How To Paint A Metal Screen Door

Metal screen doors are a common choice for homeowners since they are durable and useful. However, due to outside elements, these doors take a lot of wear and tear and eventually rust. The paint peels off eventually, too. Repainting the screen door is an easy way to extend your door’s lifespan and make it look more appealing. But how do you paint a metal screen door properly? We have done the research to find the correct steps in painting metal screen doors.

To paint a screen door the right way, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Prepare your materials.
  • Remove the door and other hardware from the frame.
  • Clean the door.
  • Prepare the door for painting.
  • Paint the door and let it dry.
  • Reinstall the door.

Painting a metal screen door is simple, but equipping yourself with the know-how is an absolute must. It is essential that you know what to do in detail, such as the steps for different kinds of metal and what kind of paint to use. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about painting your metal screen door.

Different sizes of screen doors placed on the side of a room, How To Paint A Metal Screen Door

Painting A Metal Screen Door

The process of painting metal screen doors is similar for all types of metal—may it be aluminum, wrought iron, or others. We have elaborated the steps below.

1. Prepare Your Materials

First, you have to prepare your materials such as your screwdriver, painter’s tape, newspapers, rags, sandpapers, primers, paint, and paintbrush. 

If you have a workbench or any surface you don’t mind painting on, place it somewhere accessible so you can easily place the door on it after removal. If you don’t have a workbench, you can put a drop cloth on the floor and paint the door on top of it instead.

You should also wear protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, and a dust mask, especially when you are removing rust, spray painting, or using paints labeled as “toxic.” For metal doors, you can use either oil-based paints like enamel or water-based paints like acrylic. 

Choosing between the two options will depend on your needs. If you need durable and rust-resistant paint, go for oil-based ones. If you need a quick-drying, safer, easier to use paint, opt for water-based paints.

2. Remove The Door And Other Hardware From The Frame

Now that your materials are ready, you can now take your door apart. You need to remove the door so that you can work on it easier and apply for a better paint job.

Remove the screws and hinges that attach your door to the door frame. Remove the handles and other attachments. After everything is removed, place the door on the worktable or on the drop cloth. Place the hardware, screws, and hinges in a safe container so that they won’t get lost.

3. Clean The Door

For the paint to stick properly onto the door, you have to clean its metal frame. Removing the rust and the dust from the door will help the primer and paint stick better.

Cleaning off the dirt is as simple as wiping the door with a rag dipped in water and mild dish soap. After cleaning, dry the door with a clean piece of cloth. 

When the door is dry, grab your sandpaper and scrape off loose particles of rust. You can also use a scrub or steel wool to remove any stubborn rust. If the door was painted before, you should remove all the paint using sandpaper to ensure an even coat.

4. Prepare The Door For Painting

Now that the door is clean, it is time to prepare it for the painting process. Using painter’s tape and a newspaper, cover the areas that you don’t want to paint. These areas could be the screen and decorative features on the door.

Afterward, apply a primer that is specifically made for the type of metal used in your door. Priming is necessary even for other doors because it allows the paint to stick better. Even Krylon suggests priming before painting since it will also help prevent rust and corrosion.

5. Paint The Door And Let It Dry

After priming the door, you can begin the painting process. Remember to choose the right type of paint for your project. Oil-based paints are the most durable for metals left outdoors compared to water-based paints.

If you are using a paintbrush, remember to paint in nice, even coats. It would be best if you paint in one direction only so you can prevent brush strokes from showing on the finished product. Allow the paint to dry according to the instructions on the tin.

6. Reinstall The Door

Once the paint dries, you can remove the newspapers and tape carefully so as to not chip the fresh coat. Afterward, reinstall the door onto the door frame and reattach the handles and other hardware back onto the door.

Can You Spray Paint A Metal Screen Door?

Yes, you can spray paint a metal screen door. The process for spray painting a metal screen door is the same as using a paintbrush.

You should remove the door and its accessories, clean the rust and dirt off, and apply a primer. Once the primer dries, you can start spray painting the door. Hold the spray paint can around 10 to 14 inches away from the door while moving it side-to-side without stopping.

Stopping your hand will create a build-up of paint in one section, which will cause runs and drips. To avoid any drips and runs, apply paint in two thin coats instead of one heavy layer of paint. Applying two coats of paint will not add any inconvenience since spray paint dries quickly.

How Do You Paint A Wrought Iron Screen Door?

An up close photo of a screen door

In painting a wrought iron screen door, you will need assistance because these doors can reach weights around 250 lbs. First, remove the door and place it in your work area. Remove all the rust and debris using sandpaper, steel wool, or a wire brush. You should also remove any loose and peeling paint.

 After removing all the rust and dirt, clean the door using mineral spirits to remove any grease that would inhibit the paint from sticking to the door. Once the door is clean and dry, cover the areas you don’t want to paint on. Afterward, apply a coat of metal primer and let it dry.

Once the primer is dry according to the instructions on the label, apply a fresh coat of paint. You can add more coats of paint, but make sure that the door is completely dry before repainting.

How Do You Paint An Aluminum Screen Door?

Aluminum screen doors are popular because they are inexpensive yet durable and corrosion-resistant. The process of painting aluminum is highly similar to the steps listed before.

Remove the door from the frame and place it in the work area. You can clean aluminum with a solution of mild dishwashing soap and water to get rid of dirt. Rinse the door with a rag dipped in water.

Once the door is dry and clean, sand it to remove loose rust and then wipe it with a degreaser. Cover the areas you don’t want to paint, such as the screen, and apply a primer. Once the primer is dry, you can begin painting the aluminum door with exterior-grade paint. Add coats if you find it necessary.

Once the door is dry, you can reinstall it and reattach the handle and accessories.

How To Paint A Metal Security Door?

A man cutting the screen mesh to attach to the door

Security doors are tough doors that prevent burglary, forced entries, and sometimes even the spread of fire in apartments. Repainting a metal security door is easy, but the detachment is slightly more complex.

Using a screwdriver, remove all the hardware from the door, such as handles, kickplates, and strike plates. Peel off the weatherstripping as well. If the weatherstripping does not peel off, use masking tape to protect it.

Clean the door with soap and water, and dry it with a clean rag. Use mineral spirits to get rid of stubborn grease. 

Security doors take a lot of damage but can eventually have dents and holes. You can fix these dents using auto body filler and smoothing it out using 100-grit sandpaper.

When the door is ready, apply a coat of primer. Once the primer is dry, you can apply paint. Add more coats of paint as you see fit.

Once everything is done, reattach the door to the frame and put all the hardware back in its place.

In Summary

Painting screen doors and security doors are simple and easy, with the steps being similar for all types of metal. You can paint most metal screen doors by detaching the door from the frame, cleaning off all the rust and debris, applying the right primer, and then the coats of paint. Now equipped with the proper knowledge, you can immediately begin repainting almost any kind of metal screen door yourself.

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