How Strong And Secure Are Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

When choosing your exterior door, you should consider how it can effectively protect your property at all times. One excellent option is installing a fiberglass exterior door. Fiberglass doors have secure and strong features that you can rely on. For your exterior doors, we have researched from the experts what makes fiberglass doors a great choice.

Fiberglass exterior doors give reliable protection to your property. Choosing fiberglass for exterior doors must match your security needs. You can buy from trusted brands that offer quality fiberglass doors. Here are some qualities of a strong and secure fiberglass exterior door:

  • Durable structure
  • Long useful life
  • Resistance to damage like rusting, rotting, and shrinking

Choosing fiberglass doors is a good deal, but it is more expensive than steel or wooden doors. Although you will need a bigger budget, the benefits outweigh the costs in the long run. Some features stand out compared to other types of doors. Keep reading to learn why choosing fiberglass doors are great for your exterior door needs.

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Qualities Of A Strong And Secure Fiberglass Exterior Door

Fiberglass exterior doors are readily available in the market. However, before purchasing, it is good to know the qualities of fiberglass doors that match your needs. Below are the main reasons why fiberglass doors are secure and strong.

1. Durable Structure

Fiberglass doors have a strong polyurethane core enveloped in the fiber-reinforced polymer. This composition creates a shatter-proof layer that fortifies the integrity of the door. The strong core makes it difficult for burglars to break into your homes. Investing in good door latches and locks all the more supplements the security of your fiberglass door.

2. Long Useful Life

Installing fiberglass doors will benefit you in the long run. Fiberglass doors can last around 15 to 20 years. Due to its durability, many brands have warranties included when purchasing fiberglass doors. The reason for the high price of fiberglass is due to the additional support from the manufacturers.

3. Resistance To Damage

The outdoors varies in weather and temperature conditions which can alter a door's appearance and surface. Your exterior door can also weaken due to changing conditions. With fiberglass, you won't worry that much. Choosing fiberglass for your exterior doors resist the following damages:

  • Chips and cracks
  • Delamination
  • Dents and scratches
  • Rust
  • Rotting
  • Warping and shrinking

How Good Are Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

With the qualities mentioned above, it is evident that fiberglass exterior doors are a good choice. You will not worry much about small and long-term damages to your door. Aside from giving security to your home, fiberglass doors are also great for insulation and customization. Read further to discover other features of fiberglass exterior doors.

Fiberglass doors are energy-efficient when it comes to insulation. As a result, you won't worry about regulating the temperature during cold or hot seasons. The R-value rating of fiberglass doors ranges from R-5 to R-6. The higher the rating, the better insulation. Fiberglass doors also have Energy Star and National Fenestration Rating Council certifications. These certifications can help you choose quality fiberglass doors.

If you worry about aesthetics, you can paint or stain your fiberglass doors to match your overall home design. With fiberglass doors, you can even mimic a natural wood look. Some suitable paints and stains can also protect the surface of the fiberglass door. For this reason, you do not need to repaint or restain your fiberglass doors frequently.

Check out different paints and stains for fiberglass exterior doors.

Are Fiberglass Exterior Doors Better Than Steel?

Choosing the right exterior door is a dilemma for most homeowners. For residential use, fiberglass and steel doors are the trend. Both fiberglass and steel are stronger than wood doors, making them the top two options for exterior purposes. To help you decide, below are the key features of each type of door:

Fiberglass Doors

In recent years, fiberglass has been a trend for homeowners for exterior doors. Innovative fiberglass doors conform to modern-day house requirements. Installing fiberglass for your exterior doors strikes a balance between function and form.


  • Reliable protection against criminals.
  • Great for customizing your exterior door. You can either paint or stain fiberglass to suit your home design.
  • Lighter than steel doors.
  • Low maintenance.
  • The useful life is around 15 to 20 years.
  • In terms of insulation, fiberglass is more energy-efficient compared to steel doors.


  • Fiberglass is more expensive than steel exterior doors.
  • You will need a professional to cut fiberglass if the door is not in the standard size.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are usually for industrial or commercial use but are now becoming a trend for modern houses. Steel doors add a strong appearance to your home. Although strong, the structure of steel doors is not purely steel. Steel doors consist of a polyurethane or polystyrene core with some layer of steel on the top layer.


  • Steel doors provide security for your property.
  • Great for insulation. There is a thermal barrier that prevents excessive heat or cold from coming inside the house.
  • It lasts longer than a fiberglass door, but you will need regular maintenance.
  • Stronger than fiberglass doors.
  • In terms of price, steel doors are cheaper than fiberglass doors.


  • Due to its weight, steel doors can damage the door hinges.
  • You cannot install steel doors on your own.
  • Unlike fiberglass, weather conditions can cause steel doors to rust.
  • Not dent or scratch-resistant.

Regardless of your choice, it will all depend on your needs. If you base your choice on the overall benefits, steel doors have a higher return on investment than fiberglass doors. However, a fiberglass door is still a good option if steel doors do not meet your requirements. You can choose fiberglass if you require an energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and customizable exterior door.

Can You Kick In a Fiberglass Door?

The obvious answer is no. Do not attempt to kick a fiberglass door to break into a property. You can harm yourself if you kick or force open a fiberglass door. The fiberglass door will not have a single dent if you kick it.

Burglar kicking door of a house

Fiberglass doors are thicker than other types of doors. Fiberglass doors can also have double- or triple-pane glass adds a layer of security to the doors. There is also a 12-inch lock block included in fiberglass door purchases that adds another layer of protection.

If you want to strengthen your door, you can buy window-less fiberglass doors and add a secure lock.

Can You Cut Down a Fiberglass Exterior Door?

Yes, you can cut down your fiberglass door to fit in your door frame. If you plan to cut your fiberglass door on your own, you can do this using a jigsaw. Take the correct measurements before cutting your door. Also, remember that you need to protect yourself from inhaling the small fiberglass particles. So it is a must to wear the right protective equipment.

What Brand Of Exterior Door Is Best?

There are a variety of brands that specializes in exterior doors. If you want to get quality exterior doors, you can buy from these brands:

Regardless of the brand you choose, make sure that you know what you need. Always consider your home requirements before selecting the right exterior door. You can always check out the brands' websites or customer service to guide you in choosing the right exterior door.

In Closing

You can trust fiberglass exterior doors to protect your homes. The strength and security features of fiberglass are your best bet to keep you safe from criminals. One cannot easily break into a property by just kicking the fiberglass door. With the demand for stronger and reliable fiberglass doors, you can choose from different brands to cater to your needs. Also, you can cut your fiberglass door to fit your doorway. Secure your homes by installing a fiberglass door now!

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