How To Remove A Door Knob From The Outside

Doors knobs on doors around the home may need an upgrade or just some TLC. You'll have to remove them or replace them with others. If you aren't familiar with how to remove door knobs from the outside, you'll need a guide on this process. We've asked the experts and here's what we found out.

First, understand the kind of door knob you have on your door(s). Some door knobs have slots while others have visible screws. Here's what to do:

  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws (where visible).
  • Use a slotted screwdriver and insert it in the slot and simultaneously pull at the knob (where you have slots).

Continue reading as we elaborate on the process and what to consider when replacing your door knobs.

A locksmith removing a doorknob for a few adjustments, How To Remove A Door Knob From The Outside

Basic Tools To Remove A Door Knob

Sometimes you might need to remove a door knob from the outside, if a key broke in it, or just for a home decor upgrade. Whichever the case, this task is possible in a few maneuvers.

As we've mentioned above, you need to know what kind of a door knob you have installed on your door. Most door knobs are standard and easy to tackle with these tools:

Phillips-Head Screwdriver

A Phillips screw driver on a white background

Door knobs with screws are straightforward. All you need to do is take a Phillips-head or any appropriate screwdriver for the screws and unscrew them.

Flat-Head Screwdriver

A flat head screw driver on a white background

If your door knob doesn't have visible screws look for a slot on the door knob. Get a tool that can be inserted into the opening. In most cases, a slotted or flat-head screwdriver will work.

Stick the tool in and pry at the hole. Ensure that you pull at the knob at the same time. You can proceed to change only the door knob or completely remove the rest of the lock.

How To Take Off A Door Knob That Has No Screws Or Slots

Some door knobs can be more challenging. They might not have screws or slots. But this doesn't mean that it's impossible to take them off. First, inspect your door knob thoroughly. You might see some holes in it.

In the holes, some springs hold the door knob in place. Use an awl or a straightened paperclip to insert in the hole and pull at the door knob. The knob will come off immediately.

How Do You Remove A Door Knob Rosette or Faceplate?

This is a straightforward project to do. Start by inspecting the faceplate, trim plate, or rosette. The faceplate is usually held onto the door using screws. You might have a snap-in variety that never has visible screws.

Where the screws are visible, simply unscrew them using an ordinary screwdriver. For the snap-in variety of trim plate or rosette, pry it open. Once it comes come off, the screws at the back will be exposed.

Unscrew them to remove the lock or door knob. Repeat this procedure for the reverse side of the door.

How Do You Remove A Lever Door Knob Without Screws?

A worker adjusting the stainless steel door knob of the front door

Like the other ordinary door knobs, lever door knobs might have a hole or a slot somewhere around the neck. Simply stick an awl or a slotted screwdriver into the opening. Do this gently to avoid damaging the lock.

Hold the lever door knob and pull it out along the shaft. That's it, the lever door knob is out. You might find that the lever door knob kit has a specific tool solely for this purpose. It's always advisable to carefully keep any bits and bobs that come with door knobs and handles.

How Do You Remove A Kwikset Door Knob With Screws?

Removing a Kwikset door knob is easy:

  1. Look for a hole in the neck of the door knob.
  2. Once you've seen it, insert a straightened paper clip or awl into the hole.
  3. Press down the awl or clip till you hear a snap sound.
  4. Once the knob has been released, pull it from both sides of the door.

In case you need to remove the door knob plus the lock, unscrew the screws on the faceplate.

How Do You Remove A Kwikset Door Knob Without Screws?

It becomes tricky when you don't have any visible screws on door knobs, especially if you didn't personally install the door knobs.

A Kwikset door knob with no visible screws is a bit different from an ordinary door knob. Watch the video below, or to avoid wasting time searching for screws and slots, here's what to do:

  1. On the outside door knob, locate an angle that you can pry with a sharp object.
  2. Pry the faceplate and a lever will be exposed.
  3. Simply push the lever down and it will release the entire door knob.

The job is done!

What To Consider When Replacing Door Knobs

Door knobs are compulsory in homes. When you understand this, you'll need to know what door knobs should have. The door knobs you pick for your home should at least ensure the following:

1. Functionality

A door knob's main purpose is to open and close a door. Therefore, choose door knobs that can be gripped properly. Door knobs, on any door, shouldn't be slippery or too small to grip.

Once a door knob has a proper grip, persons with limited use of their limbs should be able to use them without difficulty.

2. Safety & Security

Door knobs can have a keyhole or a lock on them. This means safety for the home dwellers. When you can lock your door, children and pets won't be able to access different rooms without supervision.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms can be dangerous and might need to be locked. Locks do provide a level of security. Home invaders will be deterred from entering a home when the door is locked.

3. Privacy

As much as we need security and safety, we also need privacy. Lockable door knobs give you a sense of privacy in bathrooms, bedrooms, and study rooms.

Knowing that you can lock a room and have some seclusion even for an hour, will let you enjoy your home. That "me time" is always welcome after a busy day.

4. Aesthetics

Home decor includes every little thing in the interior and the exterior of the home. Door knobs are no exception. The color, material, and shape of the door knobs will add to the beauty of your home.

Thus, you can't just pick door knobs that might look out of place on the doors. When making replacements, put this into consideration too.

Different Types of Door Knobs

A worker removing a stainless steel door knob

Before purchasing a replacement door knob, you'll definitely have a look around to see which ones will fit your home decor. There are different colors, shapes, and sizes available in the market.

There are 4 main types of door knobs. These door knobs are appropriate for different rooms in the home. They are as follows:

  • Keyed Entrance Door Knobs
  • Passage Door Knobs
  • Dummy Door Knobs
  • Privacy Door Knobs

Can You Change Door Knobs To Levers?

Yes, you can! Although door knobs differ from levers, they change the look of doors, and the home decor in general as they come in different shapes and colors.

When you have a lever on your door, you'll push it down to open the door. Ensure that you replace a door knob with a lever that fits properly.

In Closing

Before removing a door knob for replacement, take some time to understand the type of door knob you have on your door. Next, take the appropriate tool for the job. Removing a door knob isn't complicated.

The tiny holes and slots are discreet and make door knobs look nice. But, this could get you worried during repairs if there aren't visible screws. In this post, we've seen that these holes are access to hidden springs or levers that hold knobs in place

Now that you know what to look for, start replacing or upgrading your door knobs!

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