What Color Should A Pantry Door Be?

It might be easy to disregard a pantry door’s appearance, particularly if you’re focusing more on its functionality than its aesthetics. But ignoring the doorway’s visual potential might make it stick out like a sore thumb. Upon deciding that you need to paint your pantry door, you’re now probably wondering what color to paint it. We consulted with home renovation experts, and here’s what they said.

The paint color choice for a pantry door depends on a few factors, namely the home’s theme and your personal color preferences. Still, the options will fall under a few general color classifications—seamless design, two-tone finishes, and subtle effects. The material of the door should also play a vital role in your choice of paint color.

Your decision can influence the final outlook of the paint job. Take note of your options and be sure to make a decision after you've considered the different factors involved. Keep reading to better understand how these elements impact the color you choose for your pantry door.

Painting the door with white paint using a rolling pin, What Color Should A Pantry Door Be?

How To Choose Pantry Door Colors

Like any other piece of decor in a home, a pantry door’s color should blend well with the rest of the space’s theme. Choosing the wrong color for this door can make it an eyesore.

A worker painting the door with white paint

Follow these tips when choosing your pantry door colors:

Seamless Design

Some pantry doors might be in an awkward spot in the kitchen. Renovating the entire space to move the pantry or its entryway might require a significant amount of time, effort, and money.

But you can make pantry doors blend well with their surroundings by using paint colors that coincide with nearby areas. That way, you can achieve a uniform look while removing unnecessary attention that the pantry door might be attracting before.

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Two-Tone Finish

Many homeowners would prefer their doors to only have one color. But you may bring life to what could otherwise be a boring pantry door by letting it show off a two-tone finish.

Before you proceed with this decision, make sure to think about the design carefully. Keep in mind that painting a pantry door with a two-tone look might be something out of the ordinary. But if done properly, it can yield amazing results.

One way you can achieve this look is to color the door's outer side the same color as the kitchen's walls. Then, the door's inner side will have the same paint as the pantry's walls.

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Subtle Results

A pantry door with architectural details or raised panels might not stand out if you paint the entryway with a mismatching color. Therefore, choose a paint color that can enhance the beauty of these small elements.

So instead of using colors that are seemingly bursting with life such as red, orange, and yellow, aim for neutral tones. White, gray, and black are some examples of neutral colors that can enhance the look of the accessories on the pantry door while improving the door's overall appearance.

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Guided By The Material

If you find it a struggle to choose which color to pick for your pantry door, a relatively safe choice is to base your choice on the door’s material.

For example, if your pantry door is made of alder, ash, aspen, or other light woods, you can opt for bold colors like pink and coral.

Otherwise, if you have a pantry door made of dark wood, such as beech, walnut, or African mahogany, particularly for tones that lean towards red shades, you may opt for soft blue paint colors.

If you have a fiberglass door for your pantry doorway, it will help to read this other post: What Kind Of Paint Should I Use On A Fiberglass Door?

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Do You Paint Both Sides Of A Pantry Door?

It’s advisable to paint both sides of the pantry door. Take note that you’re not only going to look at the front portion of the door all the time.

A man painting the door white

If you don’t paint the other side, the door's looks will appear off and out of touch when you open it, particularly with the visual appeal of the rest of the space.

Learn more about painting doors on both sides in this post: Should A Front Door Be Painted On Both Sides?

How Do You Dress Up A Pantry Door?

Stock pantry doors can sometimes look dull. The good news is that you can dress up these doorways without doing serious renovations.

Here are some ways to improve the aesthetics of pantry doors:

  • Add reclaimed wood. This particular piece of lumber lived a previous life, such as part of an old establishment or flooring. Installing a thin piece of reclaimed wood to the side of a pantry door can enhance the door's aesthetics.
  • Install a chalkboard or small whiteboard. These items can help bring the relatively boring door to life by allowing household members to doodle on the door. You can also write down your grocery list on the board so you’ll always know what to buy.
  • Install moldings. Accessories like rows of crown moldings or trims can add an extra visual appeal to the pantry door.
  • Mount hooks and shelves. Increase the looks and functionality of your pantry door by adding these accessories. Plus, the hooks and shelves can open up some space in the pantry, allowing you to increase the area’s storage capacity.

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Should A Pantry Have A Door?

A door is generally the best way to separate the pantry from the rest of the kitchen. After all, a pantry is simply a food storage space, and it will aesthetically detract from the space if not covered up. A painted door is a nice way to keep this area hidden while not in use.

How Do You Cover A Pantry Without A Door?

You might decide to take the unconventional route and cover your pantry with something other than a door. Instead of a traditional door, you can opt for curtains or a lengthy piece of fabric instead.

Elegant interior of a kitchen pantry incorporated with the color beige and marble countertops

Choose from a range of curtain designs and fabric choices to help cover your pantry. The beauty of using this method is that you have the advantage of switching the fabric if you want a redesign. Moreover, you can achieve this alteration without making significant DIY changes.

Ensure that your chosen curtains or pieces of fabric have appropriate lengths. The material shouldn’t be too short or too long; it should hang up to about an inch or two above the floor.

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Final Words

Choosing the color for a pantry door can be challenging if you don’t understand your options. Your selections can come from different factors, including the theme of the space and your preferences.

Take note of your choices and choose from a range of color options such as variants that promote seamless looks, two-tone finishes, and subtle outcomes.

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