Passage Door Knob Vs. Dummy Door Knob – Which To Choose?

If you'll be out shopping for some door hardware for your home's interior, you probably want to know the difference between a passage and a dummy knob so you can buy the right one for your doors. If you don't have any idea, don't worry because we've asked door experts where they're used and this is what we've determined.

Passage and dummy door knobs are both non-locking knobs. This is why you should only use them for your interior doors. Passage door knobs are best used for rooms that don't require privacy while dummy door knobs are recommended for different closets in the house.

Keep reading so you will have a better understanding of passage door knobs and dummy door knobs and where you should use them. We'll also tell you which kind of knob you should use for a particular closet door and give you tips on how to convert your passage knobs to dummy knobs.

A collage of passage door knob and dummy door knob, Passage Door Knob Vs. Dummy Door Knob - Which To Choose?

How do I choose the right door knob?

If it's your first time shopping for door hardware, you might be overwhelmed with the various types of door knobs that you'll see in the store. They come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes. And the salesman would also ask you which type of door knob you need.

Yes, there are different types of knobs. The type would depend on where you intend to use them. Today, we'll focus on passage door knobs and dummy door knobs so you'll have a better appreciation of their purpose. This will help you decide on choosing the best knob for your interior door.

Passage Door Knobs

Hand holding a door knob

Unlike the door knobs that you use on your front door, passage door knobs do not have any locks on either side. Since they do not have locks, they do not offer privacy to those using the room.

These non-locking knobs can be used on your doors along the hallway, laundry room, walk-in closets, or any other room in the house that does not require a privacy lock.

The knob will facilitate the opening and closing of the door while the latch will help keep it closed when needed.

What type of door knob do you need for a closet?

Close-up of doors of wooden wardrobe

As you've read earlier, you can use a passage door knob or dummy door knob on your closet. Well, it really depends on what kind of doors you have in your closet.

These are the type of closet doors that require door knobs.

Double Closet Doors

This type of door is installed side by side and you pull them to open towards you. They are often used for reach-in or wall closets.

It's best to use dummy door knobs for these closet doors since you're just going to pull from the outside. You do not need another set of knobs inside.

You may install ball or magnetic catches at the top portion of the internal side of the closet door. These will help keep the doors closed when you're not using them.

Single Closet Door

This is commonly used for shallow but tall closets such as those used for coats and tools. It is actually a matter of personal preference if you would like to use a passage or dummy knob for your closet.

There's enough room inside to accommodate the interior knob of a passage door knob. You will have the convenience of a latch to keep the door closed when it's not in use.

But a dummy door knob will also work just fine. You can just install magnetic or ball catches to keep it in place.

Bi-fold closet doors and pocket doors do not require door knobs. When you have these on your closet, it's best to use pulls instead of knobs to make opening and closing the door more convenient.

Why would you use a dummy door knob?

Close up of a green French door with dummy door knobs

As mentioned above, dummy door knobs are more like fake knobs. That's how they got their name. They don't have any locks nor any working parts similar to other types of knobs.

Since they don't have locks or a latch, you shouldn't use them for your external doors or rooms that need privacy such as a bathroom or bedroom.

This type of knob is often used in closets, pantries, or double doors. They can be a full knob, meaning both sides of the door have this pretend knob, and they are also available in half knobs.

The knobs serve as a handle. They facilitate the use of the door. You have something to grab on to as you open and close it which actually makes the process so much easier.

Dummy door knobs are also used as a decorative accent to a room. Depending on the style and finish that you choose, they can complement the overall theme of your house or a particular room.

The good thing about these knobs is that they are very easy to install. You don't have to drill holes through the door. You simply have to screw them in place and no one can tell that you have fake knobs.

But again, be reminded that there are only certain portions of the house where this type of knobs is appropriate to use. They can compromise your safety and security when you place them on doors that need a locking mechanism.

How do you make a passage door knob into a dummy?

Dummy knobs can be quite expensive. If you have a spare passage door knob or got one on sale, you can use it as your dummy door knob.

Some homeowners shared in an online forum that they just used the front and back of the passage knobs. Installed them as you normally would but they left out the latch. This would work but the knob would still turn. If it doesn't bother you, then that's a quick fix right there.

Here's another way to convert your passage door knob into a dummy. Install a hole cover plate on the bore hole. Just position each plate on either side of the hole and screw them in place.

Next, drill holes on the cover plates for the screws of the passage door knob. Mount the knobs on the surface. Do this on both sides of the door.

These are the ways on how you can repurpose your passage door knobs. They can now be used as dummy knobs that can make using the door more convenient and help add an accent to the room.

Final Thoughts

Passage and dummy knobs are both non-locking so you cannot use them in rooms that need security and privacy. You can use a passage door knob in your laundry room or pantry while dummy knobs can be used for different closet doors inside your house.

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