How To Open A Magnetic Lock [Even Without A Key]

Magnetic locks are the next best thing in the absence of a bolt. They are secure and reliable. There are a variety of magnetic locks adapted for businesses and homes. Most magnetic locks don't have traditional keys! Here then comes the question, how do you open a magnetic lock? How do you go about this even without a key? We did thorough research, and this is what we found out.

You can open a magnetic lock without a key. There are 4 ways to open your magnetic lock. Depending on the type of magnetic lock, you can do any of these steps:

  • Use a code.
  • Use a keycard.
  • Use the exit switch button.
  • Cut power to disable electromagnetic locks.

Each of the above-mentioned methods works on specific types of magnetic locks. Continue reading as we elaborate on each method.

Woman hand opening interphone with a magnetic key. How To Open A Magnetic Lock [Even Without A Key]

Opening A Magnetic Lock Without A Key

Magnetic locks don't often come with traditional-looking keys. Depending on where the magnetic lock is being used (at home or business premises), it must be adapted for easy and quick access.

Therefore, to open a magnetic lock might require a code, keycard, an exit button, or just to cut the power in the premises.

Use A Code

To open a magnetic lock that uses a code you need to put in the numeric code on the keypad. The programmed numeric code will disengage the magnet and the lock will open.

The keypad is always outside on the lock side. The inside part of the lock doesn't need a code.

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Use A Keycard

Magnetic locks that have keycards are easy to open. You'll need an authorized HID keycard that's programmed specifically for each lock.

To open the magnetic lock, place the keycard on the keypad sensor. The keypad sensor is usually located above the magnetic lock.

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Use The Exit Switch Button

Switch buttons are located on the inside of the room with a magnetic lock. To open the magnetic lock, press the button, and the magnet will demagnetize and the door will open immediately.

Cut Power To Disable Electromagnetic Locks

If you don't have a code, keycard, or a key to open your magnetic lock, cut the power supply to the magnetic lock. The magnet loses its magnetic power and the door will open.

Remember, this will work only on electromagnetic locks. This works specifically on fail-safe electromagnetic locks.

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Where Can Magnetic Locks Be Installed?

Magnetic locks are very secure and reliable. There are different types of magnetic locks, and they are suited to different premises and doors.


Magnetic locks that won't allow access when there is a power outage can be placed in banks, cash withdrawal points, laboratories, government offices, or any other premises that need tight security.

The other magnetic locks that allow entry or exit during a power outage are best suited for small businesses, hotel rooms, or homes. Additional security will be needed on these premises to avoid theft or burglary.

Types Of Doors

Magnetic locks can be placed on almost every type of door. Wooden doors are the most common ones, but magnetic locks are also placed on metallic and glass doors. All you need is to pick the best suitable type of magnetic lock for your door.

When picking a magnetic lock, you must consider the location of your door. A magnetic lock for a front door should be different from a passage door lock.

Can You Bypass An Electromagnetic Lock?

Yes, you can do so. If the hinges of your door are located on the outside, you can easily unhinge the door. You'll access into premises without damaging the magnetic lock.

Where this is not possible, you can place an aluminum plate of about 0.015 inches on the strike plate. This will reduce the strength of the magnetic lock. Once the magnet is weaker, you can easily open the door.

How Does A Magnetic Padlock Work?

A magnetic padlock is very straightforward to open. Magnetic padlocks use a magnetized system. They come with a magnetic key that opens them. The magnet has a cover to protect it from getting stuck onto other metallic objects or items in your pocket. To open the padlock, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Place the magnet in the designated area for it.
  2. Tug at the shackle. This should open the magnetic padlock.

Note: Ensure that the magnet is placed in the correct orientation on the padlock.

Some magnetic padlocks come with extra shackles. Magnetic padlocks are great for use outdoors because they don't have keyholes that can rust over time. Watch the video below for a detailed demonstration:

How Do You Beat A Magnetic Lock?

It is relatively easy to beat a magnetic lock. You need to understand what kind of magnetic lock you have. In case the secure magnetic lock side fails to open, place a smaller magnet on the lock.

This demagnetizes the lock and you can simply turn the lock to gain access. This method is better than cutting down or dismantling the entire magnetic lock.

Most magnetic locks can be bypassed using a simple magnet as demonstrated in the video below:

Are Electromagnetic Locks Safe?

Electromagnetic locks are relatively safe because they don't have any moving parts. These locks are easy to install and mount on doors. They need a few screws to install.

Electromagnetic locks are fail-safe. Fail-safe magnetic locks are disabled when there's no power supply. In case of a fire outbreak or any other danger, residents will not be trapped in the building when the power is cut.

What Happens When a Magnetic Lock Loses Power?

When a magnetic lock loses power, it can either open or stay locked. There are locks that unlock during a power outage, and there are those that stay locked when there's no power supply.

Depending on the magnetic lock you have on your premises, whether at a residence or in a business, it can stay closed or open.

Types Of Magnetic Locks

There are two types of magnetic locks available. These include:

  • Fail-Safe: These magnetic locks lose their power when there is no electricity. The door will become unlocked as soon as there is power outage. Fail-safe magnetic locks work well where you need to leave the premises for security and safety reasons.
  • Fail-Secure: These magnetic locks get blocked when there is a power outage. The door will be blocked by attracting the armature plate to avoid entry or exit. These magnetic locks are best suited for areas that need high security, such as banks, vaults, or businesses.

girl opens the front door with a magnetic tablet. How To Open A Magnetic Lock [Even Without A Key]

In Closing

Magnetic locks are popular and are used on different premises. Magnetic locks are popular for the security and safety they provide. They aren't easily picked and you can open them using several methods.

Keycards, keycodes, or switch buttons will let you gain access to the premises without using an actual or traditional key. On whichever door a magnetic lock is installed, security is guaranteed.

Before installing a magnetic door lock, ensure that you understand how to access the premise in case of an emergency. Fail-safe and fail-secure magnetic locks differ. Now you can start shopping for a suitable magnetic lock for your shop, office, home, or garage!

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