How To Install Jeep Door Handle Inserts

Planning to install a new door handle insert on your Jeep vehicle? You can ask a professional to do the job, but if you prefer to DIY, then you're on the right page. We've asked the experts about the how-tos of installing a Jeep door handle insert, and here's what they have to say.

The steps to properly install Jeep door handle inserts include the following:

  1. Place the insert on the handle.
  2. Drill holes on each side.
  3. Fasten the screws.
  4. Repeat the steps.

The whole process of installing door handle inserts into your Jeep is easy to follow. Continue reading as we elaborate on each of the steps. We'll also answer and discuss some pertinent questions regarding Jeep door handles.

Jeep Wrangler Sahara edition parked on a dirt road at the Alabama Hills. How To Install Jeep Door Handle Inserts

Jeep Door Handle Inserts Installation

Before you proceed with the detailed steps below, make sure that all the needed " data-type="URL" data-id="">tools are available. For this task, you'll need to prepare Scotch tape or painter's tape, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a power drill, and a 1/16-inch drill bit.

Step 1. Place the insert on the handle

First, place the insert in the gap at the center of your Jeep's door handle. Use Scotch tape or painter's tape to hold the insert in place.

Step 2. Drill holes on each side

Drill holes on the screw slots on each end of the insert, using a power drill and a 1/16-inch drill bit.

Step 3. Fasten the screws

Once you finish drilling, insert the screws into the drilled holes and tighten them using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Be careful not to overtighten it as it may strip the screws. Then remove the Scotch tape or the painter's tape.

Step 4. Repeat the steps

Repeat the first three steps for the remaining door handles. A Jeep usually has five-door handles—including the rear and tailgate doors. You can temporarily remove your spare tire on your tailgate door for an easier maneuver.

You may also apply a Plasti dip into the screws to protect them from the elements and from getting rusty.

Check out the video below to serve as your reference:

Door handle inserts are usually installed in a Jeep vehicle as an accessory which adds accent to the car's overall look. Now, since it's for aesthetic purposes only, many of you may want to find out if you can buy door handle inserts that match the color of your Jeep.

Can I get colored inserts for Jeep handles?

Yes, inserts for your Jeep door handles come in different colors and patterns depending on your style and preference. You can order a set online or you can grab it at some car shops.

How do you change a door handle on a Jeep Wrangler TJ?

To change a door handle on a Jeep Wrangler TJ, you'll need a variety of flat-nose screwdrivers, a Phillip-head screwdriver, a T10 Torx driver, a couple of different picks, a hammer, a power drill, a flashlight, a nylon panel tool, and a window crank remover tool.

The " data-type="URL" data-id="">steps in changing a door handle on a Jeep Wrangler Tj are as follows:

  1. Open your car's door. Remove the window crank by sliding in a window crank remover tool on the small gap below it.
  2. Next, remove the five T10 Torx fasteners. There are two screws located on each side of the grab handle, another one below the door latch, and the last two are located at the bottom of the door panel just underneath the storage pocket.
  3. Grab your nylon panel tool and insert it in between the plastic door panel and the metal door frame. Slightly pull the nylon panel tool to disengage the door panel. You can hear small clips popping out as you work your way around.
  4. Lift the panel away from the bottom of the door.
  5. Remove the support brace of the grab handle by unfastening the screws using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  6. Peel off the protective weather barrier just enough to access the door handle panel.
  7. Disconnect the rod on the door handle panel using a flat-nose screwdriver for better access to the backside of the panel.
  8. Next, remove the small cotter pin that holds one of the lock rods in place to the backside of the panel handle. Slip through a pick from the top of the pin and lift it out. Then slide the rod off the post of the paddle handle.
  9. Remove the two pins on each side of the paddle handle by slipping a flat-nose screwdriver through the sheet metal that holds the pins. You can also use a hammer to pop the pins out.
  10. Pry the old paddle handle away from the outside of your Jeep's door.
  11. Now, you can replace your paddle handle with the new one and redo the same steps listed above to install back the handle.

A parked green Jeep Wrangler, this particular Jeep has a custom lift kit and wheels.

How to replace a Jeep Wrangler JL's door handle

To replace a Jeep wrangler door handle, especially for a JL edition, you'll need a long " data-type="URL" data-id="">T20 Torx bit and a flashlight. Next, follow the step-by-step ">tutorial below:

For Front Doors

  1. First, locate the two sticker-like covers on the sides of your car's inner door. They're circle in shape and are placed vertically. Once located, remove the top sticker cover and set it aside.
  2. Next, insert your T20 Torx bit inside the hole where the screw is located. Loosen the bolt but don't take it off completely because you don't want to drop the screw into the door panel. Make sure to use a flashlight so you can clearly see the screw.
  3. Loosen the screw just until the handle starts to move, then gently pull off the small piece of your door handle.
  4. To remove the main door handle, pull the handle towards you and lift it off gently.
  5. Once you lift the handle, gently pull off the speed sensor clip attached to the handle.
  6. Now, install the new handle on the handle slot. Push it backward to fasten it in place. Repeat the first four steps above.

For Rear Doors

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to remove the rubber seal around your Jeep's inner door.
  2. Follow steps 2, 3, and 4 above. Install the new handle by placing it into the handle slot and pushing it backward. Repeat the entire steps again to replace all the rear handles.

How to protect a Jeep door handle from scratches?

Jeep door handles are prone to scuffs and scratches due to regular use. To protect it from any kind of scratches or chips, you can install any high-quality polyurethane film around your Jeep door handles.

Are Jeep doors interchangeable?

Some Jeep doors are interchangeable, while some are not. It really depends on the model and the year of manufacture.

A Jeep Gladiator's (JT) door can be interchanged with a Jeep Rubicon's (JL) door, whether it be two-door or four-door. As for a Jeep JKU (four-door) and Jeep JK (two-door) door models, only the front doors are interchangeable. The rear doors are quite different and unique.

white Jeep Gladiator display at a Jeep Ram dealer. How To Install Jeep Door Handle Inserts

In Closing

Door handle inserts are usually installed in Jeep vehicles for aesthetic purposes. Installing a door handle insert requires tools like Scotch tape or painter tape, a power drill, drill bit, and a Phillips-head screwdriver. You won't go wrong when you painstakingly follow the step-by-step guide we have discussed above.

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