Should Door Handles Match Throughout The House?

Can you use different door handles in your house? This is a common concern among homeowners who are in the process of decorating their houses. That's why we turned to our door experts and interior designers to help you in deciding which door hardware to buy.

The door handles in your house don't have to match all throughout. You can be free to mix and match the designs and finishes that you like as long as they give a sense of cohesiveness and tasteful style to your home.

Continue reading because we'll tell you more about how you can mix and match the different door handles in your home like a pro. We'll share with you the important factors that you need to consider so your home will have a cohesive look.

Brass doorknob with an ornament, Should Door Handles Match Throughout The House?

Should exterior door handles match interior door handles?

Door handles come in different sizes, designs, and finishes. We understand the dilemma of choosing just one for your home.

Well, news flash! The door handles in your house don't need to match. There's no rule out there anyway that says they need to. We've just been accustomed to having the same door handles in the house but it doesn't have to be the case.

You are free to mix and match the door hardware in your house. It's your home after all so no one can dictate what you should put in there. Your house, your rules!

But before you go all out with this freedom, here are some reminders (not rules) so that your door knobs and handles can contribute to enhancing the overall look of your house.


Door knobs are your first encounter with a house or a room. Make sure you give a good impression. It doesn't have to be all flashy and fancy.

You can be as simple as you want as long as the way that you mix and match your door knobs is easy on the eyes and makes you feel comfortable. In other words, you have to make a tasteful choice.


Think of a theme for your house. Are you going for a modern industrial look or a classic farmhouse style? Your door handles should preferably complement the design of your house. They should blend well with the rest of the house or the specific room where you're going to place them.

Give yourself time

Think about what you want. You can look for photos of different hardware, have them printed out, then see how they'll look on your doors.

The bottom line is that the knobs and handles will help unify the design of your home. Everything will look like they belong to one family and not as if you just bought whatever was on sale. The way you mix and match should have sense and style. This will make your investment worth it.

What should door handles match?

A black door handle in a front door

We know that you're free to mix and match your door hardware according to your own preference. But there's another thing that you should also keep in mind: Practicality. Does the door handle add value to the look of your home?

This is why there's logic in ensuring that your door handles match the design or theme of your house and the particular rooms they are in. The key here is your vantage point.

From the outside, it's better if the exterior handles match each other. This will give a sense of cohesiveness to the look of your entire house.

But on the other side of each door, the door handles should ideally match the particular room. For example, the door handle in the kitchen must complement the handles and knobs in your kitchen cabinet or pantry.

If the hardware in the kitchen is in silver tones, then your interior door handle can come in a bright chrome finish. You just don't want it to stick out like a sore thumb, right? Let every element in the room complement each other.

This is why it is common to find split finish door knobs. They are the best solution for this kind of situation. You've got different finishes that will work best with the particular sides they are in.

Can you have two different door knobs?

While no one is stopping you from buying 2 different door knobs for the same door, there are some considerations that you have to make to optimize their functionality and style.


The knobs should be of the same size. Otherwise, they won't match or line up with each other.

Remember, knobs have different sizes so you might end up not being able to use the handles that you bought because their sizes don't match. Also, it'll be an eyesore to see one knob that is oversized and one that's too small.

It is advisable that you buy your door knobs from the same manufacturer so that they have the same size and locking mechanism. They usually have a family of knobs that are made from different materials and come in different finishes so you can choose which ones you like best.

Two different door knobs can easily be paired with each other. The common strategy used by designers is to go for the split finish. They can have different colors on the exterior and interior sides to differentiate them from each other and for the interior door handle to complement the rest of your home.


Door handles used for the exterior side of the front door need to be made of sturdier material. They are exposed to different elements and prone to rapid wear and tear.

Take note also that door knobs and handles are meant to help enhance the security of your home. So don't just go for something pretty but take the time to think about the details and don't sacrifice quality over aesthetics.

What is the most popular color for door knobs?

A stainless steel door knob installed in the front door

Gold and silver tones are the most popular choices when it comes to the finish of door knobs. True enough, you'll find these colors in most homes. They are considered timeless and won't go out of style. Other colors that are based on current design trends will look outdated in 5 or 10 years.

For the gold tones, you can choose from satin, antique, or bright brass finish. There are satin or bright chrome and polished or satin nickel if you want a touch of silver in your home.

As you can see, there are different finishes even under one color family. You just have to consider how the paint finish will match your door so that it can add character to this portion of the house.

For example, if you have a rustic theme in your house, you can go with an antique brass finish rather than the bright brass. This will better complement the vintage look of your home.

Should door hinges match door knobs?

Man using screwdriver to remove screw from stainless door hinges on a white door

Like what we've been saying, there is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to matching your door hardware. It would boil down to your personal preference and budget too.

If you're the type of person who's very particular about details, it's best to have matching hardware so that the look won't bother you. It will add to the aesthetics of your home too.

If you have different finishes for your exterior and interior door handles, you can match your door hinges with the one that's inside since this is the portion that you get to see all the time.

But of course, you also have to consider your budget if you'll be doing this to every knob and hinge in your home. When you decide to make this your home improvement project, allot a sufficient budget for this so you can really choose the ones you like.

Final Thoughts

While you have the freedom to choose whatever door hardware you want, make sure you give it a lot of thought so that your door handles can enhance the look and appeal of your home. Mix and match with sense and style.

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