Can You Lock A Barn Door From Both Sides?

Barn doors are the next best thing for space-saving enthusiasts. Barn doors have slid their way into the city from the farm. They have a rugged, rustic charm about them. Sliding barn doors can be mounted in cozy bedrooms or home offices. These doors make a bold statement in interior decor. The question you should ask yourself is, can you secure them using a lock? We chiseled into this question and found answers from experts.

Yes, you can. There are locks fashioned solely for sliding barn doors. These locks are readily available in shops that trade in barn doors and related hardware. The possibility to lock barn doors makes them viable in a home.

Read further to discover the kinds of locks available for these doors. Here we also analyze the pluses and minuses of sliding barn doors.

Modern interior in loft style barn sliding wooden door in loft room, Can You Lock A Barn Door From Both Sides?

How Do You Lock A Double Sliding Barn Door?

Locks and latches work well for double sliding doors. Some locks are easy to install. Other types of locks and latches will require you to hire a professional. The layout of your sliding barn doors will determine which lock you pick. Some locks are for security, while others are just for some privacy.

The most common lock is the hook and eye lock. This is a simple lock to install. You will not need any special tools to mount this lock on both sides of the door. The lock is suitable for any angles the door is fitted in. It comes in different varieties.

Barn Doors Locks And Latches

As we've seen, there are some well-suited latches and locks for double sliding doors. Single sliding barn doors have locks and latches, too. Let's have a look at some examples.

The lock will have to be suited to your door. Most barn doors are wooden, but other door types can have locks and latches attached too. Locking mechanisms can be simple or a bit complicated.

Here are some popular locks and latches:

WAYDA Barn Door Lock, 90 Degree Right Angle Stainless Steel Door Latch Buckle

This stainless steel has a multi-layer finish that makes it resistant to corrosion and rust. It has a thick base which enhances its durability. This lock is very stable. This latch buckle can be installed on both single and double barn doors.

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Mortise Latch Lock Invisible Door Locks Handle with Keys for Sliding Barn Wooden Doors

This Zinc Alloy lock has a silver anti-corrosion, dust, and oil. The Mortise Latch Lock is easy to install. A simple and convenient lock with a solid knob. The lock is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, closets doors, etc. The door can be bolted on the inside but locked on the outside. You can use a key to unlock it if it's bolted on the inside.

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SANKEYTEW 12" Sliding Barn Door Handle Flush and Pull Hardware Set

This lock is made of high-quality carbon steel. It has got an anti-rust frosted finishing surface for both exterior and interior doors. The SANKEYTEW lock is perfect for wood, aluminum, and glass doors. The latch has two ways for single and double barn doors. It can be stalled on a 3" thick door.

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DIYHD Stainless Steel Lock

This is a simple privacy lock. It stays stable in 3 positions. The fan-shaped part goes in the jamb. The DIYHD lock is easy to install on single barn doors.

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Do You Put Handles On Both Sides Of A Barn Door?

Beautiful wood barn doors and hardwood flooring give an elegant but down to earth type of feel

Yes, you do. Barn doors need handles. They slide easily on the sliding tracks, but you need a pull on one side and a recessed or flush handle on the other side. Sliding barn doors could be heavy. The handles need to be very sturdy.

Install pull handles on the outside and flush pulls on the inside on single barn doors. Hardware stores have different types of handles to accommodate different types of doors. Pick handles based on the material of your barn door.

Double sliding barn doors need pull handles and flush handles on each door. Install the handles just like in single sliding barn doors. The recessed or flush pull handles tuck away easily when the doors are open. They don't scratch or damage when opening the doors.

Different Aspects of Barn Doors

Barn doors are becoming quite popular as DIY projects for many. This might be a good project to embark on. But before you do, let's have a look at the good and the bad side of these doors.


Barn doors can help create smaller intimate spaces in large rooms. They can also hide any mess in adjoining rooms. They are perfect for studio apartments, large dining areas, and huge office spaces.

When used in closets or bathrooms, they save space. They don't swing out like traditional doors. This is quite convenient in small apartments and flats. Barn doors are easy to slide open. This makes it convenient for children and persons with limited mobility to open them.


Barn doors come in wonderful shades and styles. They are an added décor to the home. These doors are bold and display the character of a home. Barn doors can’t go unnoticed in the house.

You can customize barn doors to suit your home. They come in different materials. They could be wooden, metal, glass, or plastic. Though, the most common barns doors are wooden.


Sliding barn doors are less secure than standard doors. They don't lock and shut as traditional doors do. Barn doors are large than the doorframes. Originally, these doors were meant for barns on the farm.

These doors are made bigger than the doorframes. Barn doors are hung on a sliding track. This makes it convenient to go in and out of the room. They maintain this same design but vary in size.

The gaps they leave along the walls compromise their security. Barn doors should be in the sections of the house where you don't need to use super-secure locks.


Barn doors have a very enticing look. They can be installed anywhere in the house. You can install barn doors in areas where total privacy isn't necessary.

Noises and smells don't get shut out completely. Put a barn door in a bathroom or bedroom that is not situated in a high traffic area. The room should be tucked away or secluded.

There are ways to make your barn door more private. Pick one that will blend in with the style of your door.

Does A Barn Door Leave A Gap?

Yes, It does. Remember, a barn door is mounted on a sliding track which is installed above a doorframe. When the doors are mounted on the track, they glide and tuck away snugly along the walls. There are gaps between the sliding barn doors and the walls. There are gaps at the bottom as well. This is because the doors slide over the baseboard.

How do you fill the gap between the barn door and walls?

Modern interior in loft style barn sliding wooden door in loft room, Can You Lock A Barn Door From Both Sides?

Sealing the gaps between a barn door and the walls is also a way of soundproofing the enclosure. You will also reduce draught in the room. There are two options you can choose from:

1. Use Weatherstrips

They are sometimes known as silicone rubber windows and door sealers. These strips have a self-adhesive side that sticks to the door or wall. Before sticking the strip on the door or wall, access the size of the gap. Wipe the surface clean before sticking the strips. Use 2 or 3 strips on each other to fill the gap.

2. Use Expanding Foam Tape

This is a compressed foam strip with some adhesive on one side. It comes in several thicknesses. Measure the size of the gap between the barn door and the wall. Stick the tape to the required place it'll expand to fill the gap. You'll need to work fast because the tape expands quickly.

Can You Have A Barn Door For A Bathroom?

Of course you can! Barn doors are preferred in bathrooms because they are simple space savers. They eliminate the swing of traditional doors. Barn doors work wonderfully in small areas. Choose good-quality hardware for your doors. A good sliding track and door kit are less noisy.

If your bathroom is situated in an open part of the house, soundproof it. Make the bathroom more private. Use latches and locks to avoid other people accidentally walking in.

In Closing

The possibility of closing sliding barn doors on both sides gives them an added advantage. There is a wide variety of locks and latches in the marketplace. Pick a lock suited for either privacy or security for your sliding barn doors.

Barn doors come in lovely varieties. You could have a barn door custom-made to fit your home decor. Sliding barn doors have found their way into the homes of many. Make an informed decision before installing them.

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