How To Fix Loose Door Handle Or Door Knob Screws

Door handles and door knob screws make up a set that allows us to enter and exit through any door. For such small pieces of hardware, they're quite underappreciated. Oftentimes, when we encounter an issue, we’re resigned to spending a lot of money on the repairs. But we’ve gathered the best tips from credible sources to help you quickly and easily fix your door handle or door knob screws on your own.

To fix a loose door handle or door knob screws, you should:

  • Remove the door knob and the base.
  • Assess for loose screws or damage.
  • Tighten the screws.
  • Put the door set back together.

Before getting through these four steps, you have to know what causes loose door handles and door knob screws. Then you can implement a solution after preparing the necessary tools. Don't worry, we’ll delve more into the process, so keep on reading!

Adjusting screw of a bronze spherical door handle in an interior door, How To Fix Loose Door Handle Or Door Knob Screws

Why Is My Door Handle Falling Off?

There is no single answer to this question and no permanent fix for loose door handles or door knob screws. It's because they tend to deteriorate through repeated use. You may have to deal with loosened door handles or door knob screws more than once, depending on the quality of those materials. 

However, the usual reasons why we come across loosened door handles or doorknob screws include:

  • Some parts of the door handle or knobs are meant to be replaced after some time. Dirt and dust can accumulate within and on the surface of the mechanism and prevent its basic functions.
  • A screw or two were not tightened enough or have loosened after repeated turning and twisting.
  • There is damage (a screw broke apart) or an interior deformity.

Fixing A Loose Door Handle Or Door Knob Screws

Locksmith fixes door handle rose with screw

Fixing loose door handle or door knob screws won't require too many tools nor complicated procedures. Some basic tools that you might already have in your toolbox will suffice.

What You'll Need

  • Flat or Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Flashlight
  • Lubricant solution (optional)
  • Set screw (optional)

Take note that not all door handles or door knob screws are the same. And so, it's important to match the screwdriver head, wrench size, and set the screw to the given parts of the door handle and door knob. If it won't match correctly, you run the risk of damaging your tools or the door handle and structure.

Step-By-Step Guide

In four easy steps, you can fix your own door handle and door knob screws. Below is a detailed guide to get you started.

1. Remove The Door Knob And The Base

Examine the outer surface of the handle and knob, and identify if the screws are exposed or hidden. If the screws are exposed, use the appropriate screwdriver head (flat or Phillips) to untighten and remove the door knob from its base.

If the screws are hidden, this means that the knob is connected to the spindle. You should be able to find the detent, a pin that gives you access to the hidden screws under the backing plate. Using a screwdriver, press down on the pin and detach the knob from the spindle.

2. Assess For Loose Screws Or Damage

Inspect the screws found on the exterior and interior parts of the door set. Some screws may need to be replaced due to material deterioration or broken screw parts while some may need to be lubricated to avoid the latch mechanism from locking up.

Chances are that if you continue to use damaged or loose screws, you run the risk of shortening the object's life span.

3. Tighten The Screws

After assessing for loose screws and replacing damaged ones, tighten the screws found in the faceplate and the front and back mounting plates. These are the screws that extend from the posterior faceplate to the anterior faceplate and thus, holding the door set in place and attached to the door frame.

4. Put The Door Set Back Together

Once damages have been checked and the screws tightened just enough, position the door set back together by returning the posterior faceplate in place. Attach the door knob to its base, and tighten the outer screws to bind the door handle and the door surface together.  

Make sure to give the door handle and door knob a good twist to observe for any malfunction on the latch mechanism.

Can You Glue a Door Handle Back On?

Yes, a high-strength, heavy-duty glue makes for good support to secure the faceplate in place against the door frame. Take out the base of the door handle and wipe it clean from dirt and dust before applying an ample amount of glue on the side of the base touching the door frame. 

Be certain to position it back correctly before pressing hard and sticking it in place. Also, remember to give the glue a couple of minutes to settle before putting back the screws. 

How Do You Repair A Loose Wood Screw Hole for A Door Handle?

Broken door knob on wooden door

A wooden dowel will give you a new and sturdy surface to work with if you use it to fill up a loose wood screw hole. To make a uniform length and width, drill a 1-inch hole into the wood surface to insert a wooden dowel. You can secure the wooden towel to the frame using wood glue and allow an hour for it to dry.

Once dry, the last thing to do is to drill another hole on the wooden dowel to position the screws back on tightly.

Keep in mind that there are other ways to fix a loose wood screw hole for a door handle, but using a wooden dowel gives you convenience and durability.

Why Does my Door Handle Not Spring Back?

Opening wooden door

There are some cases where you put push down to turn the door handle but following that you notice that it doesn’t spring back to its resting state. This is a well-known concern with spring door handles. You will be able to observe that the handle forms a drooped down angle. 

One of the reasons why this occurs is because a screw might have been screwed on too tight that it hinders the latch mechanism of the door knob from springing back. This is easily corrected by loosening the screw a little bit.

Deterioration or a buildup of dirt and dust may also prevent a door handle to spring back. You won’t need to replace the entire door set if lubrication is enough to temporarily remedy this.

In Closing

Door handles and door knob screws don't require a lot of maintenance but they do need some care from time to time. A loose door handle or door knob screws is a common enough problem because of the constant wear and tear of its basic function, but it can also be rectified easily.

You won't need to seek out a locksmith if you are confident you can handle the steps to fix a loose door handle or loose door knob screws we've discussed in this post. But of course, there are advantages of having someone with the right expertise to have a second look.

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