Should Your Screen Door Match The Front Door?

The front door mirrors the overall style of your house. You want to make your front door have a welcoming feel to you and your visitors. Your front door color can make or break the appeal of your home. That is why you must plan the colors you choose for your screen and front doors. We consulted the experts about matching the colors of your screen and front doors.

The screen and front door colors do not need to match. You can be experimental or traditional with your color choice. There are many color combinations available. You can select as simple as white and neutrals or bold colors like red and black. If matching is still a problem, you can match your screen door with the house trim colors. Regardless of the color, your choice will always depend on your personal preferences.

Aside from the front door, there are some things to consider. There might be specific color restrictions within your neighborhood. Also, the landscape surrounding your home affects your color choice. It would be best to plan before choosing colors that suit your style. Keep reading to learn how you can match door colors.

A brightly painted red front door, Should Your Screen Door Match The Front Door?

Matching Screen and Front Doors

Most screen doors can come in metallic or neutral colors, which go well with most front door colors. Thus, there is no need to match the door colors. You can add some contrast or follow a similar color to your front door. If you want to show some creativity, you can also paint your screen doors.

Should all of your exterior doors match?

You don't have to match the colors of all your exterior doors. Exterior doors include your garage, backyard, patio, and storm doors. You can choose a striking color for the front door and for the rest of the doors, complementing colors. Regardless of how you coordinate the colors, the choice is all up to you.

Here are some tips, though, when matching exterior door colors.

Matching Garage And Front Doors

For the garage and front doors, choose the same colors for both exterior doors. These doors are placed in front and would be the first home elements people will see. But the exception is also not absolute. There are vibrant colors like bright reds and yellows that can overwhelm vision. Also, if your house has some unique features like stone or wood, you can match your colors to those features.

Choosing Within The Same Color Palette

Another way to match colors is referring to a color palette. You can tone down or choose darker hues to make the front door stand out. The front door and windows can have a darker color for a stucco house than the garage door. Even though the doors are in the same gray color palette, the darker colored doors get more attention.

Matching Home Trim Colors

Also, some homeowners opt not to match their exterior doors with the front doors. Instead, they match other exterior doors with the home's trim colors. You can find out the trim colors by checking your windows, shutters, and roof edges. The trick here is to let your front door stand out while other exterior doors match the trim colors.

Storm Doors

One exterior door to consider is the storm door. A storm door is a secondary door that protects against weather and other natural elements. Storm doors have glass panels that make the color of your front door visible. There is no need to match the colors of the doors. Most storm doors are in neutral colors. Hence, any color will match well.

Screen Doors

Instead of glass, a storm door can have a screen that allows ventilation. If you have screen doors, there is no need to match with other exterior doors. Like the previous tips, choose a color that draws attention to your front doors.

Do Storm Door Screens Come In Different Colors?

A screen is a protective feature of storm doors against wind, rain, and snow. With a screen, air and light can pass through while keeping bugs away. Aside from the functionality, storm door screens also add to the aesthetics of your home.

Aside from old-school silver screen doors, there are trendy colored screens to give life to your storm doors. Storm door screens are now available in various colors to match the door frame or the house trim. The available colors also depend if the screen door is aluminum or fiberglass.

Here is a list of common storm door screen colors:

  • White
  • Metallic: Silver, Bronze or Yellow-Gold
  • Neutrals: Black, Brown, Gray, Beige


From the list, white is the most common screen door color because of its versatility. Whether the screen is fiberglass or aluminum, white can go with any storm door color. The color white gives a clean look to your entryways. White is best for houses with white trims, as well as with brick houses.

Metal Colors

Metal colors maintain the metallic look on door screens. Screen doors are commonly available in silver for aluminum screens. Nowadays, there are choices for bronze and yellowish-gold screen colors for fiberglass screens.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like beige, brown, black, and gray are common for most aluminum screen doors. The neutral colors also give a classic vibe that can go along with most home styles. You will also not worry about changing the screen colors as time passes by. Beige is great for coastal homes, while brown gives a more rustic feel.

How Do I Choose a Door Color?

Choosing the right door color is not a piece of cake. With the variety of colors available, you must narrow down your choices. There is no right or wrong door color because it is always up to your style. If you want to get the right door color, you can follow the tips below:

Follow Your Home Style

The choice of color depends on your current home style. If you follow your home style, this results in an appealing and coordinated home. Check your home style before choosing your door color. For traditional homes, red is a common color. While for modern or contemporary homes, you can go vibrant like lime or simple as white.

Consider The House Trim

You must not forget the trim colors of your house. Check the colors of windows edges, roof fascia and soffits, and wall moldings. If you can, make the exterior door colors match the trim colors. By matching, you can create a cohesive look for your home.

Consult The Color Wheel

If you doubt which colors to select, you can always refer to the color wheel. The color wheel helps you identify the colors that go well together. There are color wheels in hardware stores or online for your convenience.

Here are some tips to follow when using the color wheel:

  • If you want a monochromatic style, choose shades of the same color. It also works well for white, black, or gray colors.
  • You can select analogous colors like yellow and green. These colors share the same base colors. On the color wheel, you can find similar colors side by side.
  • For a light contrast, choose a door color that is three shades away from the house color.
  • For complementary colors, pick the color on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, your home is orange. You can select blue for your door.
  • If you want to experiment with colors, try a triadic scheme. On the color wheel, create a triangle. An example of a triadic combination is red, yellow, and blue.

What Are The Most Popular Colors For a Front Door?

With different color choices available, there are popular colors that homeowners select. You can get varying shades of these trendy colors for your doors and house trim. After all, choosing a door color depends on your choice.

Four colorful doors on the wall

Here are five trendy colors for your doors:

  • Black - This is the best color to add resale value to your doors. Black shows order, elegance, and a refined taste.
  • Blue - Blue hues, like teal or turquoise, give a peaceful vibe to your home.
  • Green - An unusual door color, green is getting popular for contemporary homes.
  • Red - Reds add drama and boldness that makes your door stand out.
  • Yellow - Yellows draw people to your home because of the cheerful vibe.

Check out other front doors colors that you might like.

In Closing

Door screens can come in different colors to add appeal to your doors. Matching your screen door and the front door is not necessary. Although you have more freedom, you must consider the style of the house, trim colors, and other exterior doors. Regardless of the trend of door colors, always follow your style.

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