How To Install Or Remove Larson Storm Door Glass Panel

Many may plan on changing the screens on their Larson storm doors with glass panels for added insulation. And some would like to install a new glass panel because the old one got broken. But the problem is, you don't know how to properly install or remove it. We've done some research to help you with your concern.

The steps to install a Larson storm door glass panel include:

  1. Locate the two retainers.
  2. Set your glass panel in your storm door.
  3. Insert the two retainers on the sides.

To remove your Larson storm door glass panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the retainers.
  2. Remove the screen insert or your old glass panel.
  3. Place the new insert.
  4. Insert back the retainers into place.

Storm door glass panel installation and removal are quite simple to do, but it needs to be discussed further for better understanding. Continue reading as we elaborate on the topic and answer pertinent questions regarding the storm door and its glass panel.

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Larson Storm Door Glass Panel Installation

If you want to change the screen inserts of your Larson storm door to a glass insert or change the old glass panel with a new one, the steps are quite easy.

Step 1. Locate the retainers

A retainer is a long thin strip that is usually made of plastic. A storm door has two retainers that hold the insert in place. One of the inclusions in buying a storm door is the retainers. So when you install a glass panel, you should first locate your retainers in the box where the storm door was placed.

Step 2. Place in the glass panel

Before proceeding to the second step, discard the yellow clips first that are usually attached to a new storm door. Now, place the glass panel on the storm door frame for installation.

Step 3. Slide the retainers on the side

Insert the retainer on the side gap or channel of the glass panel. Make sure that the marking on the retainer should face the edge part of the door frame. Push in the retainer to the channels from the top to the bottom, and once you hear or feel a clip or snap, the strips are completely inserted.

You may spray a glass cleaner into the channels to smoothly insert the retainers. Now, do the same procedure on the other side of the door using the remaining retainer.

The video below will serve as your guide on how to insert the retainer:

Larson Storm Door Glass Panel Removal

In this procedure, you'll need a good-sized flat head screwdriver or any unsharp object that fits the retainer groove to complete the task.

Step 1. Remove the retainers

Using your flat head screwdriver, simply pry out the retainer by inserting the screwdriver on the top or bottom groove or on the slot. Slightly tilt the screwdriver towards the door and push it until the retainer comes out of the channel. Pull the whole retainer strip by hand.

Do the same procedure on the other side of the door and remove the remaining retainer.

Step 2. Remove the insert

Remove the glass insert or panel if you want to replace it with a screen door for better ventilation. It's always better if you ask someone to help you, especially when you remove the glass panel.

Step 3. Place the new insert

Now, set the new insert in your door frame and make sure it sits flush. You can either choose a screen door as a new insert for better ventilation or buy a new glass panel to replace the old one.

Step 4. Slide in the retainers

Now, return the retainer strips to hold your new door insert. Start at the top part of the door and gently push the retainers into the channel. Make sure that the markings on the retainer are facing towards you.

You can hear or feel a snap once the retainer is fully attached to the channels. Apply a glass cleaner on the retainer strip if needed to make it glide easier.

Check the video below for your reference:

Do Larson storm doors have tempered glass?

According to the International Residential Code (IRC), storm doors should have tempered glass installed in them. Safety glass, like tempered glass, should be found or installed in places that are exposed to constant human impact.

Hence, since it is provided by law, Larson storm doors offer tempered glass panels which are pre-installed once you buy one.

What causes a glass storm door to shatter?

These are some of the reasons why the glass panel of a storm door shatters:

  • A minor nick or chip at the edge of the glass exists due to onsite pre-cutting, installation, shipping, or packing. The minor damage will cause stress to the glass over the years due to constant impact and temperature changes, which will ultimately cause the glass to shatter.
  • Intense impact can be another cause. Glass doors that are made of tempered glass don't easily break. However, in case of extreme impact, like hitting it directly by a running car, it would eventually shatter into pieces.
  • Nickel-sulfide stones can form during the production of temepred glass. Over the years, as these stones grow bigger in size, they can cause internal stress over the glass that will slowly break the tempered glass panel.
  • During the production process of tempered glass, there are instances wherein the glass turns out to be defective. This will reduce the quality of the glass, making it less durable.
  • Over the years of usage, storm door glass panels tend to expand. As they contract, it would stress the door's glass if there isn't any space within the frame. The binding of the frame will cause the glass to shatter.

How much does it cost to replace glass in a storm door?

If you're planning to replace your storm door glass panel, the total cost would range from $200-$400, depending on the glass quality, size, and duration of the installation.

Can you buy a screen for a Larson storm door?

Larson offers a variety of screen doors for wide, medium, and even small screen openings depending on the size of your storm door.

In Closing

To install a brand new glass panel on your storm doors, locate the retainers in the storm door box. Next, set the glass panel in your storm door frame and insert the retainers on the side gaps or channels. Push the retainer into the opening or gap until you hear a snap, this signals that the strips are fully inserted.

Now, to remove a glass panel from your storm door, you have to remove the retainers that hold the panel. Remove the glass insert from the storm door frame and then install the new glass or screen insert. Finally, insert the retainers back into the side channels to secure the glass or screen insert.

Always remember that if the retainer doesn't smoothly glide or is difficult to be inserted, spray on a glass cleaner on the glass panel or in the retainer itself.

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