How To Tell The Brand Of Your Storm Door [And Locate The Serial Number]

For any repair or replacement, knowing your storm door brand and serial number will definitely help you find the right parts specifically for your door model. But how can you tell the brand of your storm door and locate its serial number? Well, we've searched the answers for you.

You can tell the brand of your storm door by looking through its serial number. Usually, the serial number tag incorporates not just the serial number itself, but also the door brand. It is found on the hinge rail of your door. If you can't locate it on the hinge rail, check around your door's perimeter.

Are you wondering what's the importance of knowing and locating your storm door's brand and serial number? Read further as we elaborate on the topic. We'll also answer some related questions pertaining to storm doors along the way.

A wooden front door with pattern glass window panes, How To Tell The Brand Of Your Storm Door [And Locate The Serial Number]

Brand And Serial Number Location

Storm door manufacturers usually place the serial numbers on the inner part of the hinge rail or the Z-bar. This can be seen whenever you open your storm doors. The storm door's brand name can also be seen on the same serial number label/tag.

However, sometimes, the serial numbers can't be located on the hinge rail. This is because, during installation, the installer would remove the serial number to fasten screws on the rails and place it in another location. If this happens, examine your door's perimeter to locate its serial number.

We have listed below the advantages of having your storm door brand and serial number identification:

Easier And Accurate Service Assistance

Knowing the brand and serial number makes you easily get assistance from your storm door's manufacturer. You can quickly contact their service representative for any queries regarding your storm door and would definitely be given an accurate response since they know their products well enough.

Ordering Parts

When it comes to purchasing parts for your storm door, knowing its brand, serial number and model will definitely save you the hassle of searching from different places and websites for the piece you're looking for.

Your storm door manufacturer can easily determine the parts that should specifically be used for a certain line of products. This will ensure that, even if some parts were replaced, your storm door retains its original quality.


Over time, your storm doors will experience some issues that might need repair. When your storm door has to be repaired, it's important to know if it is still covered under a warranty. This will save you money from any repair expenses. Luckily, your storm door's model and serial number can help you confirm it.

What are the different types of storm doors?

The types of storm doors include:

High View Storm Door

This type of storm door is how doors typically look like. The upper half part is made of glass, while the other half, the bottom part, is made of a solid material. This kind of storm door is quite durable because of its large solid bottom panel design that can withstand any pressure.

This type of design is also good if you have pets at home. You can pretty much install pet doors at the bottom panel for your dear pets.

Mid-View Storm Door

This type of storm door allows you to enjoy a greater amount of sunlight because it's made of 3/4 glass, and the remaining part of the door is made of a solid material.

So, if you love the natural light from the sun and, at the same time, want a durable storm door, this design suits you best.

Full View Storm Door

Well, for this kind of storm door, the name says it all. It's a full glass panel storm door that lets you enjoy a bigger view while staying indoors. It also allows more sunlight inside your house—making it look bright and radiant without the need of turning the lights on. Hence, it could help you save on electricity bills.

The design of this door makes it more appealing because of its modern touch, thus, it will improve your house's overall curb appeal. If you want a storm door that still does its job yet, at the same time, gives you a nice modern look, then this storm dorm is what you're looking for.

How long should a storm door last?

A storm door that is freshly installed would usually last for about 25-50 years. Its durability would greatly depend on the quality of workmanship and the kind of material the storm door is made of.

How do you measure a storm door for replacement?

To measure a storm door for replacement, check if there's adequate clearance for your new storm door, and consider its model and material.

Next, measure the depth, outer width, and height of your door frame. This will help you decide what your storm door size should be.

For the height, measure it from the bottom up to the top brickmold of the door frame. As for the width, measure it from the right outer exterior trim to the left.

To measure the depth, measure the thickness of the outer edge where you'll install the storm door.

Below is a video guide to give you an idea of how to properly measure a storm door for replacement:

Can you replace a storm door without replacing the frame?

Yes, you can " data-type="URL" data-id="">replace a storm door or any kind of door without replacing the frame. The first thing that you need to do is to measure your old storm door's dimension. Make sure that the new storm door has the exact dimension as the old one.

Second, once you're done buying a new one, uninstall the old storm door. Remove first the closing mechanism that is attached to your storm door. Next, remove the screws on the hinge side of the door using an electric screwdriver. Now, detach the old storm door by pulling it away from the frame.

Now, screw in the placeholder screws on the frame of the door. Now, you can assemble and attach your new storm door to your old door frame.

If you're wondering if storm doors really need a frame, check out this post for the answer: Does A Storm Door Need a Frame?

How much does it cost to install a storm door?

The cost of installing a storm door would depend on the features, material, size, design, and installation price.

Usually, a storm door alone would cost around $100-$550. As to the installation, the flat-rate pay would depend on how complicated the work would be. The cost of labor would usually range at around $75-$400.

If you're planning to install a storm door in your house, check this post for you to know what type of material you should choose for your door: What Is The Best Material For Storm Doors?

In Closing

For you to tell the brand of your storm door, you should locate its serial number. A storm door's serial number is usually located in the Z-bar or the inner side of the hinge rail, together with the door's brand name.

However, sometimes, the serial number can't be found on the hinge rails, this is because it might have been removed and placed on another location during the storm door's installation. If this happens, try to locate the serial number throughout the door's perimeter.

Knowing and locating your storm door's brand and serial number is vital in connection to the buying of parts and with warranty coverage.

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