Can A Barn Door Be Hung From The Ceiling?

A barn door adds some personality to your home. Along with the vintage charm, barn doors add to the functionality of doors. Barn doors effectively separate interior rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. It will be easy to move from one room to the next with a barn door. If you plan to hang a barn door, we have consulted the experts about hanging barn doors from the ceiling.

Yes, you can hang a barn door from the ceiling. Before installing, you need to measure the door and space where you want to install it. Also, you must select suitable door hardware, like the ceiling mount and a door track. Aside from these, you need to consider if the barn door needs a header or not.

Here are the steps to hang your barn door from the ceiling:

  1. Install the door track on the ceiling with the mounting hardware.
  2. Attach the door sliding hardware on the top of the door.
  3. Hang the door on the track.
  4. Check if the barn door operates as intended.

With the right preparation and tools, hanging your barn door will be a success.

The installation process is easy, but you must have someone to assist you. Also, you have to consider a few things, like door clearance and headers. Keep reading to learn how you can hang barn doors from the ceiling.

A white painted barn door inside a light blue painted bedroom wall, Can A Barn Door Be Hung From The Ceiling?

How Do You Hang A Barn Door From The Ceiling?

Most people install barn doors to separate the bath and bedrooms. Some also install hanging barn doors on hallways and closet doors. Unlike swinging doors, a hung barn door does not take up space when you open it. Watch this video below to find out how you can hang your barn door from the ceiling:

In the video, there is a very small gap between the door and the ceiling. The door track and the ceiling mount sliders are not in a set.

Maybe you can't wait to add some rustic vibe to your home. Go check out below what you will need for your barn door installation.

Tools And Supplies

Make sure you have prepared the following:

  • Barn door of your choice
  • Door track kit with a ceiling mount
  • Sliding hardware (an angle bar and several sliding door cassettes)
  • Lag bolts, nuts, screws, and washers
  • Measuring tools
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Drill set
  • Door shims

The Right Barn Door Hardware

Rustic inspired living room with a wooden barn door, wooden flooring, and beige colored walls

Having the right barn door hardware is crucial to hang your door from the ceiling. The right door hardware prevents more expenses or repairs in the future. If you have all the tools and supplies except for the most important part, keep up to date with this list of common barn door hardware:

  • Door track
  • Floor guides
  • Rollers (at least two)
  • Jump blocks (either round or square)
  • Hanger
  • Standoffs
  • Stops
  • Connectors

These components usually come in a set. But it is also good to learn how to choose the right door hardware to avoid installation problems. To help you find suitable door hardware, here are some tips to remember:

  • Before buying the barn door hardware, get the exact measurements of the door elements. Measure the door opening, the barn door dimensions, and weight.
  • Select the door hardware finish that suits your style. You can stay traditional or go for a modern vibe. It is best if you coordinate the hardware with the rest of your home elements.

There is a variety of barn door hanging kits available in the market. You need to check the measurements, like gaps, before buying a door track kit. Door track kits with ceiling mounts have at least a 3 and 1/8 inches gap between the door and the ceiling mount.

Barn door hardware is also available in a variety of styles to suit your preferences. You can pick from matte black, brass, or stainless steel options. Your choice depends on the style you want to achieve. Luckily, you won't need to buy the tools separately. Below is a barn door hardware recommendation you might like.

Get this DIYHD ceiling mount box track sliding door hardware on Amazon.


After purchasing the right barn door hardware, you can now proceed with the installation. When installing, it is best to have someone assist you through the process. Follow these steps to hang your barn door from the ceiling:

  1. Check the placement of your ceiling studs.
  2. Drill holes on the door track if there are no pre-drilled holes. These holes must fit with your ceiling studs.
  3. Attach the drilled door track on the ceiling.
  4. Next, locate where you need to attach the door sliding hardware. Then, drill the necessary holes.
  5. Fasten the door sliders on top of the door. Secure with screws and bolts.
  6. Add some door shims on the bottom to level out the gaps between the floor and door.
  7. Hang the barn door on the track.
  8. Make necessary adjustments after installation.

How Much Headroom Do You Need For A Barn Door?

Barn doors hung from the ceiling require at least 8 to 10 inches between the door opening and ceiling. Make sure you will have enough clearance to allow space for the door track. There is low-clearance barn door hardware for homes with limited space. Other brands offer barn door tracks for headroom as low as 2 inches.

Regardless of the available headroom, always get accurate measurements to prevent any damage to the walls and door.

Can You Hang A Barn Door Without A Header?

Yes, you can still hang a barn door without a header. If your house construction is ongoing, you can add a solid wood block between the drywall studs. This block is strong enough to hold the weight of the barn door. Plan if you are going to install a hanging barn door. Take into account the weight of the door, which is around 200 to 230 pounds.

Check out how to install a barn door without a header.

For existing houses, there is a need to add a header. Finished drywalls have varying sizes of studs. This issue makes it difficult to find the right support for the door's weight. Aside from the door, the header also withstands the forces on the wall. The heaviness of barn doors will not cause damage to the walls if there is a header. After you install the headers, you can proceed to install the door track hardware.

Can You Hang Any Door On Barn Door Hardware?

Yes, you can hang other types of doors with barn door hardware. A variety of barn door hardware caters to different door materials, weights, and thicknesses. Most barn door hardware can support single doors from 5 to 18 feet tall and door weights of up to 230 pounds. The door thickness that a barn door hardware can support ranges from 1 and 3/8 to 1 and 3/4 inches. If you wish to hang a different type of door, always check the limitations of your door hardware.

There is also barn door hardware used for decorative purposes. Here is a list of barn door hardware that you can use for other types of doors.

  • Door pulls - The door pulls allow you to operate the door with ease.
  • Faux hinge straps - Varying styles of this hardware make your door appealing.
  • Clavos - These are decorative nails that add some flair to your hanging door.
  • Privacy locks - Add a layer of security by locking the door from the inside.

In Closing

To revamp your doors, you can hang a barn door from the ceiling. There are available barn door hanging kits that are easy to install. Before hanging the door, allow at least 8 to 10 inches of headroom. Another thing to consider is adding some headers. You will need a header for existing walls to support the weight of the barn door. If you want to use a door other than a barn door panel, you can still use your barn door hardware. With a hung barn door, you save space and add beauty to your home.

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