How To Decorate Your Office Door For Christmas

The Christmas season is just around the corner again. So whether you’re working from your home or at your corporate office, putting up decor on your door is one good way to feel the spirit of Christmas early on. But which ornaments should you use to decorate your door? And how would you do it without taking much of your time? We did the legwork for you and looked for ways to decorate your office door without eating much of your work hours. 

There is not a lack of ways to decorate your office door for Christmas. But what we bring you here are budget-friendly options that only take a few minutes to an hour to apply:

  • Be creative with Christmas wrapping paper.
  • Use different themes on your door.
  • Hang a Christmas wreath.

When it comes to letting everyone feel the season's greetings, the options above accomplish the job effortlessly without making your office look overly decorated. Learn more about the materials to use for each of them in this post.

A white door with Christmas wreath, How To Decorate Your Office Door For Christmas

Office Door Decorating Ideas

Do you need more inspiration for your office door decorations? Without further ado, let us get into the details of each decorating option.

Christmas wreath on door at home

1. Be Creative With Christmas Wrapping Paper

Are you feeling playful and creative? This might sound new to you, but you can try transforming your office door into a giant present by wrapping your office door.

How do you wrap an office door for Christmas?

Wrapping your office door like a gift will only cost you a few bucks and take about 10 minutes. Follow the easy steps below: 

1. Measure both height and width of the door to get a rough estimate of how much wrapping paper you will need. 

2. Prepare the wrapping paper, tape or glue gun, scissors, ribbon, and a bow. We recommend you opt for paper with light patterns as they are easy on the eyes.

3. Trace out the shape of the door knob or handle in the wrapping paper. 

4. Cover both sides of the door, starting from the knob or handle, using either tape or a glue gun. 

5. Once covered, stick a ribbon from the top of the door until the door knob and towards the bottom part. Repeat the process side to side.

6. End your door decorating activity by knotting a ribbon or a festive bow on the door as shown in the following video.

2. Use Different Themes On Your Door

Are you designing your office door to win a contest? How about focusing on one theme to dominate the door? Search for trends that can help your door stand out from the other entries. Plan and organize what the concept of your decoration will be. That way, you will have a faster design implementation.

One great idea you can try is the holiday cookbook theme, where you turn your door into a display of delectable holiday recipes.

Download or take a picture of the foods, and arrange them on your door like a restaurant menu. As finishing touches, put one recipe and meal beside the door every day so you can both fill the eyes of observers and feed their holiday cravings.

3. Hang A Christmas Wreath

Going with a simple piece of decor is never a bad idea. What could be more subtle than hanging a wreath on your door during the holiday season? 

Aim for neutral decor such as the National Tree Company's pre-lit artificial Christmas star-shaped wreath. 

Check out National Tree Company's Pre-lit Artificial Christmas star shaped wreath on Amazon.

And if you want to hang a wreath that gives a little more Christmas vibe, this 16-inch Christmas wreath does the job. 

Check out ATDAWN 16-inch Christmas wreath on Amazon.

When you're ready to hang the wreath on your order, use either of the following:

  • Over-the-door hanger
  • Self-adhesive hooks or strips
  • Christmas-themed ribbon

Check out this adjustable wreath hanger from LBSUN on Amazon.

Using these three is simple enough that it only takes minutes to finish. For one, you only need to insert the over-the-door atop your office door, then hang the wreath. 

If you're scared of damaging your glass door with the hanger, then self-adhesive hooks are one of the better options. Just wipe the door clean and stick the adhesive hooks. You now have an instant, damage-free wreath hanger. 

Check out NL HOME's suction cup hooks on Amazon.

But the best option for suspending a wreath is using a Christmas-themed ribbon. Follow the steps below:

  1. Stick an adhesive hook upside down at the top back of the office door. 
  2. Cut a 3-inch-wide ribbon to an appropriate length to suspend the wreath midway. 
  3. Loop the ribbon around the top back part of the wreath.
  4. Knot the ends of the ribbon first and insert it into the hook.

