How Small Can A Pantry Door Be?

The door is one of the most overlooked parts of a pantry, but it can make a huge impact on its functionality, especially when you don't have much space in this part of the house. So, just how small can a pantry door be? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

The smallest size of a pantry door that follows the standard size for interior doors is 24 inches, and the minimum height is 80 inches. But since not all pantries have the same size, door sizes can be customized according to the available space.

Continue reading so we can tell you more about how small your pantry door can be, the smallest pantry door size, the height of a standard pantry door, and what size a pantry door should be so it can serve its purpose well. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Looking into the empty interior of a walk-in pantry with rows of fitted white wooden shelves on and lights on, How Small Can A Pantry Door Be?

What Is The Smallest Pantry Door Size?

The truth is, pantries come in different types and sizes. There's a walk-in pantry, butler pantry, the freestanding pantry, a built-in pantry, a slide-out pantry, and a wall pantry.

Their sizes would depend on the space that you have. It can be as big as a separate room of its own or as small as a traditional cabinet.

Hence, we cannot follow any specific sizing for door sizes in your pantry since it would depend on the type of pantry that you have and the particular purpose that you intend it to serve.

If it's for a rectangular walk-in pantry, we can go by the standard size for interior doors. They follow a standard height of 80 inches, and the width can be 24, 28, 30, 32, or 36 inches. In this case, the smallest pantry door size would be the 24-inch door.

But then again, it would depend on the needs and preferences of the homeowner. You can have a pantry door customized according to the size that you need.

It can be smaller than 24 inches if space is limited. It would be tighter, but you have to make do with the space that you have, especially since houses built prior to 1990 had doors that were only 18 inches wide.

What Size Should A Pantry Door Be?

The size of your pantry door should be proportionate to the size of your pantry. As one expert in a home design website said, it all depends on your needs and the space that you have.

You should consider if you want to put in appliances and furniture inside your pantry or if you'll be okay with just putting the basic grocery items on its shelves.

If you'll have appliances, go for a 36-inch door. Most appliances would be able to fit through this. But if you just want storage space for your groceries, then you can go with 24-inch single doors.

As such, there is no single right answer to the question regarding the size of a pantry door. Some pantries don't even have doors. But for those that do, the size of the door is in accordance with the purpose of the pantry.

There is no standard size for a pantry and its door, as each home is distinct and has different available space for storage rooms. This is why a pantry is essentially a term used to refer to the function of a given space rather than its appearance and dimensions.

How Tall Is A Standard Pantry Door?

Open pantry in modern kitchen

If the width of pantry doors can come in different sizes, the height follows the standard size for interior doors. According to the International Residential Code, the minimum height for interior doors should be 80 inches.

Customized pantry doors may have a different height. Some doors can be as tall as 96 inches. Again, it depends on the space and needs of the homeowner. The key here is not to go below the minimum height requirement for the safety and convenience of the users.

Corner Pantry Door Size

Some pantries have been specifically designed for corner placement. This is to optimize the use of space since corners are typically unused portions of the house. They lend the much-needed space for the storage of your food along with other kitchen items if the space would allow.

Corner pantries can come in different sizes as well. This is why there's no standard door size for this space. However, experts recommend that a pantry in a corner placement should have a depth of 2.25 feet or 27 inches. The doorway should have a 45-degree angle to be able to work properly.

Home design specialists and homeowners who shared their experiences on building a small corner pantry in a home design website said the 24-inch and 28-inch doors worked great for them.

But then again, it would depend on the dimensions of your available corner space, so you need to get the exact measurements of the height, width, and thickness of the doorway opening to be able to determine the correct door size for your corner pantry.

Reasons To Have A Door On Your Pantry

Looking into the empty interior of a walk-in pantry with rows of fitted white wooden shelves on and lights on, How Small Can A Pantry Door Be?

Not all pantries have doors. It's really a matter of choice for the homeowner. But having a door on your pantry presents so many benefits.


A door protects the content of your pantry from dust and dirt. Since we're talking about food here, you don't want them to be dirty, right? A door on the pantry ensures that you won't have to wipe off dust and dirt from your groceries.


A door offers insulation for your stored items. Food needs to be stored at certain temperatures, and a door will protect your food from fluctuating temperatures, therefore keeping your food safe.

Accessibility Limit

A pantry door limits access to this place, especially when you have small kids. A door will also keep bugs, insects, and mice out of the pantry.

All Open Shelves

When your pantry has a door, you can have all open shelves inside your pantry. There's no more need for individual cabinet doors. It gives you better access to what's stored in there, and you can see your entire inventory in one look.

Additional Storage

You can put shelves on your pantry door to have additional storage space. It is ideal for small and light items such as your spices and chips.


A door also enhances the look of your pantry and kitchen. It hides the clutter from plain view. Some even come in cute colors and designs which add character to your kitchen.

Indeed, there are many advantages of putting a door on your pantry, so it is worth considering when you're planning to build a pantry in your kitchen. But remember that having a door of the right size will help you maximize the space's functionality.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the size of pantry doors, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It can be as small as 18 inches if it's what will fit your available space. As long as it serves its purpose and fits just fine, the size of the door won't matter that much.

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