How Long Does It Take To Hang An Oak Door?

No one wants to waste effort and time when installing doors. The time you spend on door improvements, from selecting to hanging the door, varies with your previous experience and skills. Do not worry if this is your first time installing doors. To help you with installation concerns, we have consulted the experts on how to hang your oak doors.

Whether you are installing an exterior or interior door, hanging an oak door will take you around 3 to 8 hours. If you do not have experience with doors, installing will take you more time. The time to hang an oak door varies due to adjustments, like trimming. There are instances where you'll need to plane off the sides to fit an oak veneer door. The measurements must be accurate to fit in your door frames. Aside from the door itself, installing the door hinges affect the time you hang your oak doors.

Do not worry about hanging your oak door on your own. You might get discouraged, but with a useful guide to help you, you will learn to hang oak doors fast. Homes have different sizes for the door frames, so not all oak door sizes can fit. When trimming, always get the exact measurements before hanging the door. If you are ready, keep reading to learn how to hang your oak doors.

An oak internal door, How Long Does It Take To Hang An Oak Door?

What Affects The Installation Of Oak Doors?

It would seem easy to hang an oak door, but there are a few things to consider. There are adjustments to execute so that the process of hanging goes well. Find out what affects the installation time of oak doors below.

Door Frame

A major factor that affects the installation time is fitting the oak door into a door frame. Not all oak doors fit in every door frame. Door frames vary in measurements because home designs are not the same. There are instances where you need to trim the door to avoid scratching and damaging the door frame and the floor. You can trim it on your own or get help from a professional.

Door Alterations

Aside from the differences in door frames, it is also likely that you will need some door alterations. Door alterations include fixing chipped parts or inserting windows. If you cannot do the alterations on your own, you will need a contractor to do the fixes for you.

Door Repairs

Also, there are minor repairs that affect the installation time. Your oak door might have dents or scratches you can fix by painting or sanding the affected areas. The door hardware also affects the installation. Some problematic door hardware like deadbolts and door knobs will take more time to fix.

With these alterations and repairs, the time you will spend hanging your doors may extend. You must address all the door problems first before proceeding with the installation.

How Do You Hang An Interior Oak Door?

A beautifully designed and finished oak staircase and doors in a luxury new home

Hanging an interior oak door is simple. The time depends on your experience with installing doors. If you are a novice, you must carefully follow each step in the process. Always start with the preparation.

Preparation Before Hanging An Oak Door

With adequate preparation, the installation will go smoothly. We have gathered some useful tips to prepare your oak doors before installation:

  • Get the exact measurements of the door frame. Also, check the rebate on the door frame, which corresponds to the oak door's thickness.
  • Make sure that the door frame is even. Any gaps around the door can cause difficulties with locking.
  • Trim the doors to get the best fit on the door frame. Do not trim beyond the trimming tolerances of the internal door.
  • Choose a suitable finish for your door. Internal doors also need a finish that maintains the paint or stains for longer. The right finish prevents delamination and similar damages to your interior door.
  • Do not forget to check the direction in which the door opens. Check if there is enough space when opening the door.
  • Check any door panels. Paneled doors have top and bottom parts, which can confuse you where to hang your door. The larger panels should always be on top, while the smaller ones are on the bottom.
  • Add door hardware like latches and knobs after trimming the oak door.

Afterward, you must gather the tools required for installation.

Tools Required

Although there are so many tips you need to remember when hanging your oak door, the tools you need are easy to find. Below are the tools required for hanging oak doors:

  • Measuring and marking tools (e.g., tape measure and pencil)
  • Wood chisel
  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill and drill bits for wood
  • Planing equipment
  • Door wedge (keeps the door in place when hanging)
  • Personal protective equipment (e.g., face mask and goggles)

After gathering all the tools required, you can now proceed with hanging your oak door.

Hanging Instructions

Here are the steps to follow when hanging your interior oak door:

  1. Take the measurements of the oak door fitting on the door frame. Mark where there is a need for trimming. To be sure, measure twice!
  2. After taking the measurements, trim the door with a heavy-duty planer.
  3. Sand the edges of the trimmed oak door. You can use 80 to 120-grit sandpaper to get rid of any splinters.
  4. Check if the oak door fits on the opening. Trim until you get the right fit.
  5. Mark where you place your hinges on the door and door frame. Chisel out the side of your door where you place the hinges. Then, drill and screw the hinges on the door.
  6. Try opening and closing your door to check if it operates just fine.
  7. Repeat any step above if you need further adjustments.

You can ask for help from a door professional or manufacturer when hanging your oak door. You can always try and practice hanging doors until you get used to it. Just take your time and be patient when hanging your door.

How Many Hinges Does An Interior Oak Door Have?

You will only need a pair of hinges for an interior oak door. Others use three, but two hinges will be fine. The door hinges are critical when installing the oak door. The type of hinge is the basis for the number of hinges you need for oak doors. Even if you put more than two hinges on an oak door, low-quality hinges may not withstand the oak door's weight.

The recommended hinges for internal oak doors are butt hinges. A butt hinge is a good choice for oak doors because of its composition and capacity to carry solid oak doors. The usual hinge size for interior oak doors is 3 inches.

You might need to adjust the position if the hinges are loose. Hinges that are loose and misaligned will cost you your time when hanging the oak doors. Always try to find the correct hinges for your oak doors.

Check out this Onward full mortise 3-inch butt hinge on Amazon.

How Much Can You Plane Off An Oak Veneer Door?

A veneered door is a durable and cost-friendly option from a solid wooden door. With a veneer door, there are few chances of warping or swelling. Veneer doors prevent the surface from damages by absorbing external shocks.

Veneered doors have small trimming blocks on the sides. Aside from trimming, these blocks also provide support to hang and latch the door in place. If you plane off the sides of the oak doors, you can only trim up to 10 mm on each side. If you trim more, your door hinges may not support the weight of the oak door.

How Much Can You Trim Off A Solid Oak Door?

Two closed wooden oak business doors

Door trimming allowances vary according to the type of door. You can trim, at the most, 5 mm on the top, bottom, and sides for solid oak doors. Same with the previous processes, always get accurate door measurements before trimming.

In Closing

Hanging an oak door takes around 3 to 8 hours. Installing takes time because you need the exact measurements to fit the oak door in the door frame. You might need to plane off the sides, but only to the extent of the trimming allowances. Aside from the door, hinges are crucial when installing an oak door.

Always follow instructions or ask for professional help. No matter how long you install, be patient, and the beauty of your oak doors will look rewarding.

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