Can Passage Door Knobs Be Used On Exterior Doors?

Door knobs on your doors can be for security, functionality, or decoration. Exterior doors surely need secure door knobs. Are you wondering whether or not you can salvage a passage door knob by using it on an exterior door? We have researched this question, and here's what experts have to say.

Passage door knobs can't be used on exterior doors without a deadbolt. Exterior doors must be locked securely. Therefore you must use a door knob with a locking mechanism. Passage door knobs don't have an internal locking mechanism. Thus, it can't be used on exterior doors without an additional lock.

Continue reading to see why a passage door knob cannot be used solely on an exterior door. This post will also show how to pair a passage lock with another lock that has an internal locking mechanism for security purposes.

A golden handle, lock with the key of a brown front door, Can Passage Door Knobs Be Used On Exterior Doors?

Can A Passage Door Knob Be Used Outside?

A passage door knob is not recommended for outside use. Although you might say it should depend on the purpose of the door. Let's say you want to try it for a wooden screen door. If this is necessary, it will function only as a handle of the door.

In case you wish to use it on a door that might need to be locked, you must install it in conjunction with a deadbolt. Ensure that the door that you install a passage door knob on isn't too heavy, as passage door knobs aren't very strong.

Why Passage Door Knobs Aren't Suitable For Exterior Doors

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When you put a door knob on a door, you must understand the function of that particular door. Interior and exterior doors have slightly different functions.

Interior doors are used to partition rooms and give privacy. On the other hand, exterior doors must first offer security for the home or office from intruders.

Now that you know this, let's see why passage door knobs aren't fit for exterior doors.

Lack Of Security

A passage door knob doesn't have an internal locking mechanism. It is a door knob that has knobs or levers on both sides of the door.

A door knob that doesn't lock can't be used on an exterior door. Such a door knob won't provide any security for the homeowner.

Not Fit For Sturdy Doors

Passage door knobs might not suit a heavy exterior door. Some exterior doors are very heavy and need a strong door knob.

Passage door knobs are mostly used on interior doors that aren't massive. Therefore, a passage door might not be able to carry the weight of an exterior door to open it.

Not Suited For All Door Types

Exterior doors come in an array of materials. Exterior doors can be metal, wooden, or glass. These types of materials will need specific types of locks.

It might not be possible to place a passage door knob on a metallic exterior door! Most passage door knobs are meant for wooden doors.

Not Weatherproof

Passage door knobs might not handle the weather conditions and could corrode easily. Exterior doors are exposed to rain, snow, heat, and cold.

Thus, the locks on the exterior door must be suitable for harsher weather conditions. Passage door knobs shouldn't be subjected to such extreme conditions in the home. If you put passage door knobs on an exterior door, they might not last for long.

How To Pair A Passage Door Knob With A Deadbolt On Exterior Doors

To use a passage door knob on an exterior door for security, you'll have to pair it with a deadbolt. The deadbolt is for security. Unless security isn't a concern, a deadbolt is a must.

A passage door knob doesn't have a mechanism that locks, but it will operate the latch. To lock your exterior door, a deadbolt will come in handy.

Installing a deadbolt isn't a difficult task. The video below will show a step-by-step process of how to install a deadbolt and a passage door knob.

What Is A Passage Function Door Knob?

On passage doors, the knobs or levers are used to operate the latch. They work as door handles as well. The passage door knobs aren't meant for locking the door.

Passage doors are located in corridors, passages, or walkways where there's a lot of traffic such as in homes or offices.

Is There A Difference Between Interior And Exterior Door Knobs?

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Yes, there is a difference between exterior and interior door knobs.

Exterior doors are large and come in several designs. Most manufacturers have several different door knobs that are meant specifically for exterior doors.

A must-have feature of an exterior door knob is that it must come with a locking mechanism. Primarily, exterior doors have to be secure.

Interior doors are mostly meant for partitioning rooms and spaces within homes, offices, and other spaces. Therefore, the primary function of an interior door knob is privacy rather than security.

Thus, an interior door knob doesn't necessarily need to have a locking mechanism.

Can You Put Any Door Knob On A Door?

Different types of door knobs are meant for different types of doors. Installing any door knob on any door won't work.

You must consider the placement of the door hinges on your doors. This will help you determine whether you need a right-handed or left-handed door lever or a universal door knob.

The material of the door might make it difficult or impossible to install some types of locks.

You must be mindful when buying and installing door knobs in your home or office to avoid mistakes. Some door knobs can be used on several doors, but this might undermine security, safety, and privacy.

What To Consider When Buying A Door Knob

To avoid purchasing or buying unsuitable or unnecessary locks for your doors, bear the following in mind:

Location: Know exactly the door the lock is meant for. If you are purchasing a lock for an exterior door, don't opt for an interior door lock, and vice versa.

Quantity: Don't buy locks in bulk just because they are on sale! Buy locks for the doors that require them, not more but less.

With or without a locking mechanism: Once you are sure where the door knob will be placed, then pick the appropriate locking mechanism. For example, door knobs on children's bedroom doors shouldn't have locks.

Quality and cost: Ensure that you purchase good-quality locks for your doors. Quality locks might be costly, but so is your safety and security. They'll last longer and save you money in the long run.

In Closing

For passage door knobs to be used on an exterior door, they must be paired with a deadbolt. This is vital because passage door knobs don't have a locking mechanism. Exterior doors must be secure, therefore a passage door won't provide the security expected.

Pairing passage door knobs with deadbolts might not be suitable for all types of exterior doors. In case the combination isn't suitable, you will have to purchase an entirely new lock for your exterior door.

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