Shower Door Leaks At Hinge – What To Do?

A leaking shower door is bothersome. You can get unwanted water outside the shower room even if the shower door prevents splashes. There could be leaks at the door hinges even if you sealed them well. Learn from this post about what you should do if the shower door leaks.

If the shower door leaks at the hinges, you must determine where the water drips. You can do the following repairs:

  • Redirect the shower head away from the door
  • Reseal the door hinges
  • Tighten loose door hinges
  • Clean hinges to remove mold or grime accumulated
  • Replace corroded door hinges

The solutions are easy, and you can do it yourself. After fixing the issue, you should also know how to prevent future leaks.

This post focuses on hinged shower doors, but you can apply the tips for other types of shower doors. Read further to learn more about leaking shower door hinges.

What To Do When Water Leaks From Shower Door Hinges?

It is normal for shower doors to leak. However, it can be a fuss if you ignore the problem. The water leaking from the shower can damage bathroom walls and the floor outside the shower room. You need to inspect the hinges to prevent leaking and other issues in the shower.

First things first, you must know the reasons why the shower door leaks at the hinges.

Black matt hinge connecting the wings of the shower enclosure flush with the glass

Causes Of Shower Door Leaking

If the door leaks at the hinges, the causes can be the following:

  • Misaligned or broken hinges
  • Broken or cracked hinge seals
  • Bad door framing (i.e., misaligned or rusty)
  • Improper installation of shower door and hinges
  • Worn hinges due to corrosion

Type Of Shower Door

Before you solve the issue, you must first know the shower door type. Not all types of doors are leakproof. Most shower doors have hinges, whether framed, frameless, or pivoted. These types of doors often leak because of the small gaps.

Doors without hinges are those corner-built. They can still leak but will not start from the hinges.

Locate The Shower Leak

It is crucial to determine the location of the leak. The leaks at the hinges can be along the wall, door framing, or on the panes of glass shower doors. The location can help you decide on the appropriate solution.

You will often find leaks on the door opening or the metal track holding the door glass. There are also leaks on the sides of the door if the hinges are there.

Signs Of Leaking

To fix the issue, check the shower door and nearby fixtures where possible leaks occur. It is easy to find big leaks than minor ones. Inspecting the shower area can help you identify other problems regardless of size.

Listed below are the signs of leaking on the shower door.

  • A pool of water outside the shower area.
  • The bathroom smells musty.
  • The interior walls are moldy or have stains.

You can check these signs when running the water in the shower.

  1. Turn on the shower. Let the water run at its normal setting.
  2. Then, close the shower door.
  3. Wait outside the shower for 5-10 minutes to see any leaking. Mark the wet spots with masking tape.

Whether the leak is big or small, you need to take action to prevent or fix the problem.

black matte hinge on the lower part of the glass shower door

Solutions For A Leaking Shower Door At The Hinges

Dealing with shower door leaks is not complicated. You can fix the solutions by yourself before asking for help from others. Read the common solutions below.

1. Shower Head Direction

The first solution you can do is to redirect the shower head. If it points towards the door, adjust it so it faces away. When taking a shower, also keep in mind the direction of the water to prevent splashing the door.

If it is unavoidable to splash water on the door, you can install a tubular rubber, silicone, or vinyl barrier between the door and jamb.

2. Reseal The Door Hinges

The caulking of the door hinges can wear out after some time due to water damage and frequent use. The buildup of grime and molds can also deteriorate the seal. Caulk is common for frameless shower doors.

You should use 100% silicone and mold-resistant caulk for a long-lasting seal. The caulk will not shrink or crack and remains flexible. You should not use acrylic caulk because it will harden and crack.

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Here are the steps to caulk the hinges:

  1. Remove the old caulk by scraping it with sandpaper.
  2. Apply a new layer of caulk, then let it dry.

If you did not use caulk as the seal, it could be a gasket. Replace the gasket if this is the cause of the leaking. Use a strong adhesive if adding to stay in place for longer.

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In addition, frameless doors can use polycarbonate panels to seal the hinges. Varying gap requirements depend on the specifications of the seal. Choose the seal that runs down on the hinged side of the shower door.

3. Tighten Hinges To Realign The Shower Door

The framing of the shower door can cause the misalignment of the hinges. Tighten the loose hinge screws to realign the door. If the screws are in bad condition, replace them.

Also, check the gaps of the door to the wall or pane. You will need a large seal to close the gap.

If the misalignment of the shower door is due to the irregular framing, you need to redo the frame. It is a major task, so you might need some help on this one.

stainless steel door hinge on a glass shower room door. Shower Door Leaks At Hinge - What To Do

4. Clean The Hinges To Remove Mold Or Grime Accumulated

Shower door hinges also need maintenance. Water will splash on the shower door, and leaving it to dry will accumulate molds, mildew, and dirt on the hinges. You should wipe the hinges dry after every shower to ensure that you remove the moisture.

The cleaning process involves the following steps:

  1. Clean the hinges with soap and water.
  2. Use a small brush to remove the grime on the crevices.
  3. Rinse the hinges with water and wipe to dry.
  4. After drying, add some oil or lubricant to the whole hinge. Wipe the excess liquid.
  5. Open and close the door so that the oil spreads evenly.

Applying some oil can prevent the squeaking of the hinges.

5. Replace Corroded Door Hinges

Corroded hinges can be the reason if the door frames do not align. Water and metal are not a good combination. The oxidation of water corrodes the hinges, making them weak and porous. The hinges will not hold the door frame in the right position.

Replace the rusty hinges immediately. Carefully follow the instructions on installing the new hinges. Then, seal the hinges using the appropriate materials.

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Steps To Replace Shower Door Hinges

These are the steps to replace the hinges of the shower door. You will need someone to assist you in carrying the shower door.

  1. Carefully remove the screws of the hinges.
  2. Remove the door from the frame.
  3. Prepare the replacement hinges. Then, attach them to the door.
  4. Afterward, attach the other side of the hinge to the door frame.

Learn more about shower door hinges from this post: How To Fix Continuous Hinge Shower Door.

Door hinges on glass door in bathroom for wet zone. Shower Door Leaks At Hinge - What To Do

In Summary

A shower door leaking at the hinges is easy to fix. There are several causes for this issue that you should determine beforehand. You must know the type of shower door and the leak's location to determine the solution to follow.

Furthermore, you need to inspect the condition of the hinges. The common causes of leaking are loose hinges, broken hinge seals, and misaligned door frames.

After checking the shower door and hinges, there are simple solutions you can do. The easiest remedy is to change the shower head direction away from the door.

Moreover, you can caulk and seal the hinges, keep them clean, or replace them if corroded.

If you can maintain the good condition of the hinges, the possibility of leaking from the shower door is less. As a result, you will not have unwanted water in dry bathroom parts.

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