How To Childproof A Pantry Door

Children are curious little beings who love to explore places that interest them. But there are just some parts of your home that you don't want your little one(s) having access to. The pantry is one such place. Fortunately, there are several ways to childproof the pantry door. Curious about how to do it? We looked for ideas from home experts to help you with this concern. 

These are the best methods to childproof any style of pantry doors:

  • Secure with a door top lock.
  • Fix up a lever handle lock.
  • Latch a door monkey locking device.
  • Install a door knob cover.

Barring your child from accessing your pantry will only require a few door-securing devices. Choosing what to use is a different matter, though, since it might affect your day-to-day activities. Keep reading as we discuss all those factors along with the door childproofing steps.

View through the open door into the filled pantry with toilet paper. How To Childproof A Pantry Door

Childproof Pantry Locks

Safety risks will always be present inside your home. Your pantry, in particular, poses more danger than most of the spaces in your home from objects that might fall off the shelves to the risk of ingesting something harmful.

However, you can eliminate the anxiety and stress that keep you on edge when it comes to the safety of your kids. Any of these methods below will help to keep the pantry door shut using specialized door locks:

Secure With A Door Top Lock

The all-encompassing solution to childproof your pantry door and any other doors in your home is a top door lock. As its name implies, this lock rests at the top part of the door, where it provides you easy access and guarantees your child will not accidentally find their way into your pantry.

And the best part is that you can unlock the door from both sides, so you can prevent accidentally locking yourself in. Installing the lock is easy, and you will just need a few tools: 

  • Door top lock
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil 
  • Drill

To install, simply put the lock on top of the door with the U-shaped slot facing towards the opening edge. Mark the center of the lock slot using a pencil and drill through. Install the peg and screw, then drive it in the hole. You now have childproofed your pantry door. 

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Fix Up A Lever Handle Lock

If your pantry uses a lever door handle, your young ones can easily pull down and make their way into the pantry. Fortunately, lever handle covers are a great way to prevent it from happening. 

Specifically designed for lever handles, these covers attach to the door to stop the door's natural motion and secure it in place, preventing your toddler from accidentally opening it. Two most common designs available in the market that you can choose from include:

  • Adhesive locks
  • Installable locks

Adhesive lever handle locks have buttons on the sides that you use to lock and unlock the device. It comes with an easy-stick function, so you can do away with drilling holes on your door. 

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Installed lever door handles require the following steps:

  1. Remove the handle from the door. You can check out our previous blog post that details the steps to remove a door knob.
  2. Drive a screw into the door and install the safety lock
  3. Then, reattach the door handle. 

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Latch A Door Monkey Locking Device

The third method is latching a Door Monkey grip lock to the door. Unlike the first two locking devices that focus on sealing the pantry, Door Monkey leaves the door slightly ajar.

Door Monkey works by clipping each end of the device onto the door and the door frame at any height your child will not reach.

This safety device is strong enough to handle approximately 39 – 48 lbs of weight and force.

However, the device is a bit on the pricier side compared to other door safety locks. It also requires the door to be of standard mold. 

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Install A Knob Cover

Lastly, if your pantry utilizes a round door knob, there is no better way to stop your kids from accidentally opening the door than using a door knob lock cover.

Round door knob covers fully secure the pantry door without the need to uninstall or unclip it like the Door Monkey locking device. 

This lock cover has a similar function to medicine bottle caps that only open when pressure is applied. This locking function differs per manufacturer. Some door knob covers require you to press a button and twist it simultaneously, while some only need you to stick your thumb or index finger inside to open.

But ultimately, it guarantees the pantry door is childproof. So unless your kid has a powerful grip, encroaching upon a parent-only pantry is impossible. 

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How Do You Install A Childproof Door Knob Cover?

Installing a childproof door knob cover only requires pressure application. You only have to align and attach the covers to protect the knob from your little ones. 

To open the door knob while the cover is installed, insert your thumb and index fingers in the hole, and then twist the knob. 

Separating will only take a moment as well. Press both sides of the cover, as they will come undone quickly, then pull them apart. 

What Is A Child Safety Lock Used For?

Child safety locks are essentially similar to common door locks. The only difference is that they are created with the welfare of children in mind.

The purpose of these devices is to help parents keep their little ones from encountering dangerous situations, such as ingesting harmful chemicals and exploring adult-only spaces. 

These locking devices come in many forms for specific areas, such as interior or exterior doors, drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and more. With safety locks, you can also ensure that you can keep your kid away from electric devices, sharp materials, and falling objects.

Lastly, by equipping your doors with these devices, you will have more time to focus on your other work without constantly monitoring and worrying about where your child goes off. 

How Can I Hide My Pantry Door?

Child safety locks certainly do give a level of security for your toddlers. But you cannot rule out the possibility that these devices can fall short, or your child may be able to bypass them. So depending on your situation, it might be better to adjust or hide the entrance to your pantry entirely.

Here are three ways out of many hidden pantry ideas that may make your pantry door invisible from the eyes of your kids:

Hang A Painting

Cover your pantry door with a painting that blends well with the wall color or wallpaper in your house. This way, your child may think that nothing is behind the artwork other than a wall.

Use A Barn Door

Although a little over the top for an entry point for your pantry, a barn door will greatly help to disguise your pantry to be one of the major rooms in your house. Plus, it is heavy, so your toddlers cannot easily push it out of the way. 

Read more: Can A Barn Door Be Hung From The Ceiling?

Relocate The Whole Pantry

If your toddler has come to know where your pantry is, maybe relocating it to another area in your home is your only option. Look for areas in your home that your toddler will not easily figure out, such as the closet under the stairs or your basement. 

How Do You Childproof Cabinets Without Handles?

Aside from the pantry, cabinets are also full of materials that might endanger your child. And it is going to pose more danger if these cabinets have no handles. But as they say, every problem has a solution. Here are two ways to make your handleless cabinets childproof:

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic cabinet locks will latch shut your cabinets completely. It comes with magnetic keys only parents can use to temporarily disengage the lock. You can rest easy as your child steers clear of possible harmful materials inside the cabinet. 

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Adhesive Locks 

Adhesives are utilitarian in that they're also usable for your cabinets. But these adhesive cabinet locks are specialized since they come with latch locks that prevent cabinets from opening, even with a 25-pound pulling force. 

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In Closing

A slightly out of focus kitchen pantry is shown that is half way empty. Focus on the pantry door handle. How To Childproof A Pantry Door

The pantry contains materials that might be harmful to your kids, so it's wise to keep your little one(s) from gaining access to it.

Luckily for you, door locks are ingenious devices that can reliably keep your pantry door isolated from your kids. You will now stop getting distracted from the real goal of parenting—letting kids grow, learn, and explore.

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