How To Reinforce A Storm Door

Storms and other weather conditions are inevitable. It is best to protect your threshold from the rain and strong winds along with other debris. If you're still contemplating how to make a sturdy storm door so you can avoid damage to the door jamb while keeping cold air out, you're on the right page. We've done thorough research on how you can reinforce a storm door.

To reinforce a weak storm door, you can choose from any of the following methods:

  1. Buying a door reinforcing kit.
  2. Installing physical door barriers.
  3. Replacing the strike plate.
  4. Using longer screws.

You have to make the storm door strong even before calamity strikes. It will help you maintain the door's condition if you inspect the door in regular intervals. By fortifying the door, you will benefit from the energy- and cost-savings for your home. Read further about a storm door and how to best reinforce it.

A rustic themed front porch with chairs and light yellow colored sidings, How To Reinforce A Storm Door

Reinforcing Storm Doors

A storm door protects the exterior doors during colder seasons. It prevents the entry of elements like ice, rain, and snow. During the warm weather, the door allows natural ventilation and sunlight. Hence, you can live comfortably inside your home amidst the changing weather.

Other benefits include security and insulation. If you want to keep the door in good condition, you should make it tough.

Basic Methods

Regardless of material or type, it is vital to strengthen the door. With the harsh weather conditions, it can compromise the sturdiness of the door. Here are ways to reinforce a storm door:

1. Buying Door Reinforcement Kits

If you are not keen on finding the right door materials, you can buy a door reinforcement kit. You don't need to purchase the supplies separately. The kits will include long screws and strike plates. Also, there are door and hinge shields for added protection on the door hardware.

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2. Installing Physical Barriers

The usual way to reinforce a door is by adding some metal bars or grills. Yet, it will downgrade the appearance of the door. Other options include adding a security window film on the glass panel or laminated security glass.

To get the most protection, you can use a polycarbonate glazing shield. This barrier is effective against the force from burglary tools or debris.

You can also cover the glass of the storm door with 5/8- inch plywood or metal shutter.

3. Replacing The Strike Plate

You can add strength to the door by removing and replacing an old strike plate. It is best to pick a large or elongated option. In that case, you can use 4 or more screws to bind with the strike plate and door frame. In effect, you can distribute the force on the door to multiple points.

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4. Using Longer Screws

You can use at least two new 3-3.5 inches screws to secure the door frame on the studs, hinges, and strike plate. The screws must be long enough to go deep into the door frame. By doing so, you can resist the impact of strong winds or kicks.

Why Is My Storm Door Sagging?

Even if the door is durable, it has its limitations. It is a challenge to keep a storm door from sagging. It can be difficult to operate the door during the windy and cold weather if some parts of the door sag.

To tackle the problem, you should know the causes before fixing the door. The reasons for a sagging include:

  • Loose hinges
  • Misaligned door frame and jamb
  • Door aging (swelling or bowing of the door)

Continue reading to learn how you can deal with the issues.

How Do You Fix A Sagging Storm Door?

To adjust your sagging storm door, you can follow any of the tips below:

1. Tighten The Hinges

This method is the cheapest and simplest option to fix the sagging door issue. Tighten the loose hinges of the door with a screwdriver. If the problem persists, replace worn-out screws with long and new screws.

2. Re-Nail The Door Molding

The molding might be loose if the storm door does not close or rubs against the door frame. Secure the molding in its place with some nails. Afterward, cover the nail heads with some caulk and repaint the molding.

3. Plane The Door Frame

With the changing weather patterns, the door frame expands. As a result, it won't be easy to close the door. You might have to plane the part of the door (usually the bottom) that rubs against the doorway. Just trim a little wood as possible to prevent damage to the door.

Other ways to avoid sagging are as follows:

  • Sliding the hold-open washer closer to the door hinges.
  • Repositioning the connector pin
  • Replacing old door hardware (e.g., cylindrical closing tube)
  • Lubricating the door and on its moving parts
  • Cleaning the door regularly

Do Storm Doors Add Security?

Even if its main purpose is to protect the house against weather elements, storm doors also provide security. Your exterior doors, whether in the front or back, are susceptible to break-ins. It will be difficult for burglars to trespass if storm doors are in place.

Storm doors are much stronger than screen and front doors. Various locking systems create a reliable layer of protection. Yet, not all storm doors are equal. If you want a robust storm door, you should look for the following features:

  • Made of steel that is at least 16-gauge
  • The hinges are tamper-resistant
  • With a heavy-duty tempered safety glass
  • It has a double-cylinder lock which you can open from both inside and out
  • Add vertical steel bars on the door in case intruders break the glass

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Does A Storm Door Provide Insulation?

A storm door can help insulate the house. The door reduces heat loss during the chilly months and keeps the cold air inside for hotter seasons. Door drafts can occur, especially if the main door's weatherstripping is ineffective. With a storm door, you will minimize drafts and air leaks.

Although helpful, the effects are only minimal. If you want a storm door, choose vinyl or composite frame for weather resistance. For the glass, select one with argon gas filling and a low-E coating. You can still use a storm door together with an insulated entry door to get more benefits.

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Is A Storm Door A Good Investment?

Most hesitate to buy a storm door because they do not know the value they will get. For some places with warmer climates, it is not necessary. If you also have a new and energy-efficient exterior door, you can skip the storm door. But for colder areas, it is still a good investment.

We have listed below some benefits of buying a storm door:

  • Cost-effective option to replace an old door
  • Helps preserve existing exterior doors
  • Increases energy-efficiency
  • Allows natural sunlight and ventilation
  • Adds to the aesthetics of your home exterior
  • Keeps out bugs and insects coming inside the house
  • Provides some security against trespassing

If you are on a budget, it will cost you around $75 to $400 for the door. The installation costs, including materials and labor, range from $200 to $400. If there are additional features, the price can go higher. Low-E glass can be pricey, but your energy savings will double.

You should always check your location's climate before getting a storm door. If you let the door get exposed to a few hours of sunlight every day, it will trap heat in the glass. In effect, it will damage the exterior door.

In Closing

A rustic themed front porch with chairs and light yellow colored sidings

A storm door should be tough enough to protect your home from weather elements. If the door is flimsy, there are ways to solve the issue. You can tighten the hinges, add a larger strike plate, or use a door reinforcing kit.

With a storm door, you can also protect your home from burglars. It is possible if you find a strong storm door with added security features. Aside from security, the door also helps insulate the house. After considering all the facts, it is an excellent investment to buy a storm door.

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