How To Keep People (And Dogs!) From Walking Through A Screen Door

Screen doors have become a part of home decor, and it's almost impossible to imagine doors without them. Screens doors are useful in both cold and warm weather. But depending on how a door with a screen door is positioned, the light that falls on it could make it invisible. So, how do you keep people and pets from walking through the screen door? We've researched the question to bring you some helpful tips.

To keep family, friends, pets, and anyone else who can't see the screen door from walking into it, you can do the following:

  • Paint the screen door a vibrant color.
  • Write on the screen some visible words or decorative lettering.
  • Hang a bell on the screen door.
  • Stick a note on the screen door.
  • Use darker or lighter fabric mesh.
  • Use magnets on the screen door.
  • Use a retractable screen door.

Some of these methods are permanent while others are temporary. The methods can be chosen based on how often the screen door is used. Continue reading to see which method would be suitable for your screen door.

Cute dog looking through doggie door. How To Keep People (And Dogs!) From Walking Through A Screen Door

How Do I Make My Screen Door More Visible?

Walking into a screen door is unpleasant for anyone, and it's even worse if you are holding something when you do it!

Here are a few suggestions that will help prevent this from happening.

Paint Vibrant Colors

Although screen doors are meant to be concealed, constants accidents will prompt you to make them more visible. In the case where a lot of bright light makes it impossible for visitors and the members of the family to see the screen door on time, paint it a bright color!

Painting your screen door frame a bright color will draw attention to it. Once everyone is excited about the color, especially children, they will remember that the screen door is there!

Write On The Screen

Another permanent solution can be writing bold words on the screen of the door. Bright colored words of welcome or wisdom that will catch the attention of anyone who might otherwise walk through the door.

Add drawings to personalize it. The letterings and drawings will look like they are hanging in the wind! Don't forget that the lettering can also be decorative and beautiful!

This can be a fun family DIY project too!

Hang A Bell

Although this isn't a very popular method, it might be helpful. Hanging a bell will work as a reminder once the screen door is hit. If there isn't a preexisting doorbell or alarm, a bell is the next best thing.

It might not be the most popular method, but it's inexpensive and worth using on high traffic doors.

Stick A Note

Sticking notes is an easy way to let anyone know that there's a screen door. The stickers of choice can be logos, emblems, or names that might be put on the screen door in two places.

Some can be placed higher, where they will be visible to adults and others lower, where children and pets will notice it. Watch how it is demonstrated in the video below:

Use Darker Or Lighter Fabric

As mentioned in the video above, you can use a denser or lighter fabric for your screen doors in contrast to your walls. If the walls are bright, use a darker screen fabric for the screen door and vice versa. This will save you a lot of damage.

Use A Magnet

Screen doors are a part of the home and are very useful. You can draw attention to them by putting magnets on them. Ordinary magnets may not work, so you might have to use some that are specially made for screen doors.

They lock firmly into place and won't fall off when the screen door accidentally bangs shut. Put the magnets where both children and adults will see them.

Use Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are a better and more popular option lately. The beauty of retractable screen doors is that even when you walk into them, they partly open to let you walk through. They close back with the help of the magnetic strip.

For those with impaired eyesight, little children, pets, or those who just forget about screen doors altogether, retractable screen doors are the way to go.

There are several types of retractable screen doors for different sizes of doorways in the market today. Choose what suits your home best.

Can Dogs See Screen Doors?

Probably not! Based on how dogs ram into screen doors, they probably don't see it. The fabric mesh allows in light and objects that are visible, so the dogs can't perceive the screen as an obstacle.

Sometimes the pets, mostly dogs, are just too excited to go outside! There's no scientific evidence to confirm whether or not dogs can see screen doors (the fabric mesh).

Do They Make Doggie Doors For Screen Doors?

Yes, they do! Screen doors usually have doggie doors to allow pets to move freely in and out of the house. Dogs and other pets can simply push them open.

To avoid tears and rips on the rigid fabric mesh on your screen door (if it was installed without a doggie door), you can make a doggie door, so that your dog can come inside even if the screen door is closed or latched.

How to Make a Doggie Door On A Screen Door

Installing a doggie door on your screen door is very easy. You could use the dimensions of a preexisting doggie door on the main door or make one.

Follow these steps to make a doggie door on your screen door:

  1. First, take the screen door down, and remove the old fabric mesh.
  2. Before putting in another screen, clean the door frame thoroughly.
  3. Lay the new screen fabric, and cut the required size and stick it to the door frame.
  4. Make a smaller frame to fit your pet (dog). You can use a preexisting doggie door for exact measurements.
  5. Attach the doggie door to the main frame and the screen. Cut an opening in the screen. You might want to add see-through vinyl to the screen to make the flap stable.

Here's a video that demonstrates the process:

Do Retractable Screen Doors Keep Pets In?

Yes, they do. As a pet owner, you do not have to forgo a retractable screen door for a traditional screen door. Traditional screen doors might not always suit larger doorways.

Some manufacturers have introduced retractable screen doors with tension line clips (located mostly near the bottom) that keeps smaller pets indoors.

The tension line clips hold the retractable screen door in place, which deters the pet from making any more attempts to open the retractable screen door.

Such screen doors can be installed in large doorways and still keep your pets safe. Retractable screen doors don't need a doggie door.

In Closing

You can make your screen door visible by using the most suitable method for your home. The aforementioned methods are practical and even add a personal touch to your screen door.

These methods are inexpensive and can save you the cost of reinstalling or constantly repairing your screen door.

Traditional screen doors or retractable ones need care and proper installation. Read the following posts for more information:

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