Should Patio Doors Slide Inside Or Outside The House?

A sliding glass door leading to your patio is very convenient. It saves you space and gives you a fantastic view of the outdoors. Some homeowners are asking us where their sliding doors should be located, whether inside or outside the house. This is what we will address today with the help of door experts.

Sliding patio doors should preferably slide on the interior side of your house to prevent the accumulation of dirt and other particles on the sliding tracks. This will help ensure that your patio doors will function properly all the time.

Keep reading to know more about the location of the sliding doors and whether they can slide both ways. We'll also share with you tips and recommendations on how to enhance the security of your sliding doors. Let's start!

A gorgeous contemporary and narrow living room with a glass sliding door on the back leading to the patio, Should Patio Doors Slide Inside Or Outside The House?

Should a sliding patio door be on the inside or outside?

Having a patio enhances the value of your home. It can be used for various functions. You can have additional space for relaxing, cooking, entertaining, or enjoying backyard living.

Installing sliding patio doors will even let you maximize all the space as it won't take up any room for swinging open. Most of these doors have one stationary door panel and the other one slides to open or close.

Before installation, you need to know where the sliding door should be positioned. According to experts, they should slide on the inside rather than outside your house. This will help protect the sliding tracks from dirt, debris, and other elements that can affect their performance.

Rustic inspired patio with wooden chairs, wooden flooring and a white framed sliding door

Sliding doors are notorious for their functionality issues. The tracks invite dirt all the time and when these unwanted particles accumulate over time, they can cause your door to jam or even jump out of its track.

But you will also find patio doors that slide outside as they were designed that way. However, this type of sliding door needs frequent maintenance to ensure that all the dirt is cleaned off the track so that the door will work properly.

So, to make it easier for you, choose one that slides inside the house so you won't have to deal with maintenance and jamming issues most of the time.

Can patio doors slide both ways?

Most of the time, sliding patio doors slide on the right-hand side. This is because the handles are usually on this side. The way that a sliding door opens is usually determined by where its handles are placed.

But there are different kinds of sliding doors on the market. Some door manufacturers have designed sliding patio doors to be flexible. This type of door can slide both ways.

Contemporary inspired kitchen dining area with white painted patio doors and a sliding door leading to a small patio

They can slide to the left or the right due to the presence of double tracks. The sliding panes can be stacked on top of each other which allows the doors to slide both ways.

Can you put a security door on a sliding glass door?

Sliding glass doors are so convenient because they are great space savers, let natural light in, and offer a clear view of the outdoors. However, they are not as secure as traditional doors. They can easily be broken which would give intruders easy access into your home.

That's why some homeowners opt to install a security door over their sliding glass doors. Security screen doors have strong frames, non-removable hinges, and are equipped with heavy-duty locks.

They are quite expensive and require an expert to install them properly. But these are a worthwhile investment for your home's protection.

Classic designed kitchen with wooden flooring and white framed sliding doors leading to the patio

It's a good thing that door manufacturers have come up with these innovative home security solutions. They will still allow you to enjoy the view and added ventilation provided by sliding doors while at the same time enhancing your home's security so you won't worry about break-ins.

To be able to have one installed, check your doorway for any obstructions that may affect the performance of your security door. This can be a doorbell, plant, or a low overhang.

You should also check the requirements for the installation of the door. There are specific measurements on the rough opening of your sliding glass door to allow its proper mounting. Contact your door dealer so that you can get the right size and have them install it for you.

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How to secure a sliding glass door from the outside

As mentioned above, sliding glass doors aren't necessarily the most secure doors out there. Sliding glass doors are only secured with the use of latches that can be found on the interior side of the door. Latches can easily be overcome by those with criminal intentions.

That's why it is in the best interest of homeowners to find ways to enhance their safety and protection. This is most applicable for those who use sliding doors as the main entry point to their homes.

A brown framed sliding door leading to the patio

Home security experts recommend the installation of keyed locks outside the sliding glass doors to be able to secure them from the outside. These will help prevent burglars from barging into your home when you're away and keep children from opening the door without your knowledge.

In other words, having a lock outside of the door will give homeowners peace of mind.

There are two locks that you can install on your sliding glass door: an exterior key lock and a sliding glass door lock that can be mounted from the outside.

The installation process would depend on the particular lock that you'll be getting but here are the general guidelines for setting them up.

Installing an exterior key lock on your sliding glass door

  1. Mix your mild liquid all purpose cleaner with warm water. Use this to clean the exterior surface of your door.
  2. Use a towel to dry its surface and give sufficient time to air dry.
  3. Find the spot where you'll place the lock and mark it. It should be along the frame. You can't mount the lock on the glass panel.
  4. Drill holes where the screws for the lock should go.
  5. Mount the lock and screw it in place.
  6. Install the latch plate on the door frame. Make sure the lock and latch are aligned.
  7. Open and close the sliding door to check if the lock is working properly.

Installing a sliding glass door lock

  1. Use soapy water to clean the sliding glass door. Make sure that the upper track is free from debris.
  2. Mark the spot where you will mount the lock. It should be at the top middle part of the door frame, right where the sliding glass door meets the stationary glass door.
  3. Drill holes for the screws.
  4. Mount the lock and screw it in place.
  5. Install the interior handle.
  6. Test if the lock will work properly.

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Installing these locks will help make your sliding glass doors more secure. Always check the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation. For extra protection, you can also use blocking bars or apply shatterproof film over your glass panels.

Final Thoughts

A gorgeous contemporary and narrow living room with a glass sliding door on the back leading to the patio

Choose patio doors that slide on the interior side of the house so that you won't be bothered that much by repair and maintenance issues. This way, you'll be able to enjoy your patio without the hassle.

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