck!

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