What Kind Of Paint Should I Use On A Fiberglass Door?

You can paint fiberglass doors to match the overall style of your home. Painted fiberglass doors add to the appeal of your entryway doors. To find out what kind of paint to use, we have researched expert tips to help you choose the right option.

If you decide to paint your fiberglass doors, you can choose from the following paints:

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Alkyd or oil-based
  • Epoxy
  • Polyester

There are also varying degrees of shine for your fiberglass doors. You can choose from high, regular, or low gloss. Also, consider factors like the weather and sun exposure before choosing your paint. Regardless of the type of paint you choose for your fiberglass doors, make sure that you choose paint for exterior purposes.

Aside from the above-mentioned, choosing a primer for painting older fiberglass doors is also important. Primers can be oil-, shellac-, or water-based. You can paint your fiberglass doors even if they have textured or a smooth finish. If you want a natural wood feel, you can stain your fiberglass doors instead. Keep reading to discover more about painting your fiberglass doors.

A man painting the door with blue oil based paint, What Kind Of Paint Should I Use On A Fiberglass Door?

Should Fiberglass Doors Be Painted?

There are factory-finished fiberglass doors that are already pre-painted. You get an added warranty when you buy straight from the factory, and painting can void the warranty. If you bought factory-primed fiberglass doors, these types will need painting.

While there are also conservation contractors that do not require extra painting jobs for your doors, some manufacturers attach a sticker requiring a topcoat for your fiberglass door. These manufacturers of fiberglass doors require painting once every 18 to 24 months.

Types Of Fiberglass Door Paints

Choosing the right type of paint will give the best results for your fiberglass door needs. The recommended paints you can use won't weaken the structural integrity of fiberglass doors. Below are the types of paint you can choose from:

Acrylic Paint

High-quality 100% acrylic paints are best for semi-gloss or satin finish. Acrylic paints also adhere well to fiberglass doors. Acrylic paints have fewer chances of cracking and will hold well when cleaning. This type of paint has few harsh chemicals, making it environment-friendly.

Alkyd Paint

Alkyd or oil-based paints is also good, but the drying process is not convenient. If you choose blue or red-hued alkyd paint for your door, it will fade when exposed to intense sunlight. Nonetheless, alkyd paint is still a great option for fiberglass doors.

Epoxy and Polyester Paints

The type of paint will also depend on the resin in fiberglass doors. Manufacturers suggest being consistent with your resin base and paint. If you have epoxy resin doors, use epoxy-based paints. Likewise, polyester paints should be used for polyester-resin fiberglass.

To compare the two, epoxy resins are more waterproof than polyester-based resin. Polyester paints are also more brittle and less expensive than epoxy paints.

Make sure that you choose paint for exterior purposes since outdoor conditions might be too harsh. They can cause damage to inappropriately painted fiberglass doors. Nonetheless, you can always refer to the product information or the paint supplier when choosing your paints.

Is It Better To Paint Or Stain A Fiberglass Door?

You can either paint or stain your fiberglass door. Your option will depend on the type of finish or texture of the door. Read further to find what is best for your fiberglass doors.


You can paint your fiberglass doors that have a textured or smooth finish. For both types, painting effectively gives a better finish for smooth surfaces. Painting is also a better option if you want to have a flat and solid color for your fiberglass door.

Some contractors believe that painting is more durable than staining your fiberglass doors. Yet, factors like the quality of the materials used in the application and the weather affect the paint in the long run. Also, the exposure of the door to sunlight can affect your decision. It is better to paint than stain when your fiberglass door gets exposed to intense sunlight.

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If you have a textured fiberglass door, it is a better option to stain it. Staining is a better choice if you want a natural wood look for your fiberglass door. If you have wood details on the exteriors of your homes, you can match it by staining your door. There are several types of wood finishes for fiberglass doors to coordinate with your style. Stained wood finishes include cedar, walnut, cherry, or oak wood.

You can also create a high gloss effect for your fiberglass door when you prefer to stain it. Staining is also better compared to painting when removing any mistakes. Of course, before choosing the stain to purchase, make sure that you can use it for fiberglass doors.

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What Kind Of Stain Can Be Applied To Fiberglass?

Many stain options give great results for your fiberglass doors. Check out these products below for the kinds of stains you can apply.

Gel Stains

Most fiberglass doors cannot absorb stains well, but the exception to that is the gel stain. Applying gel stains to your fiberglass doors requires additional care. Carefully follow the instructions written on the can before applying the gel stain.

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Oil-based Stains

Another type of stain you can apply is an oil-based stain. You will also need to apply a layer of oil-based polyethylene to get the best results. When choosing oil-based stains, purchase high-quality ones instead of cheaper brands.

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Exterior Stains

When choosing stains for fiberglass doors, make sure that the stains are for exterior purposes. You must also look at the UV rating of the stain, especially if your door is exposed to the sun. Long exposure to sunlight causes the stains on your doors to fade.

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Semi-Transparent Or Transparent Stains

Lastly, there are semi-transparent or transparent stains for fiberglass doors. Only use these kinds if you have textured fiberglass doors. The stain adds a layer of color to your door while retaining the natural texture. You can also use this kind of stain as an undercoat.

When choosing the stains, you can either buy the stain and the finish in kits or separately. Some brands include acrylic urethane or polyurethane in their kits for convenience.

Staining Your Fiberglass Door

After purchasing your stain for your textured fiberglass door, you will now need to know how to apply it. There are two methods you can do when applying stains to your doors.

Rag Method

You can easily apply the stain with a rag. Rub the rag in the direction of the grain. For any mistakes, use a rag with some mineral spirits before the stain dries.

Brush Method

If you choose the brush method, coat the door evenly in the direction of the grain. You can start from an unstained area and blend towards a previously stained area. Brush until a section blends to the next adjoining section.

How Do You Paint a Fiberglass Exterior Door?

Before painting your fiberglass doors, you will need the following tools:

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Paintbrush
  • Primer
  • Dry cloth and sponge
  • Painter's tape
  • Paint tray
  • Old newspapers

After gathering your tools, follow these steps in painting your fiberglass doors:

  1. Remove the weatherstripping from the door using a soft-bristled brush. If there are still remnants, remove them using a soft, dry cloth.
  2. Wash the entire door. Mix dish soap with warm water, then wipe the door with a sponge. Start from the top going to the bottom.
  3. Rinse by wiping a damp sponge. Let the door dry for at least 2 to 3 hours.
  4. Cover the door hardware and the window glass (if any) with painter's tape.
  5. Place old newspapers under the door to prevent paint splatters on the floor.
  6. Stir the primer then pour some into a paint tray.
  7. Apply the primer to all edges of the door.
  8. Afterward, apply primer to the outer side of the door.
  9. Let the primer dry for a few hours.
  10. After drying, lightly coat the door with the paint. Let the door dry first before applying the second coating.
  11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 to paint the interior side of the door.

In Closing

You can paint your fiberglass door regardless of the texture or smooth finish. Common paints used are acrylic paints or alkyds. Other kinds with epoxy or polyurethane are also good options. When choosing the paints, make sure that it is for exterior use. You can also stain textured fiberglass doors which are best if you want to get a natural wood effect. Your fiberglass entryway door will be appealing any time and any day with the right paint or stain.

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