How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Escape With Keypad

Most vehicles have lots of ways to add security, and one of the latest methods is a keypad lock. You might want to find out how to lock and unlock your fourth-generation Ford Escape with a keypad. This post is dedicated to just that.

It only takes 2 simple steps to lock and unlock your Ford Escape using a keypad. Here's what to do:

  1. To unlock your vehicle, enter the 5-digit code.
  2. To lock your vehicle, press the 7-8 and 9-0 buttons at the same time.

The safety and security of your vehicle are your safety and security as well. Continue reading as we elaborate on these steps.

A Ford SUV display at a dealership, How To Lock And Unlock A Ford Escape With Keypad

How Do I Use The Ford Keypad Entry?

One of Ford Escape's best trademarks that many may not have heard of is the small keypad attached beside the SUV's door that makes keyless entry an added convenience. No more fuss about a misplaced or lost key.

To get instructions on how to use the Ford keypad entry, open the manual of your vehicle. Each vehicle comes with detailed instructions which you should read carefully.

In the manual, you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to use the Ford keypad entry. The factory key code is also written on your car key tag.

Locking and Unlocking A Ford Escape with Keypad

Before you can start locking and unlocking the crossover SUV, you'll need a key code. To get this code, you'll have to use the ignition key. Every brand new vehicle comes with at least two ignition keys.

Start by inserting the first key into the ignition, and turn it on and off, then pull it out. Insert the second key into the ignition and then turn it on. On the car dashboard, a 5 digit factory code will be displayed.

For vehicles with previous owners, request the factory code from them when and where possible. New owners, however, can proceed with these steps:

1. Unlock with The 5-Digit Code

Armed with this 5-digit code, you can now use it to lock your compact SUV. Press the key code onto the interactive lock to open the door. This code will open the driver's door only.

Press the 3-4 button to open all doors. To open the trunk of the car, press the 5-6 button.

2. Lock with 7-8 and 9-0 Buttons

The easiest part of using a key code is when locking the car as you'll see in the video below. You simply press the 7-8 and 9-0 buttons at the same time. Use your thumb to easily accomplish this task. That's it, the vehicle is locked!

Programming A New Keycode

You might not want to continue using the factory key code. It will take a few steps to successfully program new key codes, which can be used by different family members:

  • Enter the factory code to unlock the vehicle.
  • Press the 1-2 button within 2 seconds.
  • Put your new 5-digit code.
  • To save the chosen code press the 1-2 button again.

This feature allows you to program multiple codes for different family members. Putting in several codes helps readjust the seat and mirrors for that particular code user. Here's the instruction on how to put in multiple codes:

  • Put in the second code and press the 3-4 button.
  • Enter the third code and press the 5-6 button.
  • Next, enter the fourth code and press the 7-8 button.
  • Lastly, press in your fifth code and secure it to the 9-0 button.

You can put up to 5 personal codes and the factory code will still function. Now you have 6 codes to work with in case you forget any one of them.

What Does A Keyless Mechanism Do?

As we have discussed above, the keyless mechanism in a Ford Escape includes these features:

  1. Locks and unlocks doors
  2. Recalls several seat and mirror positions
  3. Arms and disarms the anti-theft alarm
  4. Opens the trunk of the vehicle
  5. Programs and erases personal entry codes

Where Is The Keypad On A Ford Escape?

The keypad on a Ford Escape is located on the driver's door, on the bi-pillar. This is an interactive keypad with LED-lit indicator buttons. The buttons are invisible until they are activated by touching them.

This location of the keypad makes it easily accessible to the vehicle user.

Older models don't have an interactive keypad but a manual one. The keypad is usually located on the driver's door as well but just below the door handle.

How Do I Reset My Ford Keyless Entry Code?

Resetting a keyless entry code is very simple. First, enter the factory code provided by the manufacturer, then within 2 seconds, press the 1-2 button.

Next, put in your own 5 digit code. After putting in the code, hold the 1-2 button for about 5 seconds and this will erase any codes programmed prior. The keypad will be reset to the factory key code.

If the vehicle factory code is missing, you could use the ignition key. Either one of the ignition keys will work just fine. Insert the ignition key and switch it on for a few seconds. The original key code should appear on the dashboard.

How Secure Is A Ford Keyless Entry?

A Ford keyless entry is secure when all necessary precautions are taken. The keyless entry is designed to work within a 6-foot radius of the vehicle. The limited 6-foot radius helps avoid hackers from hacking your vehicle code from afar.

Ensure that you make all necessary security checks on all locks. Activate the alarm system on your garage door even when your vehicle is locked.

Keyless codes can be accessed at a distance by knowing hackers with the appropriate devices. Use some precautionary measures when using a keyless entry.

Safety And Precautionary Measures

Even the best security systems might not deter theft. Several things might entice thieves. To be on the safe side, do the following:

  • Avoid leaving your keys in your vehicle even when not far from it.
  • Roll up and lock your windows when away from the vehicle.
  • Try not to leave valuables in the SUV. They might attract unnecessary attention to your vehicle.
  • Install a very audible alarm or anti-theft system in your vehicle.
  • Have an updated tracking system in your SUV. This can be connected to your mobile smartphone or any other gadget.
  • Install an immobilizer system in your vehicle to block unwarranted entry.
  • Don't leave your SUV running and unattended even if you are loading groceries in a parking lot.
  • Ensure that you park in well-lit areas. Dark alleys and lanes are a no-no!

Try to adhere to the above safety and precautionary measures. These tips should keep you from harm's way in the long run.

Parting Shot

The Ford Escape is a very popular vehicle and the keyless feature has peaked its popularity. Locking and unlocking this vehicle with a keypad has proved to be a breeze.

Other available code options are there in case you forget your original key code. The keypad also has an easy to erase function of old or unnecessary codes. The keypad is a backup you need if you accidentally lock your key inside your vehicle!

Locking your vehicle is excellent, but you may also want to consider securing your garage as well. Check out the following posts:

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