Check out these 3 rolls of Tatuo Christmas wired edge ribbons on Amazon.

These methods of hanging a wreath on your office door are actually also suitable for fiberglass doors. In fact, they are three of the most recommended ways to hang a wreath on fiberglass doors. Read a more detailed post about how you can hang a wreath on fiberglass doors.

What can I put on my office door besides a wreath?

Whether it's holly, pine, or cedar, a wreath is the most appropriate decor for Christmas. Donning your door with it means that you wish for a merrier and brighter hope for days to come. 

But if you want to bring a different mood to your office, trying a few alternatives that may be able to connect with your inner self or your team's motto will not make it any less meaningful. Here are 5 other things to hang on your door besides a wreath:

1. Frames

See the Fun Express resin gingerbread house photo frames on Amazon.

Replace the all too common wreath with decorative Christmas frames that may be embellished with a garland or bow on its side. You can even put your or your workmates' initials or pictures on it to make it personal. 

2. Poinsettia

Check out this Nearly Natural 24” poinsettia artificial plant on Amazon.

Get an artificial or a small pot of poinsettia or crimson blossoms and put it inside a woven basket you can hang on the door. It keeps things simple and meaningful at the same time. 

3. Wooden Tags

See these Jetec wooden mason jar shaped Christmas tags on Amazon.

Express the season's greetings to your visitors through personalized creative wooden tags. 

4. Cute Burlap Bags

Check out this Christmas burlap hanging bags set on Amazon.

Spread the holiday cheer with cute little burlap bags stuffed with candies and garlands along with countdown stickers or your cheery greetings pinned on them. 

5. Mittens

See this Scout & Company plush primitive mitten ornament on Amazon.

Bring the Christmas joy and nostalgic childhood memories by hanging cute mittens. 

How do you decorate the office for Christmas on a budget?

Laptop and gifts on a white desk, a Christmas tree from branches in a home office

Decorating the office is the least of your concerns since you have to shell out an extra dollar on your gift list and menu for all the consecutive festivities. But adding up decors in your office does not require you to spend a lot of money.

When on a budget, it's best to recycle the available materials you have instead of buying new ones. The budget-friendly options below will not leave you scrambling for money:

1. You can clean the clear glass bottles in your garage and turn them into Christmas lampshades or candle stands to display atop your side table. 

2. Assemble twigs, pine cones, and an old portrait into an alternative door decor to create your nature-inspired Christmas ornament. 

3. Knit and personalize your own Christmas ornament mittens instead of buying pricey ones. 

4. Create a Christmas countdown out of a candle by engraving the dates from December 1 to 25. Adhere the candle on a thick wood block and add some pine cones for the subtle holiday touch. 

5. Lastly, reuse your old decorations and relieve the old, happy memories they bring from the prior years. 

What color is Christmas this year?

There is no single color that can represent Christmas every year. This is because there are different palettes to use for the season within every country and community. 

With that said, we will provide you this year’s Christmas color trends instead. Here are the trendiest colors that might rouse the holiday vibe better for everyone or help you veer away from the traditional Christmas decors. 

1. Turquoise - Looking for ways to make your home or office look sophisticated? The green-blue shade of turquoise accomplishes that effortlessly. It also makes any area feel airy. 

2. Pastel colors - If you want a color that gives a sense of relief, anything pastel that exhibits soft and muted tones will do the trick.

3. Navy blue - Want to feel like you are in the vast frozen ocean on a cold winter day? Try to theme your home with the cooling and eye-relaxing blue hue. 

Wrapping Everything Up

Your office does not need to be boring and stifling during the Christmas season. Adding a holiday touch to your office door to match the season will help liven up the atmosphere. And if you let your creativity flow, you can implement a decor that warmly welcomes everyone to your office. 

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