How To Hang A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door

Wreaths are an effective tool that helps you make a statement whatever the occasion and season. With a vast range of designs available today, you can easily find one that will suit your home. Choosing one is easy, but how about hanging your pick on your fiberglass door? We checked out discussion boards and reputable sites to find the different hanging methods to use. 

Hanging a wreath on your fiberglass door only takes a little creativity and a few easy steps. Choose from the simple methods below, depending on your taste and the feel you want for your entry door:

  • Drill a hole in the fiberglass and use screw hooks. 
  • Use an over-the-door hanger. 
  • Mount the wreath with self-adhesive hooks.
  • Use a ribbon hanging on an upside-down hook.
  • Make use of a magnet hook. 
  • Stick a suction hook on the door to hang the wreath.

These steps are simple, and you may already know how you can accomplish any of the methods. However, what might seem uncomplicated, may consume more of your time. That’s why we should dig deeper into each of these methods. Keep reading so you can determine which one would best fit your home and circumstance. 

A fiberglass door with a white painted door with a green Christmas wreath, How To Hang A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door

Methods For Hanging A Wreath On Your Fiberglass Door

Drill a hole and use screw hooks

You can drill a hole on a fiberglass door where you insert the hook for the wreath. While wearing protective gear, such as eye goggles, long sleeves, pants, and gloves, first drill a hole on the fiberglass using a high-speed steel drill bit that’s 1/16 inch smaller than the screw. Carry on with this task through the steps below:

1. Mark and indent the area where you want to drill a hole on the fiberglass with a pencil and a nail to prevent the drill from veering off course.

2. Insert steel brad-point boring bits on your drill and start boring a whole on the fiberglass, with the lowest speed possible. 

3. Eventually, speed up the rotation of the drill as you progress until you reach the desired depth of the hole.

4. Tightly insert the screw hook in the hole using a screwdriver and hang your wreath. 

Use an over-the-door hanger

Alternately, you can avoid making a permanent hole in your fiberglass door. An over-the-door hanger is a good choice that you can insert on top of your fiberglass door. Just insert the hanger atop the fiberglass and hang the wreath on it. 

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Sometimes, however, over-the-door hangers are too thick that they can prevent the door from properly closing. And in rare cases, it causes the fiberglass door to exhibit scratches and cracks. 

Mount the wreath with self-adhesive hooks or strips

Fortunately, you can avoid accidentally damaging your fiberglass door while trying to mount your wreath on it. How? The simple solution is self-adhesive hooks. 

Choose a super-strong adhesive hook or strip from your local Home Depot or on Amazon. When you have the adhesive hook on hand, wipe the fiberglass door thoroughly to eliminate dust and other elements that may stop the adhesive from sticking to the door. Furthermore, cleaning the door first will also come in handy when removing the hook to prevent stripping the finishing of the door. 

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When you completed all the preparations, stick the adhesive hook or strip on the door and freely hang the wreath. 

Hang a ribbon on an upside-down hook

Use a ribbon if you want to add flair to your wreath-hanging efforts. To achieve this, do the following:

1. Adhere an adhesive hook upside down at the top back part of the fiberglass door. 

2. Prepare any 3-inch-wide ribbon and cut to the desired length you want your wreath to suspend. 

3. Loop the ribbon around the top back part of the wreath.

4. Then, either knot the ends of the ribbon first and insert it to the hook, or knot the ribbon on the adhesive hook to avoid unnecessary movements and adjustments of the suspended wreath. 

Make use of a magnetic hook

One fancy way to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door is by using magnetic hooks that use neodymium magnets. Since fiberglass doors don’t possess any material that conducts magnetic fields, it’s best to attach one magnetic hook on each side of the door. 

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With this method, you can avoid all the possible cracking and finish stripping that may arise by using a screw, over-the-door hanger, and self-adhesive hooks. Just remember to pick a magnet hook with strong magnetic fields to ensure that they don’t slide off due to the thickness of the fiberglass door.

Stick a suction hook on the door to hang the wreath

If you love being plain and hate the idea of intrusive hangers and ribbons, suction hooks are a great option and a scratch-free remedy for you. But not just any suction hooks. You need big suction hooks that will firmly adhere to the door despite the weight of the wreath. 

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We recommend that you choose a suction hook like the wreath hanger above that is rated to hold up 22 lbs of weight in order to prevent the wreath from falling. To ensure that the hook sticks, thoroughly clean the fiberglass door to remove dust and debris that can intervene with the suction capability. 

If your fiberglass door has glass cutouts, it’s best to stick the suction hook on it for more powerful adhesion. 

How high do you hang a wreath on a door?

With all the methods laid out, you can now determine which hanging method will meet your preferences. But before you hang your wreath, you still need to know how high it should be dangling on the door. 

The height at which it should suspend differs based on the size of the wreath and the door. Take, for example, a standard 36-inch door. A 24-inch wreath would be ideal. With these dimensions, you should hang the wreath 12 inches from the top of the door. 

Meanwhile, a 36-inch wreath should suspend 14 inches from the top of a standard size door. 

Can you use Command strips on a fiberglass door?

When talking about hanging a wreath, one brand name may immediately linger in the corner of your mind—Command. As a brand focused on helping homes get organized using adhesive tools, Command offers various adhesive products that may fit for hanging decor, homewares, and wreaths, among many others.

With that in mind, there are specialized Command strips you can stick on a fiberglass door to hang a wreath, such as their medium black picture hanging strips. According to some users, Command strips such as this one can stay glued on their fiberglass doors for 5 years.

Can you screw into a fiberglass door?

You can screw into a fiberglass door, but it will take a little more time and effort when compared to wood. As fiberglass possesses a solid core, you will need electric and specialized drill bits to insert screws in the fiberglass. Additionally, the process of drilling a hole for the screw on the door will slightly differ if the fiberglass door is gel-coated or non-gel-coated.

Do magnets work on fiberglass doors?

Fiberglass doors only contain natural minerals and fibers, which is why you will not be able to stick a single magnet on its own on the fiberglass. 

Unlike metal doors constituted of refined iron, fiberglass doors are a product of the combination of silica sand, limestone, soda ash, borax, feldspar, and kaolin clay, among many others. These minerals do not contain iron in them, hence the absence of magnetic conductivity.

But as mentioned before, you can still use magnets to hang anything on your fiberglass door, provided that you use two powerful neodymium magnet hooks: one for the interior part of the door and one for the exterior. 

In Closing

There are several ways you can hang a wreath on a fiberglass door. If you don’t mind putting holes on the door, using screws will provide the most stable placement. However, this method is time-consuming and requires you to wear protective clothing and use specialized tools. Thus, alternatives like magnet, suction, self-adhesive, and over-the-door hooks, as well as satin ribbons, are better options. They are all easy to use and will go with the style of your fiberglass door. 

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