How Tall Should Closet Doors Be?

If you're in the process of installing closets in your home, you should know how tall their doors need to be so that they'll fit in your doorway perfectly. That's what we'll share with you today as we asked our door experts how to get the right height for your closet doors.

Closet doors should be as tall as the door opening, typically 80 inches though this can vary. Measure from the floor to the underside of the door trim to determine its proper height. Make adjustments for any door hardware that you'll need to put on the top or bottom and if you plan to install thick carpet or taller tiles on your flooring.

Keep reading so that we can tell you how to get the precise measurement for the height and width of your closet doors. We'll also discuss the standard size of sliding closet doors and how to measure the rough opening for your closet door. Let's get started!

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Measuring the Height of Closet Doors

Closets are an important part of every home. They provide great storage solutions for your food, clothes, purses, shoes, linens, other essentials, and extras too. They make your home look organized and clutter-free.

There are different types of closets. There are the walk-in, reach-in, linen, wardrobe, pantry, and utility closets. Each one would require a specific size depending on the opening. But one thing that most of them have in common is their height.

Closet doors typically come with a height of 80 inches. They are as tall as any other standard doors in your home. So you will see that the doors for your reach-in closet in the bedroom has the same height as the bedroom door.

However, this is not to say that closet doors do not come in other sizes when it comes to their height. You can always ask your door dealer or carpenter to have yours customized so that they'll fit your closets perfectly.

To get the right height of your closet door, measure the door opening vertically starting from the floor all the way to the underside of the door trim.

You have to take into consideration the door hardware that you will be using when you install your closet doors. Sliding and bi-fold doors have tracks on the top or bottom so you have to adjust the height of the door accordingly.

Similarly, you need to make allowances for your carpet or taller tiles otherwise you won't be able to open your closet door properly.

How do you measure for closet doors?

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Closet doors have a unique function in your home. They aren't the same as the other doors that you have in the interior of your home. As such, don't expect them to have the same measurement as well.

Each door should be measured according to the doorway opening to ensure that it will fit properly. Once it fits right, it will function right. That's why it is important to know how to get the precise measurement for your closet doors.

There are two dimensions that you need to measure - the height and the width. Get your measuring tool ready as we teach you how to get these measurements.

  • To get the height, measure from the floor all the way to the underside of the door trim.
  • To get the width, measure from the left to the right of the inner trim of the door frame.

Experts always advise that you take three measurements of each dimension on different spots within the door opening. Get the smallest figure for the height and width and get a door that's closest to that size.

This method of measurement is applicable for those with a finished opening or those that have a door frame. Later we'll teach you how to measure for the rough opening of a closet door.

Closet doors come in different types. There are hinged, sliding, and folding closet doors. Make sure you make allowances for the door hardware needed for the installation of the particular type of closet door that you need.

Take note also of the adjustments on the height if you're planning to install tiles and carpets so that you can open your closet doors smoothly.

What is the rough opening for a closet door?

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The rough opening for a closet door is simply the hole in the wall for your closet door. Unlike the finished opening, this hole doesn't have a door frame yet.

Getting this measurement is easy. You usually just need to add 2 into the width of the door and 2-1/2 into its height.

For example, your closet door size is 24 inches. The rough opening is 26 inches by 82-1/2 inches since the standard height for closet doors is 80 inches. For a door with a width of 32 inches, the rough opening is 34 inches by 82-1/2 inches.

The difference between the rough opening and finished opening accounts for the placement of the door jamb and shimming if needed to make the closet door plumb and square.

This also gives you room for the possible contraction and expansion of the wall. As we all know from experience, walls tend to get bigger or smaller as seasons change.

With these allowances in their sizes, you have room for adjustment to ensure that your closet door will function properly.

What are standard sliding closet door sizes?

Modern, white bedroom with sliding wardrobe, bed, chair and balcony door

Having a sliding door in your closet will help you save so much space. It doesn't need any clearance for swinging.

This is why it's perfect to use for those small and tight areas in your house that you want to use as closet space. You just slide them into the cavity in the wall and you'll have full access to all of your stuff inside the closet.

This type of door is available in different widths so that it can fit various sizes of door openings in your house. They usually come with a width of 24 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches, and 36 inches. The height is standard at 80 inches.

In case the opening is very wide, you can get two sliding doors for your closet. If the height is too long, you can also trim it according to the length that you need.

Here's how to take the measurements that you need for your sliding closet door:

  1. For the height, measure vertically at the left and right sides and center of the closet door opening. Make the necessary adjustments for your carpeting and mounting tracks.
  2. For the width, measure horizontally at the top, center, and bottom portion of the opening.
  3. Take note of the smallest size among the measurements for the height and width of the closet door. That's the size of the door that you need to order so that you can get the perfect fit for your closet.

If you want a multi-panel sliding door, make allowances for the overlap as recommended by the manufacturer. The panels need to have the same width when your closet doors are closed.

Final Thoughts

Closet doors typically come with a height of 80 inches. But it still depends on your particular closet door opening to determine how tall your closet door needs to be. You can always have them customized to fit your closet like a glove.

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