How To Hang A Wreath On A Storm Door

The storm door in your home is an excellent protective cover for your main entry door against the elements. You may opt to make the door more appealing by hanging a wreath on it. For your convenience, we found the best way to hang a wreath on a storm door.

These are the methods to choose from to hang a wreath on a storm door:

  • Stick a suction cup on the door.
  • Use a pair of magnetic hooks.
  • Mount the wreath with outdoor self-adhesive hooks.
  • Hang the wreath using a ribbon.

If you still have some questions about these methods, don't worry. In this post, we'll elaborate on each. The methods above are quite simple, but there are a few things to note to ensure the end result is perfect. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Classic christmas wreath with decorations on a door. How To Hang A Wreath On A Storm Door

Ways To Hang A Wreath On A Storm Door

The wreath hanging method to use should be dependent on the size and weight of your wreath. Once you have the wreath ready, you can now choose any of the methods below:

Stick A Suction Cup On The Door

Non-intrusive and plain-looking suction cups are what you should go for when you have a small or lightweight wreath. Look for a weight rating of at least 5 pounds so you can ensure it can firmly secure the wreath in place.

The first thing you want to do before hanging the wreath is to identify the ideal height at which it should hang. Generally, a wreath should hang at eye level or around 57 inches high on a standard 36-inch door. Mark that spot from the inside door using clear tape for reference.

After identifying at what height to hang your wreath, clean the center spot to eliminate dust, debris, and other elements that can make the suction cup lose its ability to stick.

Water with detergent or any cleaner will be enough to remove the grime. Once it dries, soak a clean rag with alcohol and wipe for the spot one last time.

Do not immediately stick the suction cup on the clean door. Instead, moisten it in lukewarm water to increase its flexibility to strengthen its suction.

Then, press down the suction cup onto the storm door to avoid air bubbles from forming inside the suction. Let it dry to strengthen its grip on the door. Confidently hang the wreath afterward.

High angle view of beautiful holiday wreath decorated orange slices, fir tree cones and small balls placed on wooden table

Use A Pair Of Magnetic Hooks

Magnets are more stable than suction hooks when it comes to holding objects vertically, as they provide enough strong magnetic friction to prevent wreaths from sliding. We recommend that you look for neodymium-based magnets for the most powerful magnetic attraction.

Choose two-piece 10-pound rated magnet hooks. They usually come in pairs: one that includes the hook and the simple block of a magnet. The former is for the interior, and the latter is for the exterior of the door.

As with the pre-attachment process of the suction cup, measure and clean the spot where you will hang the wreath to prevent scratches on the glass when you choose to remove it later on.

To further decrease the chances of scratches on the door, attach a thin pad or cloth to the magnet before sticking it to the door. It's as simple as that—you now have an instant strong wreath hanger on your storm door!

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Mount With Outdoor Self-Adhesive Hooks

Don't want to risk scratching your door with a magnet hook? Outdoor self-adhesive hooks achieve that for you while firmly fixing your wreath in place.

Choose a brand with a weight rating of at least 5 pounds. But also consider your environment before choosing adhesive strips. Self-adhesive hooks tend to fail in humid places. And since wreaths are generally seasonal, avoid non-removable adhesives hooks. 

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Each brand has different instructions on how to attach these hooks. But it generally follows the same pre-attachment preparation for suction cups and magnetic hangers.

Afterward, mark the spot with a small strip of tape, then follow the instruction at the back of the product packaging. Forcefully press the hook to achieve a secure grip on the door.  

Watch the quick video on how you can spruce up your door using either of the three methods above:

Hang The Wreath Using A Ribbon

If you want to give the storm door a bit more flair aside from the wreath itself, consider using a dazzling ribbon to hang it. For this to work, though, you will also need a self-adhesive hook. 

First, stick the outdoor self-adhesive strip upside down at the top of the interior door by following the steps mentioned earlier.

Measure the ribbon and cut it at around 48 inches. Next, feed the ribbon through the wreath, ensuring that you fold the ribbon at its center. 

Front Porch and door decorated for the Christmas holiday season. wreath hung on a storm door

Leave your storm door open and drape your wreath at the exterior door while standing behind it. Find your desired height at which you want the wreath to hang. It is usually about 12 inches from the top part of the door.

Close the door in front of you while still holding the ribbon. Tightly knot the two ribbons into a bow spread to the adhesive hook. And you now have accented wreath beautifully draping in front of your storm door. 

Check out this video to see how quickly you can drape the wreath using a ribbon:

Wreath Inside Or Outside The Storm Door?

The wreath should drape outside of the storm door. This is especially necessary when you plan to hang a live wreath, as it will naturally dry by the effects of the elements.

Squeezing a wreath between your main door and the storm will result in moisture buildup, which could cause mold growth.

But you can still hang the wreath inside the storm door, provided that they are made of plastic or fabric and of the appropriate size to fit in between the main door and the storm door. 

How To Hang A Heavy Wreath On A Storm Door

 To hang a particularly heavy wreath on a storm door, you can use heavy-duty suction cups, magnetic hooks, and self-adhesive strips. Mount any heavy decorative wreath on your storm door with minimal problems by following the same steps above.

Although an over-the-door wreath hanger is an obvious choice when it comes to the strength to hold a large wreath, they can easily scratch the glass on your storm door, or worse, break during severe and abrupt opening and shaking. Only use a door hanger on a primary wood door. 

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How Do You Keep A Wreath From Blowing Away?

You can decorate your storm door with a wreath all year round. But that means a wreath might be subjected to strong winds throughout the year. Fortunately, all the methods we have shared above can guarantee a certain degree of security against strong winds. 

However, you can further secure your wreath by fastening a floral wire behind it for additional weight. At the other side of the door, add a small neodymium magnet that will pull the floral wire in place. This will be more effective with a magnetic hook, as it will act as extra support to keep the wreath stable. 

Can You Hang A Wreath On A Glass Storm Door?

You certainly can hang a wreath on a glass storm door as long as you use non-damaging tools such as the ones specially intended for glass doors, like self-adhesive hooks and suction cups. 

Wrapping It Up

We hope this guide has equipped you with the information needed to elevate the look of your storm door with a wreath all year round. If you implement these tips, you can rest assured that your wreath will be secure. Before you go, be sure to check out these other related posts:

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