Pantry Pocket Door Ideas [Tips And Pictures!]

A pantry door is a partition that keeps your beverages, food, cleaning agents, or provisions out of sight when not needed. Most homeowners require doors that don't eat up lots of space. We've researched and found practical pocket doors suitable for pantries.

Pantry pocket doors tuck away discreetly and can have different styles to suit your home decor. You could have pantry pocket doors that are:

  • Complete Glass
  • Partial Glass
  • Double Door
  • Single Door
  • Plywood
  • Solid Wood

The hub of your home should have supplies to create a dish any time you crave it. Read on as we deliberate on each type of pocket door to install and how suitable it would be for your pantry.

Modern pantry interior design, Pantry Pocket Door Ideas [Tips And Pictures!]

Types Of Pocket Doors For Pantries

The pocket door that tickles your fancy might be a misfit for your pantry. It can be due to the size of the doorway or the door material. Functionality should not be compromised either.

Newly designed pantry and kitchen with pocket door

Complete Glass

A completely frosted glass door for your pantry will allow ample light. It creates an airy look by simply partitioning the area without completely blocking it.

This pocket door is perfect for small spaces because it doesn't restrict light. Check to find out if there's enough wall space for installation.

Alternatively, you can use a see-through glass pocket door in huge kitchens. If you have a superbly arranged pantry and would like to showcase it, then a glass pantry pocket door is what you need, undoubtedly!

Partial Glass

The pocket door in the pantry doesn't have to be completely made of glass. You could have only the top half made of glass.

The glass will still allow light in the pantry, while the opaque bottom half will keep curious or prying eyes at bay. The option is particularly practical for homeowners with inquisitive toddlers and pets.

Double Door

Although pantries are small in size, some can be huge. Large pantries will have enough wall area for double-pocket doors. These pocket doors can be made of solid wood and clear or frosted glass.

Single Door

A small pantry will need a single door. You can convert any standard door to use as a pocket door.

Single pantry doors can be with or without tempered glass. They can be made of solid wood or plywood.

Plywood Doors

A plywood pantry pocket door is lightweight weight and easy to install. Birch is the most popular choice of plywood for pocket doors. Depending on your taste and interior decor, you can stain the door or leave it plain.

Solid Wood Doors

Your pantry pocket door can be made of solid wood. You could choose to maintain the natural wood or paint it to fit your interior decor.

Solid wood doors are heavy. Therefore, ensure you install it on a solid wall that can carry its weight.

Tips To Make Your Pocket Doors Interesting

Pocket doors don't have to be boring or plain. A pantry door doesn't have to be a sore spot to look at. As it hides your groceries away, so it can be a work of art.

There are some creative ideas to liven your pantry pocket door. You could:


Use chalk paint to paint your pantry door. You could paint the whole door or just half of it. Otherwise, you could use a stick on chalk paper to cut to the chase.

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Decorative Quotes

You can put drawings or quotes on glass pocket doors to make them noticeable.

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Stained Glass

An interesting alternative option for glass pocket doors can be stained glass. Plain or frosted glass might not be upbeat enough for your interior decor. However, if stained glass is costly, use vinyl film that looks like stained glass.

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Mirrors instead of plain or frosted glass can be another decorative option. Studio and open plan apartments will largely benefit from this type of pocket door.

What To Consider When Installing A Pantry Pocket Door

A white pocket door inside a modern living room

A pantry door has to hide the contents in the pantry and partition the kitchen area into sections. Therefore, the pocket door has to adhere to some standards for it to serve as it should.

When installing a pantry pocket door, ensure that:

  1. You get the exact measurements for the door to fit properly.
  2. The wall should be able to bear the weight of your pocket door.
  3. Use high-quality accessories for the door system.
  4. Follow the installation instructions to the letter.
  5. Hire a professional if you aren't sure of your capabilities.

Are Sliding Doors Similar To Pocket Doors?

Pocket doors are similar to sliding doors because they don't swing open but slide. However, they differ from their counterparts because they disappear into the wall. The magical disappearance of pocket doors is what makes them a preferable choice for some homeowners.

On the other hand, sliding doors will slide open, but the door and its structure will remain visible. Sliding doors are also popular with homeowners. A bi-folding or barn door can substitute a pocket door if you have enough space for their installation.

Do Pantry Pocket Doors Need Handles?

Low angle closeup of white pocket door and frame with parquet tile floor

Yes, they do! Handles are part of the most important accessories for any door. However, there are specific designs that are suitable for pocket doors. These handles are known as flush handles and they recess into the door.

Some flush handles have a safety latch to keep them securely in place. You can also find flush handles for pocket doors with locks.

Please ensure that you install convenient flush handles for persons with limited mobility. There are several designs of pocket door handles that will suit any interior decor.

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Pros & Cons Of Pantry Pocket Doors

Dark grey pocket glass door

Pocket doors have been popular with homeowners because their pros outweigh the cons. However, assess your pantry well before settling for any type of pantry pocket door.


  • You can hide any mess behind a pantry door. Unfortunately, this won't work for a glass pocket door.
  • These doors save space in your home because they don't swing but retract into the wall.
  • Aesthetically, they fit in any home decor when installed correctly.
  • Pantry pocket doors make your living space look voluminous even when it isn't.
  • You can customize it to fit your home.


  • Pocket doors can be noisy if the hardware isn't lubricated often.
  • They might limit access for some people in the home.
  • Sometimes pocket doors have issues with longevity and sustainability.

In Closing

Modern pantry interior design

Pocket doors are great even for pantries. They come in different styles and are relatively easy to install. Moreover, they are an alternative to curtains.

Pocket doors are making a comeback, especially in minimalistic apartments where every inch is vital. Keep your supplies and provisions out of sight in style.

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