How To Clean A Dusty Screen Door?

A dusty screen door is a major turn-off for your home. Dust accumulated on your screen door is also a health risk for you and your visitors. To get rid of dust, you need to clean your screen door. There are simple steps you can follow with less hassle. We have researched from the experts to find out how to clean a dusty screen door.

There are different ways to clean it. Some opt to clean the screen doors by detaching the screen while others do not remove the screen. The common tools for cleaning include vacuums, water hoses, and brushes. You can also use a screen solution for cleaning. Follow these steps to clean your dusty screen door:

  1. Remove the screen from the door, if applicable.
  2. Vacuum the screen to remove the dust. If you don't have one, use a brush instead.
  3. Wash the screen with a cleaning solution.
  4. Rinse the screen and the door thoroughly.

The basic steps above work well with most screen doors. Yet, there are some things you need to consider. Also, you must check the suitable cleaning solutions. Certain screen door materials might deteriorate when cleaned with very harsh chemicals. To find out more details on how to clean dusty screen doors, keep reading below.

Cleaning service worker in red rubber gloves cleaning screen door using a spray and sponge, How To Clean A Dusty Screen Door?

How Do You Get The Dust Off Your Screen Door?

Screen doors act as an air filter in a household. The filtered air leaves dust, dirt, and debris on the screen door. When the screen door is not clean, it is not appealing. Dusty screen doors will not entice you and your visitors.

Here are some dos and don'ts when cleaning screen doors.


  • Check any warranties from the screen door manufacturers. Also, consider any terms and conditions that might void the warranty.
  • If you don't have a vacuum, use a stiff-bristled brush to remove the dirt and other debris on the screen.
  • Also, be gentle when scrubbing with a brush. You might strip off the protective coating of the screen.
  • When using a power washer or similar equipment, stay away from the door for at least 3 feet to prevent stripping the screen coating.


  • Do not use abrasive materials like sandpaper which can scratch the screen's surface.
  • Do not use vinegar, lemon, or harsh chemicals that can cause corrosion on the screen. Harsh chemicals like Ajax damages the anodized coating of the screens.
  • Do not use bore, tank, or recycled water when cleaning screen doors. These types of water can make the screen prone to corrosion.

Tools And Supplies Needed

Before cleaning, prepare the needed tools and supplies first. Here are the things you need when cleaning your screen doors:

  • Microfiber cloth or sponge
  • Stiff-bristle brush
  • Warm water
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • A vacuum
  • Pressured power hose washer


After gathering the tools and supplies, you may now clean your dusty screen door. Follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the screen, if possible. Let your screen door lie flat on an outdoor workspace.
  2. Remove the dust using a stiff-bristled brush or a vacuum. Be gentle to avoid damaging the screen.
  3. To make a screen cleaning solution, mix 1-part of all-purpose cleaner with 3-parts of water. Soak your sponge or cloth with the cleaning solution. Wring out excess water.
  4. Gently scrub both sides of the screen. You can wash the cloth or sponge frequently until the dust is off.
  5. Immediately after scrubbing, rinse the screen door with warm water. You can do this step with a power hose or a bucket of water.
  6. Wipe the entire screen door with a dry cloth.
  7. Air dry your screen door or let it dry under the sun.
  8. Reinstall the screen door after drying.

Nowadays, modern screen doors have detachable screens. If you have a detachable screen, it is best to remove this before cleaning. Removing the screen prevents further damage to your screen door. You will not need to wash and dry the door after cleaning the screen.

How Do You Clean a Screen Door Without Removing It?

Cleaning mosquito wire screen

If you have screens fixed on the doors and removing them is a hassle, you can still clean them. You can leave them attached to the door for your convenience. Here's how to prepare to clean a screen door without removing it:

Cleaning Preparation

Before cleaning, ensure that you start with preparing your workspace. Protect your floors by using a large cloth or tarp to catch spills and drips. The water moisture causes discoloration or molds on the floor. Fixing that problem involves another cleaning process.

Also, when brushing or blowing the dust away, dust can go to any part of the house. You might get rid of the dust on your screen, but you will have to sweep off the dust in your workspace. As much as possible, vacuum any dust in the work area before cleaning.

Now that you have prepared your workspace, you can proceed with cleaning your screen door.

Methods Of Cleaning The Screen

Cleaning and washing dusty mosquito net screen door

There are different methods of cleaning an attached screen. Some are easy, while some need more effort. Learn the steps for each method below:


The easiest way to get rid of the dust without removing the screen is using a lint-roller. This method is a good option if the screen has less visible dust. You only have to roll on the screen to get the dust.

Using A Vacuum

A vacuum is the most common tool to get rid of the dust on the screen door. There are brushes attached to the vacuum that effectively removes the dust. Choose a soft brush to avoid scraping the coating of the screen. To use a vacuum, sweep over the screen mesh to get any debris or dirt.

Power Washing

Using a power washer effectively cleans screen doors, especially for non-detachable screens. Do not forget to put a protective cover on your floor when power washing. To clean, use the low-intensity setting of your power washer. When sweeping the nozzle to the screen, stay at least 3 feet away from the door.

If you do not have a power washer, you can use a regular water hose with a nozzle.

Soaking With Screen Solution

Another way to clean screen doors is using a screen solution. Door screens have a powder-coating which prevents corrosion. If you scrub and strip off the coating, the screen will be prone to rust. There are many screen cleaners available in the market. Also, there are cleaning solutions you can make on your own.

With your screen solution, soak a cloth or sponge. Then gently wipe your screen. Allow the screen solution to sit for around 2 to 5 minutes. Repeat applying the solution as needed if the dirt has not come off. Rinse the screen with cool water.

Does Screen Magic Work?

Screen Magic is a 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic screen cleaning solution. What makes this product magical is that you do not need rinsing. This product claims to work on all types of screens. Screen Magic has a mixture of special emulsions and dust repellents to get rid of dust. Also, Screen Magic has a UV inhibitor that protects the screen from sun rays.

To use, you only need to spray Screen Magic on the screen. Aside from the easy application, you only need to apply this at least twice a year. That is why most homeowners love this product. It is easy to use and light on the pocket.

Check out this Screen Magic refill on Amazon.

In Closing

A dusty screen door affects the beauty of your home. There is nothing to worry about because there are effective methods to clean a dusty screen door. When cleaning, it is best to remove the screen if it is detachable. You can use a vacuum, a power washer, or a screen cleaning solution for cleaning the screen. Regardless of what method you use, clean your screen doors regularly.

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